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364 Perfect Teamwork
    Author: Unknown
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An old man in Afhan knows about anti-drones, and if he is bombarded wherever he hides, the most likely thing is that he is caught by drones.

     Gao Yuan, he knew he knew, but he didn't expect it for a while.

     This is the difference between veterans and recruits, and the value of experience.

     Ashraf threw the drone to the ground and stepped on both feet severely. As the person who could not own the drone, he hated it.

     Pointed to Gao Yuan’s ammunition bag, and then pointed to the sky. Ashraf meant to ask if there was any grenade of the kind just now, and Gao Yuan took out another one and stretched out a finger, indicating that this is the last One.

     Ashraf mind shook, and then he pointed to Gao Yuan's helmet, Gao Yuan reacted for a moment, and realized that Ashraf was referring to his night vision goggles.

     Gao Yuan took down the night vision goggles, shook the head to Ashraf, and turned over to indicate that it was broken.

     Ashraf smiled, and then he moved high-spirited and vigorously.

     It was the first time that Gao Yuan saw Ashraf so high-spirited and vigorous.

     The smile on Ashraf's face couldn't be hidden, and he ran aside for a while, and then he leaned behind a sand dune, and this time, he leaned against a sand pit again.

     Taking out an empty bullet bridge, Ashraf took out five bullets from his pocket and stuffed them into the empty bullet bridge one by one.

     The bullet bridge is the magazine, which is essentially different from the magazine. The automatic rifle can be fired by loading the magazine on the gun, while the bullet bridge is convenient to put the bullet into the bolt action rifle magazine.Gao Yuan threw all the magazines they burned out, but Ashraf couldn't bear to throw a magazine clip.

     Well, the 7.62×54R bullets used by Mosinnagan are very common, because Russian pm machine guns and pkm machine guns all use this type of bullets, so it is actually quite convenient to add bullets.

     So Mosin Nagan’s bullets are easy to find, but this magazine clip for Mosin Nagan rifles is not so common.

     In fact, even the black brothers of Africa don’t need Mosin Nagan anymore, because this gun is really too old. You may see it when hunting, but it is really disgusting to use it on the battlefield.

     But Mosin Nagan is indeed a good gun. It was a good gun at the beginning of its birth. Now, well, as long as it is in Ashraf's hands, it is still a good gun.

     Gao Yuan watched Ashraf fill up the bullets, and then watched Ashraf lying there to observe for a long time. Finally, he finally pointed to one direction and tilted his head towards Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan leaned forward and looked in the direction that Ashraf pointed.

     Leaving the night vision goggles, I can't see anything from a high distance. Although the sky is already dark, it is still very difficult, basically impossible, to see things a hundred meters away.

     However, Gao Yuan soon thought of a question. Since he was spoiled by the night vision goggles and he couldn't see anything, would the enemy also see nothing?

     Li Yang and the others dare not use pulse bombs, because once they lose the night vision goggles, they can only get trampled on because they are surrounded, but the height is different. He has space, and he has a lot of space. Use, and the sky is about to dawn.Gao Yuan was a little surprised. When he recovered his wits, he saw Ashraf making four strokes on the sand, and then he pointed to one direction.

     There are four people here, understand, nodded.

     Ashraf pointed to the other side, and then his fingers began to stroke the sand, one by one, and finally he nodded and pointed to the scratch on the sand.

     There are eight people here, four on one side and eight on the other.

     After pointing out the direction to Gao Yuan, Ashraf swallowed, then patted Gao Yuan, pointed to the side with few people, and simulated the running posture with two fingers. Then he raised his hand and took a picture. He slapped his gun and made a popping sound in his mouth.

     "Let me lead the enemy out, do you take the opportunity to hit them? Okay, okay, I understand. "

     Highly repeatedly nodded, Ashraf first pointed to the four roads on the ground, made a shot expression, tilted his head to the side, and spit out his tongue, indicating that this was after the enemy was beaten, and he did it with two fingers. In a running posture, he drew an arc from the sand, raised his hand again, and then made a popping sound in his mouth.

     This time Ashraf made eight sounds.

     Gao Yuan laughed and said, "One shot one kill, you are confident, okay! I will lead the enemy out."

     Gao Yuan nodded, picked up the grenade bag in one hand, and made a running posture with the other.

     Ashraf nodded, and then he pointed to his left wrist. Although there was no watch there, everyone knew it meant time. Then Ashraf pointed to the sky again, which means seize the moment, don’t wait for no one. Come again.Gao Yuan exhaled, he was nodded, pointed to the side with only four people, gave a thumbs up, and ran out immediately.

     Ashraf muttered a word, then he put the gun on the sand and looked at where the enemy might be hiding.

     Gao Yuan ran through an arc. He ran very fast, but he did not exceed the limit of the human body. When he felt that he was about to approach the enemy, his eyes suddenly saw a flash of light.

