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394 Positioning
    Author: Unknown
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This wild camel meat is really tender, it is really tasty.

     There is a saying that hungry food is as sweet as honey, and honey is not sweet. Gao Yuan very much suspects that he is short of meat for a long time, causing him to feel very tasty in any meat he eats now.

     The cooking conditions in the base are so good, and Gao Yuan didn't think the meat was so delicious. Why in this vast desert, the camel meat roasted under the simplest conditions is so delicious.

     But watching a few people in the crackling team tasted like wolf down one's food, Gao Yuan felt that this barbecue should indeed be delicious, because relatively speaking, they are the most material-rich group of people.

     "Really very tasty, right?"

     Gao Yuan asked Ralph. Ralph took two big skewers and bit down at the same time. He said vaguely: "Yes, it's delicious."

     When eating this barbecue, it is a rare time for the two of the popping egg team and the angel to meet, and it is also a rare time to not make a gesture of contempt for each other after meeting.

     "I'm telling you, this barbecue, I want to eat it hard, but if I eat too much, I still feel tired. If it is delicious, it has to be my exclusive secret braised beef, ah, no, yes. Braised camel meat."

     Cao Zhenjiang took a skewers of meat. He looked at the people wolf down one's food with a little disdain and smiled, and said, "You are full now. Don't regret it if you can't eat it later."

     Yu Shunzhou hesitated, his mouth was full of oil, and he looked at a few people who were still chewing, and finally said: "Don't care if the stew is delicious or unpalatable, I will eat it almost before talking."Cao Zhenjiang waved his hand and said disdainfully: "I don't know, I brought so many seasonings. I won't have the chance to cook a pot for you until now. You can eat and eat. It will be cheaper later. ……team leader."

     Xinghe smiled, she very happily said: "I believe you, I decide, now..."

     Before she finished speaking, Xinghe suddenly stopped/stood again, and then she said anxiously: "No, I have diarrhea."

     Xinghe turned his head and left, but several people looked at each other in dismay, because no one knew whether Xinghe was really diarrhea or she was making excuses.

     Xinghe walked a few steps, and then she looked back at Gao Yuan, with an anxious expression: "You are stupid, take my bag, would you let me go by myself, so dark, does not know others be afraid? "

     Gao Yuan put down the meat skewers, and said with a dry smile: "You guys... continue, there is paper in the bag, I have to send it to her."

     Gao Yuan picked up the bag and chased after him, and then he and Xinghe hurried to the place where no one could see.

     Ralph and the others didn’t say anything, but Renato said “Cannot bear saying”: "Your Captain, this is... interesting, that... Ms. Galaxy, isn't she a soldier?"

     Although they didn’t say anything, Ralph’s eyes were all not to accept as correct, because in this extremely important task, bringing a woman who was obviously a drag, that is, the second and greedy woman, the captain Gao Yuan seemed Too much.Yu Shunzhou tilted her head and said with a long sighed saying, helplessly said: "Hey, this how to say it is all men, um, actually Xinghe is not a person of everything in disorder, she also has a mission, just go Two people halfway..."

     Yu Shunzhou suddenly looked like realized. He looked at Li Jingang, Li Jingang hesitated for a moment, slightly nodded.

     "Then I said, our captain and Xinghe are also familiarity breeds fondness, familiarity breeds fondness, do you understand What does it mean? Maybe they will die someday, they two seize the opportunity to be sweet, and we will be I can't see it."

     Renato has been with them since Afhan, so he still knows a little bit better. After receiving Yu Shunzhou’s explanation, he said with a puzzled face: "Then what Ms. Xinghe is good at? She is definitely not a combatant. Right?"

     This is the bottom of Renato’s first Starfire team, before then, he never asked about the origin of Galaxy.

     Yu Shunzhou pointed out lowered his head to eat Zhenghuan's Rikiko, and said, "Look at him, what do you think he does?"

     "Of course the Daoist commander is a Daoist with the army."

     Yu Shunzhou grins, said: "We picked it up on the way, his one person is not with our team, then follow, and Galaxy is the same."

     Renato was nodded, Ralph hesitated to speak, then he in the end still did not speak, and continued to bow his head to eat his own barbecue.Nie Erlong lightly sighed saying, and then he looked at the crowd and shook his head and said: "Compared with us, your living environment is much better. Alien activities in our place are especially frequent, and they always put various The monster of sorts and varieties, it’s impossible for a person to survive alone, so if we see those who need help, can we help or help."

     Several people formed a group to fudge, and the effect is still possible. Whether Renato believe it or not, first of all, Galaxy's origin has a justifiable explanation.

     On the other side, in a place where no one could see, Xinghe stopped, and then she took the backpack and whispered: "How is it?"

     Gao Yuan gave a thumbs up and whispered: "The acting is perfect. I really didn't expect you to be able to act so vividly so quickly. This is talent."

     Xinghe smiled triumphantly and said: "From what I see in the TV series, I also think the performance is very interesting. Although the audience is less, it satisfies my desire to perform."

     Xinghe took out the revelation and moved it to the top. He stretched his hand and flicked past the place where the revelation looked and did not operate the instrument. An earth sphere immediately appeared in the air.

     It was a bit bright, but Gao Yuan, who was prepared this time, took out the flashlight, and shone the beam behind him, and blocked his hand in front of the flashlight. In this case, others could only see the light and some explanations.

     Xinghe waved with one hand, and the three-dimensional image of the sphere became a plane, and then quickly zoomed in, and a light spot appeared on the map.

     Looking at Gao Yuan concentrate one's attention completely, he immediately distinguished that it was somewhere.The medical warehouse is not mentioned in Jibu, because the geographical features of Jibu mentioned are too easy to identify.

     Xinghe whispered: "It has been located and recorded. Now you can confirm the specific location. You can choose to continue or close first."

     "Turn off first."

     Since the location can be recorded, then naturally there is no need to rush for a while, high and far in a low voice: "There is a question, can the medical warehouse find our location backwards?"

     "No, the medical warehouse only provides energy, and positioning is not the function of the medical warehouse."

     Xinghe waved behind him, and the light of the enlightenment disappeared, but Xinghe did not put the enlightenment back in his bag, but said in a low voice: "This incident is relatively long. It seems that this person was injured more seriously. If it takes more than five minutes, it is Fatal wounds but not to the degree of death."

     Loudly and whispered: "If the medical warehouse moves, can you find it?"

     "If you don't use it, there will be no energy fluctuations, and you can't find it without energy fluctuations. So, you can only locate where you last used it."

     It is slightly flawed, but Gao Yuan feels that it is enough, because a very critical piece of information has been obtained, that is, the holy cabinet is in Jibu, and it can be accurate to centimeter-level positioning accuracy.