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375 Angel Crazy Wolf
    Author: Unknown
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There are too many houses to choose from. Gao Yuan and Ashraf hid in a room on the second floor where one half of the house had collapsed and was full of excrement, and they looked at the rolling convoy from the south from the window.

     Mainly vehicles, trucks and pickups were available, but a few tanks were at the beginning, and those tanks went straight to the artillery positions that had been destroyed from a high distance.

     Look at the posture and you know it is a friendly army.

     Gao Yuan was excited and pleased, and when the tank stopped on the edge of the artillery position and someone jumped off the truck, Gao Yuan knew immediately that it must be a friendly army.

     The military uniforms are completely different. The enemies just now wore the desert camouflage of the Mi Army, while the new ones were wearing sand uniforms instead of camouflage. From a distance, the clothes worn by the two armies had a camouflage effect in the desert They are all good, but if you identify them carefully, you can still see the difference.

     Ashraf has tied the sleeve that was pulled down by Gao Yuan to the muzzle. His clothes were originally white. Now I don’t know what color it is, but it’s still possible to discern. It’s white, and it’s used as a white flag. is still possible.

     The first car drove over and went straight to the building occupied by Li Yang. Then a bunch of soldiers got out of the car and quickly spread out in an offensive formation outside the building, and then the second car. The third car.

     Li Yang and the others were surrounded again, but no one shot or anything this time.

     Two off-road vehicles stopped in front of the two-story building, and four soldiers got off the first vehicle. They looked at it through the binoculars from a high distance, and immediately felt confident.Four soldiers dressed in khaki combat uniforms, armed with HK433 rifles, wearing body armor and helmets, quickly deployed in a defensive posture, and the two men raised their guns and aimed them at Gao Yuan.

     The door of the second car also opened, and a white man in a T-shirt walked out of the car.

     Wearing a T-shirt on the battlefield with complicated conditions, it is still military green, the pants are a German patch camouflage, the waist is a sand-colored armed belt, a pistol is hung on the left, and he wears sunglasses. The appearance of the image is either an officer or a lunatic, or else a fool.

     But after the man with sunglasses got out of the car, he turned his head back and forth and glanced at around, but stared at the hiding place of Gao Yuan and Ashraf, then he waved his hand, and then he pointed at Gao Yuan. In the direction of, the two soldiers immediately ran in front of him, and immediately pointed their guns at their location.

     Gao Yuan hadn't moved yet, but Ashraf immediately pulled Gao Yuan back and retreated behind the wall, then silently stretched his rifle out of the window and waved the white flag on the muzzle.

     Gao Yuan couldn't help it. He looked out again, only to see that the two soldiers were still holding him here, but they didn't shoot.

     As for the guy in the short-sleeved T-shirt and sunglasses, his hands were flicking on his chest, as if dusting off his clothes.

     A man in the uniform of a banzheng officer stood next to the man in the T-shirt, and then the man in the T-shirt went directly to the house occupied by Li Yang.

     The footsteps are brisk, but from Gao Yuan's eyes, this person in a T-shirt is arrogant.Seeing that person walked in, exhaled gently from a high distance, he took the walkie-talkie and said: "The person went in, what happened? Have you talked?

     Li Yang said in surprise: "No! No one talks to me, damn, someone has come in!"

     Did you go in without saying hello to Li Yang? This guy in the T-shirt is so arrogant.

     Only after a while, Li Yang couldn't hide his excitement, and he said loudly, "Captain, it's a friendly army, you can come here."

     Gao Yuan exhaled, he stepped back behind the wall and said to Ashraf: "All right, don't fly the white flag anymore. How come you feel so awkward?"

     Gao Yuan looked at the above own body, it was okay, except that it was a little dirty and messy, it was still personal.

     Gao Yuan took off his helmet and patted the dirt on his hair, but he quickly gave up his plan to clean his hair. Then he took off his weapon rack and his body armor. He thought about it and put the camouflage on. After pulling the suit as much as possible and leveling it out, he put the short knife hanging around his waist in position, and then he said to Ashraf: "Look at my things, I will meet... friendly forces."

     I don’t understand, but it’s okay, Ashraf understands What does it mean.

