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355 This Is The Same Thing
    Author: Unknown
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There was no electricity on the boat, and fire was not allowed on the sailboat, so after Xinghe caught a large tuna of nearly two hundred jin, he could only eat sashimi.

     The uniced sashimi is smelly, but Gao Yuan doesn't understand it, because he hasn't eaten it before, but the crew, Avi and Renato all said that there was no ice blinding this big golden gun.

     But everyone eats with keen interest.

     Even Gao Yuan ate a lot. He ate at least ten catties of sashimi under the cover of everyone, and he thought it was quite delicious.

     The most important thing is that I don't know if it is a psychological effect or because of other effects. After eating this time, Gao Yuan didn't even vomit.

     In the past ten days, Gao Yuan ate a lot of things for the first time and didn't vomit.

     Then the sailboat docked. Of course, instead of directly going ashore, several inflatable boats were used to send people and equipment to the shore.

     Any special soldier kayaking is a matter of fun, and Gao Yuan is the first person to be sent ashore.

     Pan Xin and Li Jingang jumped into the water and pushed the kayak to the shore. When the kayak was half in the water and half on the beach, they stopped/stood high, and he unsteady and unsteady stepped on the long-lost land.

     At that moment, Gao Yuan really wanted to cry, and then he discovered a terrible fact.

     It turns out that you get seasick when you get on the boat, but you get seasick when you get off the boat.

     Gao Yuan felt accustomed to being incessantly not behind the swaying deck, and suddenly stepped onto the solid land, and he actually felt dizzy.

     Is the earth shaking, or is my own brain shaking?Gao Yuan looked at the wet Pan Xin and Li Jingang in horror, and then Pan Xin nodded at him, with a sympathetic expression: "Some people are faint, some people don't, but you..."

     Gao Yuan opened his mouth to talk, then he twisted his head and wa'ed vomited out.

     When I boarded the boat, I vomited when I got out of the port. Well, let’s go ashore. Well, Gaoyuan only lasted a minute.

     Gao Yuan walked forward unsteady, he didn't want to take any equipment, even the weapons that never left him.

     After walking a few steps, turning his head to vomit, walking a few steps vomiting, until Gao Yuan's knees softened and he knelt directly on the beach.

     Just like in the movie, Gao Yuan knelt on the beach, raised his hand to ask the sky, and issued a voiceless scream.

     "Because your body functions are too powerful, and your brain's reaction speed is too fast."

     Xinghe squatted next to Gao Yuan, she reached out her hand and touched Gao Yuan’s hair, and then she said with sympathy: "In general, children are prone to motion sickness, but when they are adults, it is not so easy to happen, but You are different. Your body has been modified. You have an external perception ability that is many times stronger than normal people. When your body and brain are completely matched, you won’t have this kind of problem, but now, you are prone to dizziness. Motivation, and more serious than ordinary people."

     Nodded and lofty.

     To wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

     To put it bluntly, it means that he should have suffered because of how lofty the good things are.

     Yu Shunzhou made a laugh that was never to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, but Gao Yuan really wanted to hit him.Xinghe slapped his nose a few times with his hands, sniffed, and then he sniffed again and said, "It smells."

     Gao Yuan really didn't even have the strength to take a bath standing up, nor the ability to take a bath standing up, so it's weird that he doesn't smell bad if he hasn't bathed for ten days.

     But it's not right, no matter how bad it is, it shouldn't be so bad.

     The wet Pan Xin took a few steps forward, then he squatted down, loudly: ?Be on guard!"

     Four Russians kayaked together. The first thing they did after they landed was the four of them squatting down with guns.

     Yu Shunzhou looked forward, then he turned the head with disgust and said, "No wonder it smells so bad."

     Gao Yuan exhaled and said: "Isn't it me that smelly?"

     Yu Shunzhou pointed forward and said, "Dead man."

     Pan Xin said solemnly: "Don't talk nonsense, be vigilant! Help carry equipment!"

     Yu Shunzhou was trained. He touched his nose unnaturally and bent over to carry the equipment.

     Gao Yuan took Xinghe's hand to make her squat down, and then he said to Pan Xin: "What happened?"

     "The corpse, died for about three days, was shot."

