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357 Necessary Pre-war Preparation
    Author: Unknown
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it's dark.

     During the day, it was so hot that it was going to die, but not long after it got dark, the temperature began to drop sharply.

     Ready to investigate, if there is an opportunity, the team will be ready to go.

     The four Russians all put on their bulletproof vests, but... only has one person put on a helmet, and two of the remaining three people put on a headscarf, and the green hat still wore his green hat.

     But fortunately, Russians have night vision goggles, and they can use them.

     In terms of equipment alone, the Xinghuo team is much stronger here. The night vision equipment is doubled, including heavy body armor, helmets, and various small pieces.

     Then there are more people preparing to join the battle on the Spark team. Pan Xin and Li Jingang must go, Li Yang must go, and Yu Shunzhou, Nie Erlong, who has recently recovered from his leg injury, Song Qian, Cao Zhenjiang, Liu Chunxiao, and even Wang Ning is also fully armed and will play as a medical soldier with the team, and Harry Keane will also play with the team, but he is only responsible for the use of drones for reconnaissance.

     The most the cream of the crop's surgeon in China, the experts among the experts, can only go up at this time.

     As for the ones that remain, they are old, weak, sick, and disabled.

     Gao Yuan would definitely not be able to go, Xinghe would definitely not go, Ashraf would not join the war anymore, Liu Deguang was seriously injured, and it was a burden to go.

     As for Rikiko, Gao Yuan doesn't know at all what he can do, so he must stay.

     Renato would definitely not participate in the war, but Avi, who was also fully armed, wanted to follow the Starfire Squad to act together, and from his appearance, he seemed to be able to fight.Finally, it was completely dark. Li Yang whispered beside Gao Yuan: "Be careful, turn on the radio, but if there is no special circumstances, you must keep the radio silent. We don't know the enemy's strength and don't be monitored."

     Gao Yuan nodded, whispered: "Well, you guys should be careful too. If it doesn't work, then retreat, let's board the ship and leave..."

     The sailboat hasn't left yet. If the situation is really unfavorable, there is still a way out.

     Li Yang stopped/stood, he whispered: "set off."

     At this time, Yu Shunzhou turned to Gao Yuan and said in a low voice: "Hey, you can be careful, remember the No. 9 plan we talked about."

     Gao Yuan smiled knowingly and said: "I can't forget, you... be careful."

     Li Jingang whispered: "What plan did you discuss? What is the No. 9 plan?"

     No one else understands, only Gao Yuan and Yu Shunzhou understand that the so-called No. 9 plan is What does it mean.

     In fact, Gao Yuan agreed to a secret code during their daily YY before the cataclysm. If inconvenient to say, the ninth plan means just leave it alone and run away.

     This is really just a bad taste among a few self-entertainment survivors, but looking back on the scenes, it's not a bit of a taste.

     All the time to go is gone, leaving only a few old, weak, sick, and disabled messages. At this time, Rikiko approached Gao Yuan and said in a low voice, "Are you still sick? Can you eat?"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Let’s eat some, try."

     Rikiko took out a chocolate bar, shook the head high, and said, "Too greasy, I will eat something light first, let's have a hardtack..."Gao Yuan began to gnaw on the hardtack, and Renato also leaned beside him at this time, and whispered: "Can you eat it?"

     Gao Yuan looked at the Like a mystery man in front of him, and finally said, "Renato, can you tell me who you are?"

     "I said it, what else is there can be asked."

     Gao Yuan shook the head and said: "I don't know, anyway, I think you are not an ordinary person."

     Renato smiled, and then as if he had discovered the new world, he said with a look of astonishment: "You actually finished eating?"

     Gaoyuan ate a piece of hardtack in four bites. The hardtack was not big, but it was very hard. Renato had never seen anyone who could finish a large piece of hardtack in four bites.

     Gao Yuan stretched out his hand, and Rikiko put another opened hardtack on Gao Yuan's hand. After Gao Yuan swallowed two mouthfuls, he felt even hungry, so he stretched out his hand again.

     Whether Gaoyuan can eat and how much he can eat is a very important thing for the Spark team.

     Rikiko immediately said, "Old Liu, help tear down the hardtack, old gun, old gun, come."

     Rikiko even said with gestures, so Ashraf also began to help tear the hardtack, but Rikiko whispered, "Would you like some self-heating dry food?"

     "No, it's too slow, the more you eat, the more hungry you are, and you can't stand it anymore.

     Gao Yuan was really hungry now, and he had eaten two biscuits, but his hungry hands began to shake.

     If you have to eat it, you can't hide it anymore. Now this situation does not allow Gao Yuan to have hidden strength anymore.

     Renato said in surprise: "You, you, even if you are seasick, you can't eat so much!"Gao Yuan wiped his mouth, put a treasured energy bar as a snack in his mouth and soaked it dry, then he threw away the energy bar and took two large pieces of chocolate.

     Just like a bottomless pit, Gao Yuan began to show the true strength of mankind's first foodie.

     It's edible, and sometimes it's scary.

     Renato couldn't even close his mouth.

