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Let the top foodies put down the meat that is about to be cooked, the focus is on the meat, Gao Yuan knew there must be a problem with the enlightenment.

      Until now, the existence and function of the revelation is also a secret in the Xinghuo team, and Zhao Qiang and Li Yang, who were responsible for keeping the revelation before, were one dead one wounded, then the people who kept the revelation now became Gao Yuan and Xinghe.

     Gao Yuan gave Xinghe the task of keeping the revelation.

     Zhao Qiang and Li Yang regarded enlightenment more important than their own life, but for Xinghe, this was a very ordinary tool, and its size and appearance were very suitable for use as a bench, so she just sit really such Go up.

     But Xinghe suddenly picked up the enlightenment and left. Before he could eat meat, and used the awkward excuse of going to the toilet, Gao Yuan knew that Xinghe must have a problem.

     "Oh, let's go."

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe got up and left, but so much for long time got along. Of course, Li Jingang and the others also knew what happened.

     So Li Jingang immediately said: "Go to the toilet a little farther away from us, I'm going to eat meat here."

     Xinghe didn't speak, and Gao Yuan looked a little embarrassed. He said to everyone: "Sorry, she is still a little timid. You can eat it first when it's cooked. No need to wait for me."

     After confessing a few words, Gao Yuan hurriedly followed. They first went to the car surrounded by a semicircle, and then Gao Yuan said loudly to Liu Deguang who was still in the car, "Old Liu, go eat meat, don’t peek at the Galaxy. WC."

     Even if you want to rest and eat, you still have to keep people watching the car, and Liu Deguang takes this responsibility.Liu Deguang was almost unbelievable with his own ears. He was extremely surprised how Gao Yuan could say such things, and even peeked at Xinghe to go to the toilet. This was simply... Wait.

     Liu Deguang immediately understood what Gao Yuan meant. This was obviously to distract him, no matter what the reason was. Since Gao Yuan wanted to distract him, he immediately followed suit.

     "Is the meat cooked? I'll go right away, you look at the car."

     Liu Deguang said something and immediately opened the door and jumped down, then he rubbed his hands and shouted in a loud voice, "Are you okay?" The captain looks at the car. I will eat first. Let me eat first.

     The image is definitely going to be damaged, but Gao Yuan is extremely satisfied with Liu Deguang's reaction. However, Liu Deguang is a talent selected from 1 in 10,000, and such people are generally smart and very smart.

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe walked out 100 meters, Xinghe was obviously anxious, she put her bag on the ground, stretched out her hand to open the zipper of the backpack, and Gao Yuan immediately squatted down and whispered: "What happened? What do you want to do? Will it be discovered?"

     Xinghe immediately said: "Someone is using the medical warehouse! I have to call up... hologram to find the location of the medical warehouse!"

     It is estimated that it is also how the revelation reacts, but if you use the revelation here, the consequences need to be considered.

     "Will it be discovered?"

     Xinghe was about to speak, but she immediately removed her hand from her back with a sullen expression. Then she sighed and said: "It's late, it's over, now even if it is opened, it comes without enough time."

     Gao Yuan glanced at his watch, and it took less than two minutes from Xinghe's sudden departure to here."It's over so soon?"

     Xinghe shook the head gently, and then she looked high and far, and said in a low voice: "The time is very short, which means that the use of the medical warehouse is very low. If you can understand the language, the person who uses the medical warehouse is not A big problem, whether it is a disease or a cure, it is not very serious."

     Gao Yuan took a backpack with apocalypse. This backpack refers specifically to it. It looks like an ordinary backpack, but the apocalypse can be camouflaged very well. From the appearance, this backpack is also an ordinary combat backpack and will not show enlightenment. It's like a pressure cooker shape.

     Gao Yuan unzipped another zipper, looked at the bright white enlightenment inside, frowned and said, "There is no sound and no vibration. How do you find that the enlightenment is responding?"

     Galaxy shook the head and said: "The way you can't understand is like Electromagnetic Pulse, but not Electromagnetic Pulse. This is based on the chain reaction of two components of the same system when they need to work together. It can work automatically or manually. Turn it on, well, it's like you turn the car key and the starter will start the engine."

     Well, Gao Yuan still doesn't understand. He still doesn't understand how Xinghe discovered it. When it comes to scientific issues, he gets blind.

     "Will they see that?"

     "It will shine. If they notice here, they can see it, but it is not a strong light. If the cover is good, they may not see it. Of course, if it is daytime, they will definitely not see the light."

     Gao Yuan was very annoyed, in the end still a little bit too late, but thinking about the possibility of being found out, he thought it was a good thing not to have time.Xinghe continued: "When we were in China, even in the Underground Base, the communicator could receive the signal from the medical warehouse, but if you want to determine the specific location, you must be close enough, and the distance here is obviously enough. It's near. If the medical warehouse is used again next time, I can determine the location of the medical warehouse within a second."

     After speaking, Xinghe looked at Gao Yuan and said: "Since we're going, this is the first time working in the medical warehouse. I don't know the next time it will be at what time, so you have to think about it. Confirm the location, or continue like this time, find a safe place that will not be discovered before turning on the communicator."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, before hesitating, he whispered: "Continue to keep it secret, but I know how to do it this time, it will be much more convenient next time."

     Xinghe took the revelation, closed the inner zipper, pursed his lips, and said, "You humans are really troublesome. It's all like this now. You need to keep it secret. Keep it secret. Can't you really cooperate?"

     Gao Yuan really has no way to answer this question. He can never say that human nature is selfish. Facing an alien to say such things, there is always a feeling of self-disclosure, so he had to laugh with him: "Safety first, eh ,Safety first."

     Xinghe closed the second zipper, then she patted her hand and said, "All right, go back and eat meat."

     "Wait, otherwise, you should really make it easier..."

     Gao Yuan felt embarrassed, so his voice was smaller and smaller, but Xinghe was surprised. She looked at Gao Yuan, and then said, "I don't want it!"Gao Yuan felt helpless, he whispered: "Well, then wait for me a moment, I’m here for convenience, otherwise it’s hard to explain."

     Xinghe didn't stop this time, she just said anxiously: "Hurry up, hurry up."

     Gao Yuan was really fast. He took a pee, and then returned to the fire with Xinghe, but when he saw Cao Zhenjiang from afar, he said loudly, "They didn't wait until they were all cooked. This shredded pork looks thicker than beef, but it tastes really tender, hurry up, hurry up and eat meat."