     After Gao Yuan jumped directly from the window, he happened to see the off-road vehicles that stopped one after another behind him, and then a few people wearing camouflage uniforms but holding a stretcher in their hands and carrying a first aid kit rushed into Li Yang and theirs. In the house.

     Gao Yuan was first dazed for a moment, and then he couldn't hide the surprise in his heart. Now it's all right, but he is treated.Gao Yuan began to walk forward, and the two soldiers holding guns had already put down their guns. They looked at Gao Yuan, but didn't have any actions, just staring at him.

     It was indeed not a wise decision to take off the body armor on the battlefield, but Gao Yuan just didn't want to wear a full set of equipment like five flowers to meet the friendly guy who was extremely sloppy.

     There is no reason, just can't stand it.

     Going forward, a few hundred meters away is a bit far away. If he doesn’t run, he would have to walk for a few minutes. At this time, he saw that the man in the T-shirt came out again and he was wearing an officer. The uniformed man also came out, and then a figure familiar to Gao Yuan also came out.

     Although it was far away and couldn't see his appearance, Gao Yuan could recognize Li Jingang at a glance.

     Gao Yuan raised his arms, put them down, raised his arms, put them down again, after trying to run twice and giving up, in the end still is unable to resist the urge to run over, so he raised his arms again, And quickly ran over.

     Gao Yuan pressed his speed, but he ran at the speed of ordinary people, until he came to Li Jingang.

     "Is it all right? Everyone how is it?"

     Gao Yuan supported Li Jingang with one hand, because Li Jingang was covered with blood.

     Li Jingang shook the head and whispered: "I'm fine, and the dog is not injured. I am covered with blood from other people...cough cough, captain, this is..."

     Gao Yuan greeted Li Jingang first, showing that he ran over because he was worried about his own people and had nothing to do with others.

     Of course, Gao Yuan ran because of this.When Li Jingang was about to introduce, Gao Yuan finally looked at the man in the T-shirt.

     The man in the T-shirt lightly smiled towards Gaoyuan, then took off his sunglasses with his left hand.

     She has short blond hair, green eyes, and a smile on her face, but she has a firm expression. She wears the simplest clothes, but she wears the luxury of a fashionable big brand. At 40-50 years old, she is still handsome. Inferiority complex, coupled with the temperament of a soldier, especially a few people standing aside, nothing else, this is definitely in line with the image of a soldier imagined in a woman's mind, but it is by no means what a soldier really should be.

     Compared with the whole body covered in blood, Li Jingang who looks embarrassed and dirty, it's like a contrast between a model and a beggar.

     As for the comparison with the Gaoyuan that was just hit by the sand, well, Gaoyuan doesn't want to compare.

     And his indistinct smile, live high and look down eyes...

     and many more! This look is so unpleasant!

     A few hundred meters away from Gao Yuan, he felt that the person in front of him made him look uncomfortable, but when he came to the front, stood opposite, and saw the pride from his bones, Gao Yuan finally knows this person is even more unpleasant to look up close.

     But this guy who makes people feel uncomfortable at first sight is ultimately an ally, and he also saved Li Yang all of those people, thought until here, Gao Yuan could only sigh softly, and gave up the impulse to be longer and shorter. .

     He curled his ring finger and little finger on his right hand, and touched his index and middle fingers on his forehead. The man who felt awkward when he saw it smiled and said: "Angel Mercenary Corps, Crazy Wolf, Nate Schumacher."Li Jingang did not translate, because without translation, Schumacher speaks Chinese.

     As a salute, Gao Yuan said seriously: "Captain of the Shenzhou Spark Team, Gao Yuan, it's nice to meet you."

     Knight Schumacher stretched out half of his hand and stopped. He looked at Gao Yuan dazed for a moment. Although Gao Yuan didn't know why he was dazed for a moment, Nete Schumacher was dazed for a moment.

     And it was this brief moment of stunner, the cold temperament of Knight Schumacher suddenly vanish from sight, the set up on high eyes disappear without trace in his eyes, only surprise was left, like another point. angry.

     But it was only a short moment, when Knight Schumacher smiled again, everything returned to its original state, and then he continued to stretch out his hand.

     Gao Yuan reached out and shook it.

     Shaking his hand formulaically, Knight Schumacher said with a subordinate smile on his face: "Hello, it's nice to meet you. What a coincidence, your last name is Gao."