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365 Silent Language
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If Ashraf must find a shortcoming, it is that his rate of fire is too slow.

     Ashraf’s rate of fire is absolutely limited by his rifle. Gaoyuan brought a lot of guns. They are not world-renowned guns, but they are definitely better than Ashraf’s Mosin Nagan, and at the time of Kandahar’s air base, the world The famous gun can be picked by Ashraf.

     But these all are nonsense, because Ashraf cannot change his gun.

     Now Gao Yuan only thinks that Ashraf can use a Dragunov at least, at least ten bullets, and he doesn't need to pull the bolt for every bullet.

     With a bang, Ashraf killed one person, and then he pulled the bolt, and when he fired another shot, those people ran out at least ten meters longer.

     Ashraf was slow, regular and thorough, shot after shot. At this time, of course Gao Yuan understood that Ashraf why not hit him directly. He wanted these people to lose their will to resist, and they all started to run for their lives. After that, he was willing to fight one by one.

     However, Gao Yuan felt that Ashraf's rate of fire was slow or slow, but the accuracy definitely made up for his rate of fire.

     Ashraf is less than 200 meters away from the nearest enemy, which is quite close, and Ashraf’s best range is within 400 meters, preferably within 350 meters, and as it is now, the enemy It seems too late to escape.

     Ashraf fired five shots, hitting four people, then he stopped to shoot the bolt, stuffed the bullets in, and started shooting again.The first two shots all hit one shot, the last enemy, Ashraf even shot two shots but missed, because the distance from Ashraf was too far, and the enemy ran very fast and the angle was tricky. When it was time for the grenade, Ashraf changed from kneeling to standing.

     It stands to reason that the standing posture is the least accurate of all shooting postures, but after Ashraf stood up, he used a Final Fire bullet in the barrel to hit the escaped enemy in the back with one shot.

     There is nothing to say about this shooting method.

     The whole Afhan had such an apple of one's eye, and then he was pulled into his team by Gao Yuan. The most important thing was that it didn't take much effort. The only price was five shots from him.

     It's worth it. Gao Yuan felt that his decision to bring Ashraf in was wise and brilliant.

     Well, don't need to say anything now, the most important thing is to clean the battlefield and quickly find a gun to use.

     Regardless of how well the grenade is thrown, guns are still indispensable on this battlefield.

     Gao Yuan ran over quickly. He still wanted to choose a machine gun. Of course, he had to check the body by the way.

     It was already dawn, Gao Yuan walked to the first corpse, and threw an AK74 rifle in front of the corpse. He looked at the muzzle, the bullet hit the left back, this person should die.

     But after two steps aside, Gao Yuan suddenly hesitated.

     Some things are brought in by the veterans' teach by words and example, and Gao Yuan, now I think of a very important battlefield rule.That is to make up the gun, you must make up the gun, when you are not sure whether the enemy is dead, you must make up the gun.

     Of course, it's okay to make up the knife, but Gao Yuan felt it felt weird to stabbing someone with a knife.

     So Gao Yuan picked up the replenishing gun and fired a shot at the enemy's back, but the enemy was shot twice but it was still motionless like a statue. Gao Yuan turned the enemy's body over. .

     The corpse can tell Gao Yuan many things, which Li Yang and many of them have taught.

     It didn't seem to be a local, but it was a typical white face. The clothes on his body were American desert camouflage, but the rifle was Russian, and there was no body armor on the body.

     Gao Yuan flipped through the two pockets of the body the fastest, and the pockets were very clean, nothing at all.

     There is nothing at all in the pocket. Is this normal? This is definitely not normal, because as long as people on the battlefield, more or less always bring some personal belongings, but this corpse doesn't have any other than combat s things.

     Gao Yuan didn't want to waste too much time on a corpse, he ran to the second enemy quickly, and then he made up his gun first, and then turned his pocket.

     It is still AK74, and there is still no body armor, but the corpse wears a night vision device on its head, unable to discern the source and place of production, because Gaoyuan's knowledge is not rich enough, but the label on the night vision device is in English.

     Gao Yuan quickly checked all the bodies, of course, they only checked briefly, and then he could draw conclusions.This group of people are Russians or Eastern Europeans. They have no personal belongings. They are more fully equipped. The eight people have two night vision goggles, but only basic weapons. From their equipment and weapons, these people use a typical infantry. Class equipment.

     Five AK74M rifles, two PKM machine guns, an SVD Dragunov sniper rifle, or precision shooting rifle, this is indeed the standard configuration of a Russian infantry squad.

     Needless to say, these people are definitely cleaners, but there are organic Russian infantry squads in the cleaners, and they are definitely more than one, which is very interesting.

     At this time, Ashraf also came over, and of course he saw Gao Yuan's actions, so when he got to Gao Yuan's side, he first nodded at Gao Yuan, then spit on the side, and muttered a word in his mouth.


     Ashraf also said a Russian guy. It seems that his judgment is the same as Gao Yuan, and Gao Yuan can understand the word because Ashraf often mentioned it before. Even if the language is not clear, a word repeatedly mentioned can be used. I understand.

     Gao Yuan raised the SVD rifle he was holding towards Ashraf, but Ashraf shook the head. However, he squatted beside the corpse holding the SVD rifle, and took dozens of bullets from the body. Both took out.

     The bullet used by SVD is called the 7N1 bullet, which is a high-precision sniper bullet specially fired for sniper rifle, and this sniper bullet is born out of a 7.62×54R bullet. In other words, Ashraf’s gun can also be used, but the ballistic have some differences.However, looking at Ashraf's appearance of an easy drive on a familiar path, Gao Yuan believes that he is very familiar with this bullet, and he must be familiar with the trajectories of the two bullets.

     In fact, the bullets used by the PKM machine gun are the same as the Mosin Nagan. They are exactly the same 7.62×54R bullets, but the bullets of the machine guns are all loaded on the bullet chain, and it is costly to remove the bullets from the bullet chain by hand. These strengths, in that case, Ashraf just didn't want it.

     Now Gao Yuan’s problem is solved, but the communication between him and Li Yang has also been interrupted. So, what should we do next, and what should we do to relieve Li Yang and the others?

     The battle was still going on, Gao Yuan felt that he would not do anything more, and Li Yang and the others estimated that it would not last long.

     Gao Yuan looked at Ashraf, he pointed at the building where Li Yang and the others were trapped, and then made a helpless gesture.

     Ashraf thought for a while. He first pointed to the building where Li Yang and the others were located, shook the head, and then he drew a semicircle with his hand, and there was a booming sound in his mouth.

     Gao Yuan was a little confused because he couldn't understand what Ashraf meant.