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404 Fire At The Gate
    Author: Unknown
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The battle happened suddenly and ended suddenly.

     The short but fierce battle took place less than five kilometers away.

     How far the explosion sound from the savanna can be heard is totally unclear. Li Jingang may or may not have learned it, but he must also be unclear.

     Members of the Explosive Egg Squad and the two Russian signals, they may have participated in many battles, but they still don't know how far the explosion sound can spread in the savanna, because they have never fought on this kind of terrain.

     Only Sirte and Klaus, the two Angel Mercenary Corps men, knew the location of the battle and the approximate distance.

     The importance of experience is often reflected at this time. Perhaps others can quickly accumulate the same experience, but on the battlefield, the process of accumulating experience is often a process of death.

     Sirte waved his hands and urged everyone to get in the car as soon as possible. Then he and Klaus drove to the front and drove away at the fastest speed.

     Why did you do this, why you want to transfer? Gao Yuan didn't actually understand the connection, but he soon knew.

     Sirte’s car did not stop, and the convoy did not stop. After driving out again for at least five kilometers, Sirte’s car finally stopped because he found a small area that could be called a dense forest.

     There is a gap between the hiding place of the forest and the place where I can call the forest just now, so Gao Yuan didn’t understand why he had to abandon the place with better concealment, but moved to here, even if it is farther away. Shouldn’t you find a denser forest to hide?"King Kong, I don't understand, why did you say that Sirte and the others moved here? It seems that the hiding effect of this small piece of wood is not good."

     Li Jingang shook the head and whispered: "Frankly speaking, I am also unclear, but I think the can opener makes sense. You have to know one thing. The veterans with all-terrain combat experience are not ordinary people, so, Listen to them."

     Sirte and Klaus have gotten out of the car. The two of them waved to signal everyone to get off. After Gaoyuan and they all got off, Sirte said loudly: "Just hide the car here, now Everyone hurry up and cut some branches to conceal the vehicle."

     Gao Yuan never concealed his Insufficient experience, because in wars, to understand is to understand, if you don't understand, you don't understand, and if you don't understand, you will die if you do not know how to force it.

     "Hey, Scarecrow, can you tell me why we didn't hide in the forest just now, but moved here, is there any reason?"

     Klaus can speak Chinese, so Gao Yuan asked him directly.

     Klaus stopped his hand, he thought for a bit, and said: "We are on a savanna with many woods in it. The place where the battle took place is about four kilometers away from us, but we are far from the road. Nearly three kilometers, in other words, if the cleaner were to search on both sides, our location would definitely be discovered, because the dense forest has a good concealment effect, so the woods are the key search area."

     Gao Yuan realisation said: "Oh, it turned out to be like this, but it's actually very simple. Why didn't I expect it."The scarecrow pointed to the nearby woods, and then he said with a stern face: "Our situation is very troublesome now, because after our vehicles have driven, there will be a lot of trails on the ground. If the enemy really searches along both sides of the road, then We will almost certainly be exposed."

     Gao Yuan immediately eyes opened wide.

     The Scarecrow continued: "According to our previous battle experience and the enemy’s Equipment Standard, if the enemy has air reconnaissance capabilities, he will definitely want to use aircraft to conduct large-scale searches. So what we have to do now is to prevent air reconnaissance. Forests that are not too dense, but have a certain concealment effect, are often ignored. Those dense forests, suitable for hiding places, will definitely be investigated."

     This is the truth, and it is indeed very simple.

     Klaus thought for a while, and then he said in a deep voice: "Of course, the enemy may not be able to detect, but we have fought many battles with cleaners. This is a very strict and disciplined army. If it should be searched , Then they will send someone to search, but the area we are in is too big, the cleaner may not have enough staff to complete the carpet search, so whether we will be found depends on how many people are sent by the cleaner According to my experience, the probability of us being discovered is half, because our tracks cannot be eliminated, so the battle may start after half an hour as soon as possible."

     "Is the situation so severe? This... I hadn't thought."Klaus nodded, and then he said in a deep voice: "Yes, so what we have to do now is to disguise the car as fast as possible so that the enemy can not be easily spotted in the air, and then we must abandon the car, the car The goal is too large. According to the current situation, we are unlikely to pass it safely."

     Gao Yuan understands that the so-called a fire in the city gates to bring disaster to innocent people is the situation he is facing now.

     The boss fights with the second child, but the third child is dead, and you have no reason to go.

     "Must abandon the car now?"

     "Yes, after completing the necessary disguise, immediately leave with the necessities, and then consider crossing the river after dark. Today one day can only be wasted in waiting."

     Klaus was very clear, and Gao Yuan immediately said loudly: "Everyone move faster and take off everything you need."

     Sirte in one side saying: "Yuri!"

     Yuri was cutting the branches with a machete. He stopped when he heard Sirte's yell and said loudly, "What are you doing?"

     "Take your people to the north to set up a secret sentry. If someone comes, delay the enemy's actions, pretend to be a little better, don't let people recognize you from afar.

     Yuri coldly said: "You don't need to teach."

     Sirte turned to Ralph and said loudly: "Hi, you, separate your people, go to the south to build a forward post, keep the radio silent, and try to widen the width as much as possible. The battle just happened to the south."

     Ralph nodded, he put down the branch in his hand, turned to Gao Yuan and said, "Captain."

     It's better for Ralph, knowing to take care of the chief's face.Gao Yuan nodded and said, "Do as he said."

     Ralph immediately said loudly: "Breaking Egg Team, come with me."

     Sirte whistled softly. He smiled and said something to Klaus. Klaus said in a deep voice, "Captain, let's go to the west to investigate to prevent the enemy from approaching suddenly. The work here is left to you. If you have to evacuate, you must bring an inflatable boat."

     Gao Yuan said: "Well, I see, you go."