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment and said: "I thought it was a zombie, isn't that so? We are where is it? How come there are dead people here, or is it on the coast, impossible?"

      exhaled, striving to stop/stood high, his legs are soft, and his body is soft, even the action of standing up makes him black for a while.

     It's really too empty.Standing up, he could look a little further, and then Gaoyuan saw at least a dozen corpses and the vast desert.

     Gao Yuan wanted to squat down, but he was unable to support him. He was almost as dizzy as he was when he first got on the boat.

     The body was wearing a military uniform, but Gao Yuan only noticed this, because the highly corrupt body gave him the courage to take another look.

     It was disgusting. I was dizzy at first, but now I was disgusted, Gao Yuan climbed to the side and vomited for a while.

     At this time, Renato went ashore.

     Just sniffing, Renato whispered: "Smelly corpse."

     After two steps, Renato stood still when he saw the corpses.

     Gao Yuan admired Renato, because although Renato frowned, he was obviously not because of the corpse, but because of the clothes he was wearing.

     Renato looked at Gao Yuan, he sighed, and whispered: "Thank you, all the people who died are from the Villan National Salvation Front. It seems...the situation is not very good."

     Gao Yuan weakly and without strength said: "What organization is this again?"

     Renato grimly said: "They are the armed faction of Villa, controlled by angels. You can also regard them as cannon fodder for angels."

     Gao Yuan simply lay on the beach, he slowly said: "What is the angel?"

     Renato said, "Angel Mercenary Corps. Actually, I went to Afohan to find national soldiers to help them expand their troops. Then, Angel Mercenary Corps is the War Loan provided by our group. To put it bluntly, the Satanic Mercenary Corps is Angel. Creditors of Mercenary Corps."Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Oh, those who owe money are all uncles."

     Renato scratched the head. He looked at the corpses again and said: "There are no angels, but I think there should be more than these corpses. It's very troublesome. The angel must be in trouble. If the angel is finished, our investment can be It's all over."

     Gao Yuan doesn't care about the life and death of a mercenary group, and Angel Mercenary Corps, which is full of chuuni aura names, is not a terrible character.

     But Renato said with a tangled expression: "And the most troublesome thing is that we have a doomsday base near Sirte, where are our very many very many supplies, I only hope that the angels guard our doomsday base. Otherwise, our landing in Sirte would be a disaster."

     what? Before we set off, the base with high hopes and the warehouse where everything that should be here is here is in the hands of Angel Mercenary Corps?

     Gaoyuan, who was lying down, stopped/stood all of a sudden, then he looked at Li Yang and said, "Damn it, isn't it the same thing?"

     Li Yang thought for a while, then he smiled bitterly: "It seems, maybe, it's probably the same thing. We are looking for Poseidon, and Poseidon is likely to be with the Ram. If the Ram gives the base to Angel Mercenary Corps, then, that's one thing..."

     Renato looked at Li Yang, then looked at Gao Yuan, and then he looked helplessly and said, "I knew that Poseidon must be connected with Shenzhou, and he denied it desperately, I knew the Ram was also related to you. , And want to hide all day..."After walking a few steps forward, Renato looked around, and then he looked helplessly and said: "It's a kilometer along the coastline. Look at the appearance of these dead bodies. They were caught up from behind when they broke up and escaped. Killed, there should be corpses nearby. Look for it and check the number of corpses. I think Sirte should have been lost. Then, Abhadi may also be occupied by angel enemies. Guys, the situation is really bad. what."

     Abu Hadi Airport is where Secret Base is located. Only Gao Yuan and Li Yang know Dao's core secrets. If Zhao Qiang is not dead, then the team only knows the base location of three people, so Renato said it easily.

     And this also shows that the base Gao Yuan they were looking for was originally intended for the expeditionary force to obtain supplies after arriving in Africa. It was the one controlled by Angel Mercenary Corps. They said the same thing.

     It doesn't matter anymore, the important thing is who owns the base.

     At this moment, a muffled thunderous voice faintly sounded, and after hearing this voice, Renato and Pan Xin both looked surprised.

     Renato said with joy: "This is the sound of cannons! And it is a very dense cannon sound, great! The battle is still going on, Abhadi has not lost it!"