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379 Bad News And Good News
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan adjusted his mentality, analyzed the way of talking, and then he was nodded.

     "Okay, there is a war going on here, so what's the situation of the battle and how is the power balance between the enemy and us?"

     Knight calmly said: "We won a victory, partial victory, but overall, we have been losing. As for the comparison of forces, the enemy currently has about 10,000 people, and we have 1,200 people left. "

     This power contrast is very disparity, Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said: "Can you please be as detailed as possible, don't I ask you to answer, please give a comprehensive and systematic explanation?"

     "I have no obligation."

     He replied stiffly, but Knight's expression still kept smiling.

      This kind of person, such an answer, is really hard to grasp.

     Gao Yuan couldn't help being frowned, and then he thought for a bit, saying: "We have brought very critical information, the kind that is useful to everyone, so it is better for us to have an in-depth exchange, how is it? Why attack you, until now, how far has your battle been?"Nate Schumacher took a sip from his teacup, and then he nodded and said, "I agree with your proposal, well, before the aliens appeared and attacked, we already occupied Sirte, Misrata, and Dili. After the arrival of the aliens in the three cities of Pori and the land between them, the cleaners began to show their strength. They first captured Benghazi, then Sirte, Misrata, and Tripoli, but the enemy occupied the Soviet Union. After that, Erte did not advance south to attack Abu Hadi Airport, because where is our base camp, but continued to push westward to attack the entire area under our control, and then attacked Abu Hadi Airport instead."

     Gao Yuan is somewhat puzzled, and Knight Schumacher is defeated again and again. Now that the territory he controls has been defeated, how can he still have tea here?

     Knight Schumacher continued: "Under the double blow of aliens and cleaner's, the troops under my control were basically wiped out, and there were 1,200 people left."

     "How many are there?"

     "Thirty thousand."

     Only one thousand of 30,000 were beaten up, and they were still trapped in a small place like Abu Hadi Airport, where Nete Schumacher was still free to drink tea.

     Gaoyuan took it, really took it.

     I don’t know what good shrugged shrugged to say, "That’s really not optimistic..."Knight shook his finger, and then he held up the teacup with a calmly said: "No, when the aliens attack, the territory we control has lost its meaning, the only thing I want to defend is the Abhadi Airport, because The cleaners knew where there was the most critical underground shelter and the large amount of supplies inside, so they put the Abu Hadi Airport at the end to attack."

     Gao Yuan said immediately: "The battle last night..."

     "Not last night, this battle has lasted for four days, and last night was just one of their general offensive moments. Our buildings on the surface have been destroyed by artillery fire, the fortifications have lost their protective effects, and the enemy still has armor. Tank troops, so the battle last night was very important. If I had to withdraw all people into the underground Refuge's, then we would become like a turtle in a jar, and we could only wait for the enemy to break through the entrance and kill us all. "

     Knight still looked calm and indifferent, but after spoke until here, he calmly looked at Gao Yuan and said: "But fortunately, the battle last night was very fierce. We repelled the enemy 16 attacks and destroyed With all of their 35 tanks and 27 armored vehicles, when we only had six tanks available, the enemy suddenly stopped artillery this morning, and then my infantry anti-tank team had the opportunity to attack the enemy tanks. Destroy all."

     Gaoyuan realisation, no wonder Knight would thank him.Knight took a sip of tea, and then he calmly said: "I left the last six tanks as a reserve. After destroying all the enemy's tanks, I used these six tanks as the main force for launching a counterattack. The defense line, after defeating the enemy, counterattacked here, so I want to thank you, because you did not destroy the artillery position here, although we will eventually win the final victory, but my infantry and tanks will suffer greater losses, this Certainly."

     Gao Yuan discovered an advantage of Knight, he was very frank.

     Then Gao Yuan also discovered one of Knight's shortcomings, this guy has a dull mouth.

     When Knight finished speaking, he looked at Gao Yuan, but Gao Yuan was thinking about things, so Knight immediately said: "It's your turn, now you answer my question, you guys..."

     "Wait a minute, wait a minute."

     Gao Yuan hurriedly raised his hand and said, "I will definitely tell you everything I know, but now, let's talk about the important thing. How many troops do the cleaners have? They control those places? Did you know? "

     Knight hesitated for a moment a little, and then he said seriously with a face: "More than one hundred thousand."

     Gao Yuan was taken aback again and said, "One hundred thousand!""Yes, they controlled the Gulf of Suez, the coastal part of Villa, Djibouti, and part of Ethiopia. This is what I know. As for the source of cleaner's forces, they mainly come from several countries, including Ukran, Russia. In the U.S., the core part is cultivated by themselves, but mainly retired soldiers. I don’t count the low combat effectiveness. They still have about 800 tanks and more than 500 artillery types. A complete arsenal can produce artillery shells and bullets, and repair tanks and armored vehicles. In addition, they have endless ammunition and food, which is only the known part."

      Cleaner's strength is far stronger than Gao Yuan imagined, especially from the battle in the early hours of this morning, Cleaner's strength is not only many people, but also very strong combat effectiveness.

     "How so formidable, now there are many... no, overwhelming majority countries do not have such strength, and I am curious, why do you know so clearly about cleaner's strength?"

     Knight finally got his physical movements. He spread his hands and shrugged the shoulders with a face said disdainfully: "Because these things were transported to Africa by the ram, a idiot, to the cleaners, so he knew very well, and I was very clear."

     Fortunately, Gao Yuan didn't pick up his teacup. He lost his voice: "What? The ram came here! Then he, he..."Knight smiled and shook the head a little helplessly, saying: "Don't worry about the position of the Ram. For some reason, the Ram is now the cleaner's enemy and the only threat to the cleaner's power. So, Satan The battle with cleaner's is fierce now. Oh, there is still one. The bad news is that cleaners have nuclear bombs, but there is still one. The good news is that Rams also have nuclear bombs, and there are more than cleaners."