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362 Old Gun, Old Gun.
    Author: Unknown
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The sky was only slightly bright, Gao Yuan left the night vision device and still couldn't see anything, but Ashraf seemed not quite the same.

     Ashraf stabbed Gaoyuan, and then he pointed to the south-west direction and said a few words in a low voice.

     "The old gun said, you can suppress the enemies in the West with a grenade, so that they don't charge so fast."

     Gao Yuan was puzzled, because he didn't think Ashraf could see people. Since he couldn't see people, what's the point of letting him suppress the enemy on one side?

     It doesn't matter if you don't understand, just do it.

     Gao Yuan carefully observed it, and the nearest enemy was within 300 meters. At this distance, his grenade had a sharp increase in accuracy.

     Enemies are not rushing continuously with their heads down. They have night vision devices, and they cover each other and shoot forward alternately. This is not an opponent that can be treated easily, let alone an opponent that can be eliminated in one fell swoop.

     Except for do things in bits and pieces, there is no alternative.

     Gao Yuan threw the grenade out. This time the grenade's landing point was extremely accurate. It landed directly at the feet of an enemy who was leaping and running. After a while, the enemy was not blown up, but his clothes were really blown up. After a loud sound, a piece of cloth fell danglingly in the air.

     The enemy on the west side immediately stopped advancing, and they had to find a suitable cover.

     The enemy in the west stopped moving, but at this time, the enemy in the east seized the opportunity to speed up.

     At this time, Ashraf's gun finally fired.There was a gunshot behind him, Gao Yuan hurriedly looked back, but saw that Ashraf was already lying on his back on the sand, pulling the bolt quickly, and with a crisp light, a bullet shell flew out of the chamber.

     Why do you always lie on your back instead of lying face down?

     Also, can Ashraf see you? If he can't see, then why would he shoot, knowing that Ashraf is not a casual waste of bullets.

     After completing the reloading, Ashraf turned over on the ground, and after turning over, his muzzle had been extended, shooting in a standard prone position.

      a pa sound The gun sounded and Ashraf finished shooting.

     Turning over, shooting, turning over, lying down and pulling the bolt, Ashraf forms a coherent whole.

     This action is by no means a standard tactical action, but when Ashraf uses it, how can it be as smooth as moving clouds and flowing water?

      doesn't have any A tactical action is lying behind the bunker. Among the knowledge Gao Yuan has learned, no matter who taught him, he never said that he was lying with his back facing the enemy.

     Whether it is a machine gun or a sniper rifle, when hiding behind a bunker, the first thing to do is to spot the enemy, then aim at the enemy, and then naturally shoot, and then? There is no more, either retract to hide from the gun, or continue shooting, but never turn over and lie back.

     Except for a few bolt-action sniper rifles used by the Shenzhou army, there is no such thing as a bolt action rifle. Of course, there is no tutorial for using bolt action rifle. What's more, even if there is a tutorial, there will be no such thing. Actions that are not tactical at all.Ashraf flashed his gun when he fired it. Even if he took the time to pull the bolt, he didn’t want to waste it. However, whether he used this posture to shoot the gun was effective. Gao Yuan said it was somewhat skeptical because Ashraf’s aiming time was too short, even It can be said that he didn't aim much, almost turned over and hit the gun steady.

     Gaoyuan looked at Ashraf's side. At this time, Ashraf turned over for the third time, and then he snapped a shot.

     A man bent down and ran violently fell forward and fell to the ground. Then he moved a little bit and stopped moving.

     Ashraf shouted angrily to Gao Yuan, and then Li Yang said in the intercom: "what are you looking at, take care of you."

     Gao Yuan immediately turned his head, holding a grenade to observe the enemy on his side.

     But how did Ashraf achieve it?

     He used the time of turning over to pull the bolt, and after a while, he turned over and went out. At this time, the enemies who had been alternately shielding and advancing would leave the bunker and be exposed to Ashraf's muzzle.

     Well, even if Ashraf can seize the opportunity to master the enemy's rhythm, and the distance is not too far, the distance of 200 meters is the distance he can guarantee to hit, but how does Ashraf see the enemy?

     I can't say that Best is puzzling, because Gao Yuan took off the night vision goggles and glanced at eastward, finally clear how Ashraf saw it.

     To put it simply, the sky is already dark, and there is a thin bright line between the sea and the sky in the east. If someone happens to be before the dawn, Ashraf can see a dark shadow.

     Is this also OK?

     Can you fight like this?Isn't this a fucking joke?

     Gao Yuan threw out a grenade. This time he failed to blow up people, but this was to slow the enemy's forward speed. It was a blocking explosion. It was the same as suppressing shooting when a machine gun couldn't see people.

     Gao Yuan couldn't help but looked at Ashraf again.

     Ashraf rolled over again, but he held the gun for only a short sight without a second, and immediately turned over and returned, and continued to lie there, holding the rifle in front of him, the barrel position pressed against his mouth, as if he It's the same as the pro-my rifle.

     As soon as Ashraf turned back, a series of bullets hit the place where he had just appeared, the popping sound of bullets digging into the sand, and the popping sound of flying through the air.

     Ashraf motionless like a statue, and then suddenly he rolls over again, raises the gun, fires, and then rolls back again.

     After turning over and coming back, Ashraf did not lie down as before, but got up directly on the ground. After crawling for two meters, he got up and started running. During the running, he pulled the bolt of the gun, and then went over the distance , Suddenly lay down on the ground, stretched out the gun, and then Gao Yuan felt that when he had no time to aim, he snapped a shot.

     Fired, turned over, but turned over in another direction this time.

     Ashraf pulled the bolt, and as the shell flew, he took out a five-round magazine from his pocket and put it into the barrel of the gun.

     He held the gun in his left hand, pressed the bullet into the chamber with his right hand, and pulled the bullet bridge backhand. After putting the bullet bridge in his pocket, Ashraf pushed the bolt forward and pushed the bullet into the chamber.After completing the reloading, Ashraf yelled a few words at Gao Yuan, then bowed his head and ran forward.

     "The old gun said that five were killed, run fast and guard against the gun."

     Gao Yuan immediately followed, and then he ran and said: "My time! The old gun killed five with his old gun just now, can you believe it?"

     An old guy who couldn’t even bear to throw a bullet bridge, used an old antique rifle older than him, one shot one kill, and killed five in one breath. The key is that the sky is still dark, just a trace. Child's light.

     The old gun used by this old gun is really damn good, it's definitely home.