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361 Its Daybreak
    Author: Unknown
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New recruits are afraid of artillery, and veterans are afraid of machine guns. Gao Yuan is not a veteran. He also knows that a good machine gunner must be a limited solution target.

     In warfare, besides teach by words and example, the most important thing is to learn on the battlefield.

     The threat from an excellent machine gunner was too great. Gao Yuan didn't kill the machine gunner who had just given him two shots. He really couldn't even let go.

     Gao Yuan took out three grenades, and he placed them all in front of him, and then he pulled one and threw one, and then he threw three grenades in one breath.

     If one grenade does not solve the problem, then two, or two or three.

     The distance was still too far, and the grenades could be thrown away, but he couldn't see if the machine gunner was killed.

     However, the grenade must have exploded in the air within ten meters of the machine gunner. This is absolutely true.

      "All right, I just ended up with a machine gunner, a very powerful machine gunner!"

     Gao Yuan looked around, and then at the enemies who had outflanked him, and then he said on the intercom: "The enemies here are different."

     "A few are elite, very tough, with strong combat style and Combat Skill, most of them are qualified soldiers, and some are qualified cannon fodder."Li Yang said very quickly. He said on the walkie-talkie: "You have solved a machine gunner, but this does not help at all, because every enemy machine gunner is very good. Now our casualties are not serious, then It’s because we are very careful from start to finish, never being exposed to the open ground, if this is not the case Yuri and the others have to be exposed to the open to investigate and move forward, and they will not die."

     Gao Yuan looked at it again, and then he helplessly said: "I can't tell you anymore, the enemy on my side is approaching. Anyway, if you hold on for a while, maybe I can find a way."

     "Be careful, you listen to the old gun. You can do whatever he says. Turn on the intercom and I will translate for you."

     "I listen to him?"

     Gao Yuan glanced at Ashraf, Ashraf was still lying on the ground, he refused to stick out his gun on his stomach, and he still couldn't see anything. What's the use of listening to his command.

     "Listen, in a place like Afkhan, anyone who can survive decades of fighting must know how to deal with superior enemies. They don't just know the local terrain better." t have any advantage, so it’s a miracle that he can live until now. If you listen to him, he will beat you if he lets you beat, and if he tells you to withdraw, you will withdraw."

     "Well, I see, then you can tell him first."

     Gao Yuan unplugged the earphones on the walkie-talkie, Li Yang's voice was very loud. He said two sentences on the walkie-talkie, Ashraf replied a few words, and then Li Yang immediately said: "The old gun said, wait for dawn, now suppress it. To stay in the enemy’s actions, run up first, run farther if it doesn’t work, and then fight back when you have a chance."Gao Yuan exhaled and said: "He just said a word, even if I don't understand, I know he can't say so much. If you want to insult my IQ, I will turn off the intercom!"

     "Wait for dawn, blow them up now!"

     Gaoyuan glanced at Ashraf, and then he spotted the enemy who had outflanked him on the right, and threw four or five grenades in succession.

     In terms of power, as well as the rate of fire and range, a tall grenade is definitely stronger not weaker than a rifle grenade.

     The explosion sounded continuously, and the enemies who were quickly outflanking approaching all stopped. Their formation was very scattered, and there was no serious casualties in the explosion just now, but the lofty grenade still severely deterred the enemy.

     When occupying an absolute advantage, no one is willing to exchange their lives for their lives, and desperately kill at the expense of casualties, usually when be at an impasse happens.

     The enemy stopped, Ashraf yelled twice, and then he ran away.

     "Anti-cannon, run!"

     Gao Yuan immediately followed and ran out, but he only ran a few steps and far exceeded Ashraf, so Gao Yuan had to stop and wait for him.

     This battle was fought, let alone whether it is dangerous or not, the key is to struggle.

     There are many small undulating sand dunes here, but they are not high, and Ashraf slid down again after going around a sand dune.

     Gao Yuan could only ran back two steps and reached Ashraf's side again.

     Ashraf said two words, and Li Yang said in a deep voice: "The old gun said that this is not possible. You must wait until dawn and he will cover you before it is possible to counter the enemy."Although hand grenade is good, it is not a panacea after all. For the first time, Gao Yuan felt that perhaps he should carry a gun, especially a machine gun.

     In fact, the shots at high distances are quite accurate, at least above the pass line.

     At this moment, I listened to the explosions nearby.

     The enemy really has artillery. Although it is a mortar, no one can hold a dozen artillery shells.

     Gao Yuan was panicked, really panicked. Although he was a person who had gone through several battles, he was still panic.

     Lying face up, he pulled his military cap down and put it on his face and kept shouting, but Li Yang did not translate, so Gao Yuan said anxiously, "What did the old gun say?"

     "He is praying not to be blown up by the shells..."

     It seemed that there was nothing else to do except praying, but fortunately, the shelling only lasted a short time before it stopped. When the explosion stopped, Ashraf pulled his hat and sat up on his back and put the hat to his head Once you buckle, you will run away immediately.

     Gao Yuan can only keep up.

     There was another sizzling bullet breaking through the air, Ashraf said anxiously, and Li Yang said anxiously in the intercom: "The old gun said that you must keep moving, if the enemy determines your position. , Directing a volley of mortars is dead."

     Okay, let’s run. Ashraf kept turning up and down in the sand dunes. He was always looking for the kind of sand dunes that could hide, and he refused to put any sand dunes that could block the enemy’s sight and move. So, Gao Yuan and them were further and further away from the encirclement of Li Yang.The mortars were always hitting, every time at least four or five shells came together, but the shells were either on the left or on the right every time. Anyway, they never landed close to them.

     Of course, Gao Yuan might have a little hope of surviving if a shell falls by his side, but Ashraf is dead.

     Finally, Ashraf came to the back of a sand dune again, but this time he did not lie directly on his back to the sky as before, but instead lay on the sand, and said a word.

     Gao Yuan asked, Li Yang said in a deep voice: "Old Gun said that it's starting to dawn, and it can be done."

     Gao Yuan had always been wearing a night vision goggles. It seemed to him that the sky was always bright, but now, when he lifted the night vision goggles on his helmet, he found that the eastern horizon was slightly brighter.

     For Ashraf, it was dawn, and war would be possible.