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332 Revenge
    Author: Unknown
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Before the end, the Kandahar air base will also be shelled, but no one dared to swagger close to Kandahar air base. After firing a few or even dozens of rockets free and unconstrained, they will then be withdrawn calmly.

     When the function of the Kandahar air base is complete, the helicopter can take off at any time. The surrounding monitor materials can monitor every move within 5 kilometers around, regardless of day and night. If anyone dares to attack the Kandahar air base, then they must We must be mentally prepared to go back and forth.

     But it must be different now. Now even if rockets are fired from the gate of Kandahar air base, no one in this base dares to come out.

     Even if it came out, no one dared to chase it.

     Even if he dared to chase, he couldn't catch up.

     But now, the Kandahar air base once again has the power of air reconnaissance, and the armed group of Afohan has gradually relaxed its vigilance. Although it will change its position every day, it will not be ready at any time as before. Prepare to escape.

     So Andrew has a chance.

     As long as it is a war, it is extremely dangerous for anyone to be caught by the enemy at any time.

     The pockets have been opened, just waiting for the enemy to drill.

     Andrew appears to be plan in advance, because everything is within one's grasp.

     "Sir, the enemy is coming!"

     Harry Kane screamed, and he said to Andrew: "Two cars, about fourteen people."

     Two dilapidated pickup trucks, each of which is equipped with a 63-type 107mm rocket launcher. In addition to the rocket launcher, there are four or five people standing in the tank.These civilian vehicles do not have the ability to withstand electromagnetic storms, but after a long time has passed, these civilian vehicles are gradually being repaired and used directly in combat.

     Just hitting two cars, this really doesn't have any sense of challenge, but for many people in Kandahar's air base, this bad breath must be expressed.

     "Keep watching and see where they stop."

     After Andrew finished speaking, he waved his hand viciously and said: "Teach them what is the real battle."

     Gao Yuan is sitting behind Andrew, they don't have to go to the battle, they just need to watch the battle.

     There is no translator around Andrew, so Gao Yuan unscrupulous said: "Do you think they can catch everything in the one net?"

     Li Yang whispered: "It should be possible, after all, the layout is quite thorough."

     While talking, the two pickup trucks had stopped, and then the people on the pickup truck started to get off, and then someone adjusted the direction of the rocket launcher on the body of the vehicle to prevent the tail flame of the rocket from burning the car.

     Andrew took the walkie-talkie and said loudly: "Gogogo! Kill them!"

     Armored vehicles have long been in ambush in low-lying areas. After receiving Andrew's order, the four armored vehicles drove out of the hidden place together. Then, there was no need to rush to get close to the enemy, just fire at a place a kilometer away.

     Four M2 Bradley armored vehicles drove out, and the enemy did not even notice that when the 25mm cannon on the first armored vehicle fired, the tracer incendiary bomb had accurately hit a truck.Attacking an unprotected pickup truck with the best infantry fighting vehicle in the U.S. doesn’t have any difficulty, because the fire control system on the armored vehicle can precisely control the shells to hit the basketball a kilometer away. If the stationary pickup has not hit it, it is extremely incompetent.

     With just a few shells, the first pickup truck started to burn, and it quickly caught fire.

     Moreover, the two pickup trucks were hit almost at the same time. The difference was less than a second. The two pickup trucks had already burnt, and people near the pickup trucks began to flee.

     Andrew slapped his hands fiercely and shouted, "Yes! That's it! Kill them!"

     The armored car began to approach the fleeing enemy, and after a little closer, the armored car stopped, and then the machine guns began to fire at the fleeing people in turn.

     It was too easy. On the flat terrain, fired at the escaping people. Soon, the pickup does not have one standing person.

     The battle was still not ended, because someone was lying on the ground and they did not shoot with their rifles, but watching their movements, they knew that the shelling just now did not solve all the enemies.

     "One, two, three... and seven more! Sir!"

     Andrew picked up the walkie-talkie and he calmly said: "It's like hunting a turkey, go, run them to death!"

     The four armored vehicles began to Drove over the enemy who was lying on the ground and dared not move.

     No one can escape. This will be a slaughter rather than a battle, because these enemies do not even carry an RPG, so they face the armored vehicles completely without fighting back, so their ending has been determined already.Gao Yuan looked at Ashraf, because he was curious, Ashraf was watching how people in his own country reacted when they were killed.

     Ashraf was still smiling. He was sitting on a chair, holding his rifle in his arms, just like an old farmer in the country, surprised by the picture returned by the drone.

     They belong to the same country, but they never belong to the same alignment, so Ashraf would not feel sorry for what he saw.

     Gao Yuan turned the head around, and this time, the battle is already finished.

     In less than three minutes, the two cars over ten people have been wiped out. Andrew stopped/stood, he exhaled and said, "This is a perfect revenge."

     After speaking, Andrew couldn't help but look at Ashraf.

     In fact, Andrew is extremely dissatisfied with Gao Yuan’s invitation to Ashraf to join, but he must be very dissatisfied and unhappy, because of the more than forty people killed in the Kandahar air base battle, at least ten were caused by this look. It was caused by the old farmer's Ashraf.

     But knowing that you know, revenge is impossible.

      can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes) has always been the virtue of Americans, they are not only good at fighting to the end, in fact, Americans are very flexible.

      quit while one is ahead is also Andrew's good habit.

     "We're done, start to evacuate, let their people take over."

     Seemingly plain, but actually quite unwilling to finish speaking, Andrew waved his hand and said, "Go!"Wheeled armored vehicles began to drive out of the base gate, but Li Yang said to Ashraf: "Your people can come in. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we should wait for them to withdraw before we come in. After a few breaks."

     Ashraf nodded, said: "Okay."

     The wheeled armored vehicle started, followed by ordinary cars, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, and military trucks. After the convoy loaded with supplies and fuel drove out, more than a dozen wheeled armored vehicles came to the end.

     Andrew left with the convoy. He didn't want to see Attic's people cheering after entering the base, but Gaoyuan and them must be kept till the end.