     Gao Yuan ate and said vaguely: "Mr. Alfano, everyone has a little secret. If I don't go to explore your secrets, can you help me keep it secret?"

     "It's not a fair deal, but, but... well, I won't say."

     The three people peeled the hardtack package, and they couldn't keep up with Gao Yuan's food alone.

     Xinghe finally joined the team that peeled off the hardtack packaging. She curiously said to Gao Yuan, "Is it so delicious?"

     "It's not delicious, it's okay. David's hardtack is more fresh, so I think it's better than China's hardtack. Alas, it’s important to fill your stomach."

     Under Renato's extremely shocked gaze, Gao Yuan ate two boxes of hardtack and carried two large boxes of hardtack separately. During the period, Gao Yuan went to the toilet twice.

     In fact, Gao Yuan is still uncomfortable, but if you can stop vomiting, you will have to seize the moment and eat hard.

     "I'm too hungry... I'm not full after eating so much."

     Gao Yuan said with emotion, because there are two big boxes of hardtack, one hundred yuan per box, one per person per day can guarantee the basic calories, and Gao Yuan has finished eating.Gao Yuan looked at Renato, but Renato took a few steps back like a frightened little girl, his eyes seemed as if Gao Yuan would eat him too.

     "Self-heating dry food, energy bars, chocolate, what else is there? Bring them all, you help me prepare them, I'll go to the toilet."

     The high ghost and demon like speed made Renato's legs soft and almost fell on the beach, but fortunately, he stopped.

     Renato trembling with fear said: "Is he... the devil?"

     Ashraf said jī li gū lū, no one could understand, but he obviously remembered something.

     Renato felt fear from the bottom of his heart, because he saw something completely incomprehensible.

     "Shenzhou people are all kungfu, Shenzhou people are abnormal, the boss is, the sea god is, now there is him, my god, it must be Shenzhou Kungfu, it can only be like this..."

     Renato gestured a cross on her chest, whispering said something in dull language, but Xinghe heard it, so she turned her head and said in dull language: "He uses kung fu, not genes... No of."

     Xinghe’s explanation is better than no explanation, but Renato repeatedly nodded and said: "Yes, it must be so, ah, mystical skill, like a toad, kung fu, just kung fu, without other."

     Renato said this, and he told himself the same way, but after watching Gao Yuan bring up a slip of yellow sand and ran back like the wind, he still couldn't help but tremble at Gao Yuan: "Mr. Gao... are you really human?"

     "Yes, I can work hard."Gao Yuan raised a hand and waved it, then he smiled and said: "Although I am still dizzy, but I feel better after eating, give me a self-heating dry food first, what is this?"

     Gao Yuan picked up a self-heating dry food and ate it. The time was a little short, and the rice was a bit hard, but this was the last stock he had brought from China, so it was still delicious.

     "Want to learn Kung Fu? Learn from Dao Chang, he is good at teaching students, right?"

     Rikiko blushed and said, "Don't talk nonsense, don't talk nonsense."

     Liu Deguang also couldn't bear said: "Master, if your master knows that you have taught more than a dozen female apprentices, will you be kicked out of the wall? Hahaha."

     Rikiko hurriedly said: "Don't talk nonsense, don't dare to talk nonsense, I'm...bringing my skills to greater heights."

     "By the way, grow branches and scatter leaves. Turn around and your apprentice will regenerate a few mixed babies. Haha, Master Dao, you have a future."

     Rikiko was startled for a moment, and said, "Probably not?"

     Gao Yuan was just joking, but at this time he was also shocked, and said: "Damn it, you won't really keep the seeds, do you?"

     "Probably not... Alright, alright, stop talking nonsense."

     Several people laughed together again, and they all thought Dou Li Shuzi was a very fun thing.

     Talking and laughing, as if no one in the Spark team is going to perform a very dangerous mission.

     Time passed by little by little. Two hours later, Gao Yuan ate a full meal. The price was that he only left others with emergency food.

     Three hours later, Xinghe was sleepy, so Gao Yuan spread a blanket and put a sleeping bag on her.Five hours later, Gao Yuan felt that Li Yang and the others should have contact with the enemy, but to keep the radio silent, he did not dare to ask, nor could he ask, so he could only wait for the news.

     Six hours have passed, six and a half hours have passed, and we set off at nine o'clock in the evening. At 3:30 in the morning, the walkie-talkie hung around Gao Yuan's waist finally rang.

     "The old tip calls the nemesis! We have been found. The enemy is well-defended, well-equipped and fighting..."

     The conversation was interrupted by the sound of Da Da Da gunshots. After a while, Li Jingang continued to roar: "We are suppressed and are retreating. The enemy is well-equipped and has strong combat effectiveness. You immediately evacuate, evacuate immediately! To answer me, over!"

     Li Jingang repeated twice that the enemy was well-equipped, and immediately retreated twice.

     This shows that the enemy is really strong.

     There will always be hard stubble, which is certain.

     Gao Yuan did not hesitate, he immediately said in the walkie-talkie: "Nemesis received, Nemesis is in good condition, ready to assist, report your position, it's over!"