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366 Use Your Brain
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan shook the head blankly, but Ashraf looked at Gao Yuan and shook his head and immediately squatted down. He first pointed to the building, drew a circle on the ground, then pointed to himself, and clicked on the ground again.

     Pointing to the high distance, Ashraf drew a semicircle on the ground, bypassing Li Yang and their besieged building, but Ashraf did not draw the end point.

     Ashraf made a running motion, then pointed to the high distance, and then he drew a cannon on the ground, which was very abstract, but drawing two circles next to a long road, that must be the meaning of a cannon.

     Ashraf pointed to Gao Yuan, pointed to the cannon drawn out, and then he had a right hand, with a bang sound in his mouth.

     "Understood, you let me relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers."

     Gao Yuan touched his chin, and then he nodded: "Okay, just the two of us, no matter the case, there is no way to penetrate the encirclement. The enemy's defense is very tight, and someone should be sent over soon, but I'm leaving you. What to do? Are we together?"

     Gao Yuan even talked about the finger painting. He pointed to Ashraf, and then pointed to the cannon, but Ashraf shook the head, pointed at himself, and pointed at the small spot on the ground that represented himself. Then he raised the gun and did In a shooting position.

      Just two people have to divide the troops into two groups. Gao Yuan thought about it, and it seemed that this was the only way to go.

     "Be careful, withdraw far away, you must be careful!"

     He repeatedly told Ashraf, Gao Yuan carried his backpack, picked up the machine gun, brought a 100-round ammunition chain box, and left Ashraf and ran forward alone.Gao Yuan didn’t know where he was going. He still had to find the enemy’s artillery position, but he believed that since Li Yang and the others found it, the artillery position should not be far away, because the enemy had been firing artillery last night, Li Yang and the others. You can find a general idea by sound.

     Gaoyuan now is like a human-shaped loading car. He has too many things to the point of cumbersome, but since he is not sensitive to weight and he really needs a gun, he had to bring them all.

     Gao Yuan really spared a large circle. He ran directly to the southern suburbs of Sirte, far away from the house that was being violent attacked.

     I don't know why the enemy hasn't taken down the building yet, but Gao Yuan believes that the time will not be too long. Li Yang and the others have been under siege for almost an hour, and this time is definitely not short.

     A lot of enemies were very sharp visually. They besieged a strong fortress occupied by the elite squad. It took one and a half hours and it hasn’t been beaten. This time should be considered a long time. Gao Yuan doesn’t know, he really doesn’t understand this , So he can only simply think that the faster the better.

      The Heavens follow one's will, just when Gao Yuan was ramming around looking for the enemy's artillery positions like a headless fly, he heard a cannon sound, which was the sound of a cannon.

     The sound was very close, Gao Yuan just turned a corner, climbed up a low sand dune, and saw the muzzle on his north side.

     Until now, the sun has not come out yet, so it is not night, but it is definitely not daytime.

     The artillery was roaring, and large pieces of artillery fired one after another.Even in the event of an attack, the enemy’s artillery is still firing, which shows that the battle ahead must be fierce, and the direction of artillery shooting is due south, where there is only one target at Abu Hadi Airport.

     People always have to grow. Although Gao Yuan has never received any command or staff training, he can also understand that the enemy’s main force must fight in the front. Since this is the rear and the artillery position, the number of enemies must not be. Will be too much.

     The frontline is fiercely fighting, and it is bound to reach a very critical time. Someone is making trouble in the rear. The enemy uses very large part forces, especially elite forces, to encircle and suppress Li Yang and them. Does this mean that the defense of this artillery position is very empty. Yeah.

     Okay, no need to think about it. I took a deep breath and took a deep breath, then took a deep breath and rushed towards the artillery position.

     Once Gaoyuan runs, the speed is not like human beings.

     Originally, the distance was very close, but when he was able to clearly see the artillery position, he was already less than 300 meters away from the busy artillery position.

     The artillery was very busy. They were carrying, loading, and firing shells. There was an armed infantry on the east side of the artillery position, but there was no fixed position for machine guns. If Gao Yuan was right, it should be the enemy who found someone intending to attack. After the artillery position, another infantry was temporarily deployed to protect the artillery.

     The enemy has not many infantrymen, so it seems that there is only one platoon, with about thirty people.Gao Yuan fell down, he was worried about being spotted by the enemy in advance, but after a few minutes after he lay down on the ground, he didn't notice any abnormal movement of the enemy.

     Don’t the enemies here have night vision? Or is it lack of energy?

     It is impossible for the military of any country to be equipped with night vision devices.

     Raising an army really burns money, especially Special Forces. The things on a special soldier are lightly and easily worth hundreds of thousands. Therefore, overwhelming majority infantry cannot enjoy the treatment of Special Forces.

     As for the cleaner this kind of secret organization, no matter how rich it is, it’s a miracle that it can maintain an army. This organization can’t match the financial resources of any major country. Therefore, this army cannot exceed the norms of countries such as Mi Russia. The level of troops is absolutely impossible.

     Combat power and equipment are directly linked. Since the enemies surrounding Li Yang and the others are very powerful, it is impossible for them to be Special Forces. It is unreasonable to disperse Special Forces and use them in every corner of the battlefield.

     Wanting to understand this section, Gao Yuan was relieved. He put the machine gun on the ground, poked his head out, and put another ammunition chain box beside the machine gun. When he finally pulled the trigger, he felt like Shouldn't fight like this.

     The PKM machine gun has a large caliber, great recoil, and a different ballistic from that of Flight 95, but the distance is less than 300 meters, and it is completely within the direct range of bullets. It can be aimed at, but the enemy is scattered. It is impossible to use a bullet chain at a high distance. Killing all the enemies to death is absolutely impossible. In this case, once he shoots, the enemy will be prepared, and then he will inevitably fight back.Being blocked by dozens of people with firepower, such a battle cannot be fought.

     Gao Yuan didn't hesitate for a long time. He felt that it was better to go around in a circle and run to the enemy before fighting. If the enemy found out, it would not be too late to fight normally.

     As for where to shoot before going to, Gao Yuan first set a target for himself, that is, it is best to shoot against the enemy's forehead.