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363 Pulse Bomb
    Author: Unknown
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There is a sound when the bullet is flying. If it is not far away, it will definitely be audible.

     The sound of the bullet is Xiu! It sounds a lot like those in old movies.

     Then there was a sound when the mortar shell fell nearby. If you heard a tail-like chirp, the shell would definitely fall nearby.

     The closer the distance, the louder the sound.

     If you can't shoot a few shots, Gao Yuan must run with Ashraf, and then the enemy's mortar will definitely come.

     But this time is different. Gao Yuan and Ashraf just hid behind a sand dune, but Ashraf did not lie down at a moderate pace as before.

     Just like being lost by the fire and being chased by a hornet and stinging, Ashraf suddenly jumped up again, loudly roared and ran away before he sat down.

     Now Gao Yuan can hear what Ashraf yells without using Li Yang's translation. After all, Ashraf has yelled the same sentence many times.

     Run fast.

     He ran away from afar, because he had heard the ominous tweeting.

     I don’t know if I can run through, but I have to run, because if I stay still, I’ll just wait to be bombed by endless mortar shells.

     Gao Yuan hugged Ashraf from behind, when the cannonball had fallen behind him.

     Holding Ashraf lifelessly, he ran forward for a while, and stopped high, and then when he put Ashraf down, Ashraf kept yelling.

     "The old gun said that the enemy must have drones in the reconnaissance. The shelling came too fast, and you were targeted."Gao Yuan said anxiously: "What should I do?"

     "Run, don't stop, let the mortars have no time to lock your position and fire."

     Gao Yuan immediately wanted to run again, but when he thought about it, he felt wrong. If he really ran as hard as he could, wouldn't his characteristics be discovered by the enemy.

     "I have to run at full speed."

     "It's important to protect your life, everything else is secondary."

     Ashraf pulled high again, and this time he did not want to run by himself, but opened his arms and made a posture of being carried by Gao Yuan.

     To be honest, although the situation is urgent, it is indeed a bit embarrassing.

     Ashraf is already gasping for air, and the road he ran just now was not close.

     Gao Yuan shrugged the shoulders, there is no way, let’s run with it, although he is carrying a man, and to be honest, this man doesn’t smell good, but it’s not a time to pay attention to war.

     So Gao Yuan picked up Ashraf and began to run wildly in the desert at a speed that would not exceed the limit of ordinary people.

     For Gaoyuan, it is just walking in the courtyard, and for ordinary people, it is running at extreme speed. At this speed, unless the mortar is used to advance, it is impossible to hit Gaoyuan. But if the advance is advanced, Gaoyuan keeps going. Change direction immediately.

     The enemy's Weapon Proficiency is very good, and the combination is very good, surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements, peripheral security, air reconnaissance, infantry units outflank, heavy firepower and focus on attack, in short, a high-level battle should have everything .This battle is really not easy to fight. Gao Yuankong has brute force, but in this kind of battle that is only classified as ordinary level, his super power is basically ineffective.

     It is not completely useless, but it does not play a decisive role.

     Or just haven't found the right way.

     Gao Yuan ran for a while carrying Ashraf, then he stopped and started to look at the sky.

     Nothing can be seen in the low-light night vision device. Perhaps the thermal imaging can see the drone emitting heat, but the problem is that the high-distance thermal imaging has just been destroyed.

     "Damn it, there is no way?"

     While Gao Yuan was running, he didn't forget to ask Li Yang if there was Is there any way, and then he finally remembered that in each of them, there seemed to be something specially prepared for this situation.

     "Wait, we have the Electromagnetic Pulse grenade!"

     Gao Yuan stopped, and then he said in the intercom: "Why don't you remind me, I remember that when you introduced the equipment, you mentioned that we have a special Electromagnetic Pulse grenade, which is effective for all radio-operated systems. what."

     Li Yang said anxiously: "Yes, we all have you as well, but don’t forget, the Electromagnetic Pulse grenade has a range of two kilometers. Once you use the Electromagnetic Pulse grenade, will the enemy’s drone be affected? not know, but your walkie-talkie won’t work, and your night vision goggles won’t work. Did you bring a protective case? If you don’t bring it, it’s best not to use it."Gao Yuan thought for a while. If the Electromagnetic Pulse grenades were used, it would undoubtedly be a battle style that would damage the enemy by one thousand and eight hundred. Anyway, his night vision and walkie-talkie would definitely not be usable, and it would be a permanent damage.

     Well, the cost of the hand-held dual-mode night vision device that was broken just now is 1.2 millions. The helmet-mounted night vision device is cheap, about one hundred thousand. This walkie-talkie is not high-tech, about five thousand.

     War is so expensive, but now the money is meaningless anyway, and the bulk of it has been lost, so I still care about the small amount of money left.

     Gao Yuan flipped through the grenade bag for several times, but could not find his Electromagnetic Pulse grenade, and then he remembered that this special type of grenade was placed in a separate compartment of the backpack.

     When I was beaten up, I was really beaten up. When I was in a hurry, I got confused when I did a lot of things.

     Shock bombs, which are the flash bombs mentioned by common saying, smoke bombs, and heating smoke bombs, which are specially used to interfere with thermal imaging, which can make it impossible for thermal imaging to penetrate through the temperature of smoke and find itself in a short time. There is an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb.

     There are all kinds of fun things in China, but it is true that they refuse to show up.

     Gao Yuan took out a white-painted grenade. He pulled off the insurance. Then he thought for a bit and said, "I'm going to throw a pulse bomb. Do you have anything to say? Do you want to tell the old gun? "

     Li Yang said anxiously: "If you can run or run, if you use it, you will be completely lost. You still don't use it, otherwise Xinghe won't be able to contact you, I said..."

     Gao Yuan struggled to throw the Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb up."Just know you have nothing else, I have already thrown it away, waiting for me to save...waiting for me and the old gun to save you."

      "Damn it, where I tell you..."

     There was no sound, no flash, but there was no sound after the walkie-talkie whoosh sound, and the night vision device in front of Gao Yuan flickered, and the originally bright world instantly became pitch black.

      The Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb is so overbearing. As long as there is no protection against pulse, all electronic devices will be over in an instant.

     Gao Yuan set off the night vision goggles and found that the sky had become brighter, already arrived, and I could see the faces of people nearby.

     Dawn is coming.

     Gao Yuan looked at Ashraf and said, "Now we no need to be worried about the drone, we...well, I don't understand it at all now, and I actually don't know what to do."

     At this moment, Gao Yuan heard a muffled sound, Ashraf ran over quickly, then he lifted an object, yelled a few words, and looked at it from a high distance, but it turned out that the drone fell down. Up.

     Take a look at the drone from Ashraf, Gao Yuan immediately cannot bear saying: "Damn, I guess it's also DJI!"