     I saw the light first, then heard the sound of the bullet flying, and finally the gun shot, and this time, Gao Yuan had already plunged to the ground.

     Then there was another gunshot, and this time it was Ashraf's gunshot.

     Mosin Nagan's gunshots were very special and crisp, so the Chinese people gave Mosin Nagan a nice name called Shui Lianzhu.

     Now Gao Yuan thinks this sound is really nice.

     The only pity is that Ashraf's firing interval is a bit long, because he has to pull the bolt. This firing step does affect the shooting speed, and it also has a great impact.

     Calculating that Ashraf had pulled the bolt, Gao Yuan jumped up suddenly, threw a grenade towards the enemy's hiding place, and then rushed forward quickly.

     Going high requires the enemy to have to shoot at him, and it is best to stand up and shoot.

     The enemy really fired, Gao Yuan got down at the fastest speed, but Ashraf's gun did not fire. It was because the angle was wrong and Ashraf could not complete the shooting.

     It doesn't matter, Gao Yuan got up again, he already saw it enemy's location, he only needs to run in a different direction, the enemy must expose cover to shoot at him.Gao Yuan did just that, and this time before the enemy fired, Ashraf's gun fired first, and then an enemy's head drooped down and never raised head up again.

     It’s too good to accept it. Gao Yuan kept holding a grenade that had been opened. He threw the grenade in the direction where the enemy was hiding. In fact, he threw it blindly, but after the grenade fell, it was still Before the explosion, a person jumped out first, shouting loudly in his mouth, and suddenly rushed forward.

     Gao Yuan was shocked. With such good luck, he could miss one by throwing it around.

     The grenade exploded, and the man who avoided the grenade staggered two steps forward and fell to the ground. However, Gao Yuan knew that it was Ashraf who hit it, not it.

     If Gao Yuan knew where there was a real person, he would control the exploding time of the grenade and let the grenade explode in the air, but although the person had had time to run away just now, he could not avoid Ashraf's fatal shot.

      But at this moment, the enemy on the other side fired at a high distance, and it was very dense.

     It can't be regarded as night now, but the line of sight is definitely not good. Therefore, at a distance of 300-400 meters, it is impossible for the enemy to accurately aim at high distance.

     Gao Yuan suddenly had an idea.

     This battle is definitely a classic. If someone can record it, it will definitely leave a strong mark in the history of Special Operations, telling people that under the condition of almost no field of view, one by one non-sniper attack but with high accuracy. How the scary battle is fought.Gao Yuan lay on the ground and took out another grenade. He didn't dare to get up now, and the enemy didn't dare. However, as long as it could be the sand dune where the enemy was hiding, it would be the place where Gao Yuan threw the grenade.

     I checked the one region/place and threw a grenade. After the explosion, no one came out, but it didn't matter. Gao Yuan followed suit and threw another one.

     Although I can't tell Ashraf where to fight in advance, Gaoyuan believes Ashraf can do it. Because there is only the last enemy left, if Ashraf's judgment is accurate enough.

     This time there were people, but it was not someone who jumped out, but someone who threw out the grenade that Gao Yuan had just thrown.

     Then, someone shouted oneself hoarse in English: "Fakyou! Bitch! Fakyou..."

     The oil made a long sound.

     Gao Yuan smiled. He took the grenade and pulled the tab, waited for a while, and then when the grenade was thrown over, the grenade exploded in the air.

     It's all right now, the entire world is clean, the four enemies have been solved, and Gao Yuan has solved one by himself.

     Gao Yuan immediately got up, and then he ran towards the enemy on the other side frantically. Of course, he ran an arc, and he didn't move in a serpentine manner, because he firmly believed that the enemy hadn't noticed him yet, let alone think of him. Can run so fast.

     It approached quickly, and then Gao Yuan threw four grenades in one breath. Just as the fourth grenade exploded, Ashraf's Mosin Nagan finally rang again.Gao Yuan was very sure that his four grenades had killed at least two people. Now he has been found, but Ashraf also shot one dead just now.

     This tactic was a big success.

     Gao Yuan was looking forward to dawn just now, because Ashraf can only play a role after dawn, but now he hopes that the sky will turn up later, because Ashraf will have an absolute advantage when it is dark.

     This is called times change, and it's on Ashraf's side now.

     Now Gao Yuan could only continue to lie on the ground, and if the enemy did not move, Ashraf would not have the chance to shoot, but at this time, the enemy finally panicked.

     I was chased by the enemy just now, and at this moment, the enemy finally decided to retreat.

     When the first person stood up and ran, Ashraf did not shoot. The second person ran. Ashraf still did not shoot. Just when Gaoyuan didn’t understand why Ashraf didn’t shoot, he saw everything. The enemies all stopped/stood, and then ran wildly in three directions.

     At this time, Ashraf finally fired.