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No matter how suffering and difficult it is to drive during the day, Gao Yuan still would not choose to go at night, because driving at night in the desert is a very dangerous thing. An undiscovered sharp stone may completely destroy a tire.

     Camp in the abandoned village at night.

     It is normal for this village to be abandoned, because there is a very precious water source in the desert. Only a few roads in Villa, this village has the foundation for its existence, but once the roads and logistics are lost, this depends on a glance The villages built with wells cannot provide food at all.

     An oasis must be large enough to feed a sufficient population, and this oasis is too small to support one or two people.

     It’s safer to rest in the village, no need to be worried zombies, but the necessary guards must be there. If the cleaners go here, they will be found far away, and this is why the Spark Team gave up at the beginning Camped here, but returned after hitting a wild camel.

     When I went to bed at night, I could see the difference in this patchwork team.

     In the desert, the temperature difference between day and night is bound to be large. It is better at the seaside. In the inland areas far from the coast, the temperature difference is very large.

     It can reach a high temperature of nearly fifty degrees Celsius during the day, but it can easily drop below ten degrees at night.

     For all those who have outdoor experience, if they can not sleep in the car, they will definitely not sleep in the car.

     Then the difference when camping is that the two angels rely on equipment, they don't have a tent, but each person brought a very thick sleeping bag, found a sand nest, and fell asleep in the sleeping bag.The two Russians leaned on their bodies. They both took a thin moisture-proof pad, found a room and spread it on the ground, and then each covered it with a thin blanket and slept soundly. It is said that the high temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius can kill them, but the temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius is so cold that it is covered with a thin blanket.

     The five people in the Boomstick Team are relatively more formal. When they sleep, they choose a place to sleep. Everyone is separated by more than 20 meters, and they must take turns to watch the night. So the five people There are only four mats, and in one of the least noticeable corners, where someone must be fully armed, he has to stand on guard.

     Renato chose to sleep in the car, and Liu Deguang also chose to sleep in the car. As for the other Chinese people, they sleep as they want, but a double post with one light and one dark is a must.

     Wrapped in a blanket, Ashraf lay beside the aftermath of the campfire, where he curled up and slept soundly.

     It was only Harry Keane, he was the only one who tried to pitch the tent, but after finding that it was indeed troublesome to pitch the tent, he finally chose to stay in the car.

     From the way they sleep, they are able to discern their respective characteristics, but the most shameless ones must be Gao Yuan and Xinghe, because only the two of them not only sleep in a clean room, but also keep others away.

     Gao Yuan put the enlightenment between him and Xinghe, and then he spread the sleeping bag over his body, instead of getting into the sleeping bag, he quickly fell asleep when he lay on the ground.Someone was kicking Gaoyuan, and Gaoyuan woke up suddenly, and then he saw Xinghe sitting up and whispering: "What happened today? Why is the medical warehouse always being used?"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment and said: "Used again?"

     "Yes, very often."

     Xinghe exhaled, she ill-humoredly said: "I want to turn off the automatic receiving function of enlightenment, otherwise I can't sleep and it will be noisy."

     Noisy, where is it?

     Gao Yuan couldn't hear any sound, nor felt any vibration, so where did the noise come from.

     "How do you feel?"

     Xinghe was silent for a moment, and then she stretched out her hand, fumbled and grabbed Gao Yuan's hand.

     Xinghe's hand was really slippery, Gao Yuan was a little lost for a while, and then he felt that Xinghe was holding his hand in a position.

     "Here, have you touched it? There is a...chip, far away from yours, but it's definitely not the same thing. With this chip, you can directly provide information to your brain, and you can use brain waves to control various instruments, so Well, in terms of controlling instruments, we are at least a thousand times faster than you. One consciousness is enough."

     "Then what if you think about it?"

     "Confirm instructions, gesture assistance, language assistance, you're right. In order to avoid too much brain activity from issuing various wrong instructions, we have thought of many ways to reduce the speed of the brain and external connectors."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, he felt that this is not a very new idea, because humans have also had such a vision, and it has been realized to some extent.But what is the significance of this technology used by Xinghe? Gao Yuan just thought about it and immediately said, "Can you control the spacecraft?"

     Although she couldn't see it, Xinghe still laughed, and then she whispered: "You are very smart, yes, this chip is a miniature Control System, and the biggest significance of this system is that when it is too Airborne Flight, the universe is very It's big and the space is huge. When your brain can give instructions to any subsystem of the entire spacecraft, the speed will be very fast."

     Xinghe spoke until here, Gao Yuan suddenly realized a question, so he whispered: "For example, when fighting in the sky?"

     This time Xinghe silent for a while, and then she whispered: "Yes."

     "So... can you control the mecha? It's as convenient as controlling your own body, right?"

     Xinghe smiled and said, "Yes."

     Gao Yuanqing's sighed saying said: "I guess so, then you also have wars, and wars often occur, right?

     Xinghe exhaled, and then she whispered: "No, we do have wars, but wars do not happen often, because..."

     "Because of what?"

     Xinghe has not replied. After she silent for a moment, she suddenly said: "I'm tired, I want to sleep, and I want to turn off the receiver, it's so noisy."

     After speaking, Xinghe lay down, but she sat up again just as she lay down and said, "I try again, and see if the position has moved. If it doesn't move, I can sleep. Isn't that okay?"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said: "Yes."Xinghe opened the enlightenment, and the image reappeared. After Xinghe's fast-controlled map zoomed in, he was suddenly startled and said, "The location of the medical warehouse... has changed."

     Gao Yuan was shocked, and said: "Moved?"

     Xinghe stopped, and then he whispered: "Yes, moved the position, but the distance is very close, only four kilometers, now it has stopped moving and is still in use. This person has been using it for more than three minutes. The injury was serious."

     Gao Yuan thought for a moment, and finally said: "I think they are fighting, and it must be very fierce. What will happen..."