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350 Confess
    Author: Unknown
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The banquet was over, and the representatives of Mossad sent Gao Yuan out.

     I know that important conversations will not be on the table.

     "Mr. Gao, can we talk in private?"

     The representative of Mossad spoke up. His Chinese is fluent and pure, so I think about it. In terms of the influence of China, if Mossad, the best spy structure, lacks talents who can speak Chinese, it is simply not. Literally.

     "Well, good."

     Gao Yuan readily accepted the invitation of the Mossad representative.

     Andrew will definitely be dragged to talk about enriching the population for the Kingdom of David, so lofty will also be dragged to talk about serious and important things. The people of the Kingdom of David have always done things very clearly.

     Now the entire Telawi is a large barracks and a large factory. If you have your own house, you can live in your own house as a family unit, but most of the young men and women, mainly the National Defense Forces or the Reserve Service, need Live in barracks one by one.

     Now Gaoyuan and the others are in a military camp, and the Mossad representative invited him and Li Yang into an arrangement that is simple, but there are all kinds of extremely precious and rare items in the apocalypse.

     For example, a coffee machine, an ashtray on the table, and a pack of cigarettes next to the ashtray.

     "Do you want to smoke? Or a cup of coffee? It's night, but I think maybe you would be happy to have a cup of coffee."

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Yang, Li Yang hesitated for a moment, he was nodded and said, "Thank you."The representative of Mossad was in his early thirties. He was not very tall, that is, he was in his early 1700s. He wore a small saucer hat unique to the Kingdom of David and had sparse brown hair.

     As for the face, it cannot be said to be completely without features, but he is really the kind of face that the Kingdom of David seems to see everywhere.

     "My name is Avi Berryman and I am the Senior Agent of Mossad."

     Putting two cups of coffee in front of Gao Yuan and Li Yang, Avi sat down opposite them, he pushed the cigarette forward, and said: "If you smoke, please feel free. Could you please introduce yourself? "

     Gao Yuan pointed to himself, then he held up his coffee and smiled: "Gao Yuan, haven't you introduced it."

     Avi looked at Li Yang, and Li Yang said solemnly: "Li Yang, I am a soldier, and I am also his translator now. Of course, you don't need a translator."

     Avi shook the head, he pointed to Li Yang and said: "You are not a soldier, you are like me."

     Li Yang smiled helplessly, then he shook his head and said: "No, we are truly different, I am not an agent."

     Avi thought for a while, and said, "No, you are, man, your every move, your eyes and movements when you are on his side, and your focus. You are definitely not a soldier, although you are wearing a military uniform, you What kind of people are there around every state leader, do I need to be more specific?"

     After speaking, Avi smiled and said, "Mr. Li, your characteristics are too obvious. You can hide from others, but you cannot hide from the same kind."Li Yang was silent, because if his identity can be seen through by Avi, then Avi’s rank is very high, but the problem is that if Avi can see through his identity, then it indirectly proves that Gaoyuan’s true identity is not so. simple.

     After thinking about it, Li Yang smiled and said, "What do you want to say?"

     Avi looked at Gao Yuan, and then he whispered: "I want to know your true purpose, You these people, and regard the Kingdom of David as a temporary foothold, because you still want to complete your mission, and Colonel Marshall and the others People, just want to settle down as soon as possible, they already have lost the will and ability to fight, so I will only talk to you about some things."

     Li Yang smiled and said, "Can you explain your specific position in Mossad?"

     Avi shook his head and said: "No, not for the time being, Mr. Li, in the current situation, do you think we have the intention to harm you?"

     Li Yang smiled lightly and said, "In this world, things are very complicated. If you want to be honest and open, then at least you should want to show your sincerity."

     Avi sat in a chair and pondered for a long time. After Gao Yuan slowly drank a cup of hot coffee, Avi finally said: "The armed forces in Africa come from an organization called Cleaner's."

     Li Yang looked at Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan made a stubborn mouth, and then he smiled: "We know."

     Avi sighed lightly, and then he whispered: "We don't know what cleaner's purpose is, but they seem to be in control of the technological products of alien civilization, because they seem to be completely immune to the influence of viruses."

     Gao Yuan said softly: "We also know this, but I want to know how to know you."Avi smiled, he was silent for a moment again, and then he pointed at Li Yang, and said: "We shared a lot of intelligence with the United States, especially after Alien Invasion, we got a lot of intelligence, for example, one of your spies hit Going inside the cleaner and the man in gray, he got one thing, but he couldn't get another one."

     Gao Yuan knows this, but he doesn't know it very well, so he nodded and said: "Well, you are finally about to get to the point."

     Avi put his hand on the table, and he said in a deep voice: "Let’s just let’s get started. Your spy Poseidon is a successful multi-faceted spy. He has done inconceivable things. He has obtained a lot of information. To some extent, Said that Poseidon did save the entire world, but he also urged the cleaner and the man in gray to join forces."

     Li Yang indifferently said: "Yes, this is a side effect."

     Avi shook his fingers a few times and said, "I'm not pointing at Poseidon. I just explain the current situation. Mr. Li, we know that the military power is cleaner's now, but the man in gray holds an Antiquity Divine Item. That was left by the aliens. Now, I just want to know! Is the thing in the hands of the cleaner the key to Save the World? Your goal, is it that thing!"

     Gao Yuan, they came with inspiration.

     But Gao Yuan concealed it very well. He did not appear nervous at all, but Li Yang finally said after thinking for a while: "You should know how powerful the cleaner and the man in gray are infiltrating, how can I trust you? ."Avi spread his hands and said, "If you say this, then our conversation will not continue. We don't want this World to be destroyed by aliens, so please tell us some useful information. Look at this For the sake of World's destruction!"

     Li Yang exhaled, and then he nodded, and whispered: "One thing is in our hands. It is stored in the largest Underground Base in China. No one can take it. The other is in the hands of the cleaners. You are right, that one. Things are the key to Save the World, but the most important thing is that two things must be fuse into one to take effect."

     Awei said as if relieved from a burden: "Sure enough, I knew that the only reason you went from Shenzhou to Africa was the artifact, because Poseidon knew where that thing was, right?"

     Li Yang indifferently said: "Are you going to help us or stop us."