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372 Resume Communication
    Author: Unknown
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Ashraf looked at Gao Yuan, and then he waved his hand forward and said loudly, "GO!"

     Gao Yuan has been under the speed of Ashraf, but after the sniper is killed, it is time for him to give play to his speed advantage.

     Get into the range that can accurately kill the enemy at the fastest speed, and then kill them.

     Gao Yuan ran up, and when he ran toward the front at the fastest speed, the enemies who had been so innocent at all finally turned their guns around.

     The enemy is also quite insidious. Under the premise of absolute superiority in numbers and firepower, I still want to use a sniper to solve the problem, but it is indeed possible to use a sniper to deal with two people.

     In just ten seconds, the distance can be narrowed to a very close position.

     A heavy machine gun has already completed its turn, and a two-pack anti-aircraft gun has also aimed its muzzle at high distance, but at this time, Gao Yuan can already play his advantage.

     The grenade was thrown out.

     Two grenades exploded one after another, and the heavy machine gun and anti-aircraft gun had no chance to exert their firepower.

     The lofty power is great, but what he shows on the battlefield is fast.

     Everyone knows that a moving target is harder to hit, but if the speed and direction of the target move regularly, the shooting difficulty will be reduced by more than half.

     But the lofty fast is not stupidly running in one direction. His fast is more like a ghost that appears and disappearing, suddenly left, suddenly right.It's almost difficult to aim. If you want to shoot such a moving target, you can only use continuous fire, aiming at a general direction, and then expect the target to hit the fire net by itself.

     More than a dozen enemies turned their guns. No matter what gun they were, they all shot towards Gaoyuan. For a time, there were bullets flying around 20-30 meters.

     Gao Yuan fell down immediately. He only needs to hide in a sandpit. If he wants to avoid the intensive firepower of the enemy, he should pay attention to the solution.

     Now the high and long distance enemy is less than 200 meters, but this distance is actually an embarrassing distance for the enemy.

     Bullets can't turn corners, can't directly hit high distances, and grenades can't be thrown that far. To solve high distances, the enemy can use mortars.

     But the problem is that the use of mortars is very convenient, but unless the mortarers directly observe the high and far position, it is not so easy to accurately hit.

     Then, the enemy has only one weapon that can threaten Gaoyuan, the grenade.

     After Gao Yuan lay on the ground for ten seconds, a grenade fell near him and exploded, but the power of the grenade was very small, not even comparable to the defensive grenade used by Gao Yuan.

     The power of the grenade is not great, unless it can fall within three meters of the height, otherwise, it is unrealistic to expect to use the grenade to solve the height, and the grenade this was originally so a weapon with low accuracy, especially the gun hanger With a grenade launcher, in many cases Target Hit relies on luck.

     At least the enemy's gun-mounted grenade launcher is far less accurate than throwing a grenade at a distance.After staying for a short while, Gao Yuan rushed forward again. He needed to shift his position so as not to be fired by the enemy with dense grenades, and then he had to use the opportunity to move to weaken the enemy's resistance.

     When Gao Yuan ran across, he threw two grenades in a row.

     With this hand-throwing hand grenade skill, combined with this speed, and ordinary people will find it heavy and difficult to move when wearing one, and high up can wear a two-layer body armor, and if you take up the role of assaulter high up, it will be perfect. .

     This is not street fighting but open land. The advantages of Gaoyuan have been severely weakened by several layers. If this is street fighting, Gaoyuan would be invincible.

     After solving the two enemies again, Gao Yuan found that the enemy who tried to stop him finally collapsed.

     It was broken, but the enemy was broken. When the first person turned around and ran, Gao Yuan knew that this line of defense was broken.

     The real battle is different from the game, because even if the last person fights in the game, no soldier will break down and escape.

     But in the real battle, seeing Gao Yuan running at a Monster-like speed that can kill people every time he throws his hand. First of all, it can make people unknown and fearful, and this monster is getting closer and closer to himself, how? If you can't hit it, you can't die, so all normal people must be afraid of it.

     Therefore, these enemies insist that no one tries to escape until now, and the psychological quality is already very good.When the first person started to flee, the remaining people were as if infected. They left the own Formation area one after another, but the escape route chosen by each person was not the same. Some chose to run to a building close to them, and some His friendly front ran over.

     Gao Yuan directly rushed to which dual anti-aircraft gun.

     Pulling a corpse from the gunner's position, after sitting high, he quickly turned the position of the muzzle and aimed it at the enemy's position.

     After firing, a short burst was fired, and Gao Yuan immediately noticed that the zu-23-2 anti-aircraft gun was shaking too much in a flat shooting state, and continuous shooting was a waste of shells.

     So Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation abandoned this anti-aircraft gun, because he continued to use this anti-aircraft gun, first of all, the combat effect was not very good, and secondly, he lost his mobility.

     At this time, Gao Yuan finally saw someone rush out in the building occupied by Li Yang.

     The three men tried their best to fire and suppress the enemies on both sides, but although the number of enemies was not very large, the enemy formation was very good. On both sides of the V-shaped oblique blockade line, you only need to hit casually, and the three who rushed out Suppressed and went back.

     Three people rushed out, only to slip around the door, they had to retreat, and only two ran back, the remaining one crawled back.

     After probing like this, another wounded was added.

     Looking from afar, he was angry and helpless. He really doesn't have any way to cover the people inside to quickly break through.

     At this time, Gao Yuan saw something flying out of the building.Gao Yuan immediately hid in a bunker, but he only stayed for two seconds before leaving the machine gun bunker. As soon as he left, the enemy on the left fired two shells, directly hitting the bunker’s sandbag. wear.

     He couldn't even stay at the first place for a few more seconds. Gaoyuan could only move quickly back and forth, looking for a safe shelter, and this time, the thing that flew out of the building finally reached the sky above Gaoyuan.

     The height is only a dozen meters, a drone, and a walkie-talkie is suspended below the drone.

     The drone landed slowly and landed on the ground with the walkie-talkie, while Gao Yuan rushed over and took the walkie-talkie and the drone at the same time.