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406 Unmanned Sentry System
    Author: Unknown
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Unmanned sentry system, this is not a special system name, but a general term for a large category of battlefield monitoring systems, using sound, light, shadow, electromagnetic, thermal imaging and so on a series technical means to replace the sentry system.

     The discovery of an unmanned sentinel system means exposure at most. The enemy who set up this unmanned sentinel system has discovered it, so what you need to do is to leave here as quickly as possible. Why did Ralph shout down ?

     Gao Yuan couldn't understand it, but he was just in a trance, and his body reactions were faster than his brain.

     It doesn't matter if you don't understand it, just lie down immediately.

     And when Gao Yuan was lying down, he squeezed Xinghe underneath, and then lay on top of Xinghe.

     The sudden change made everyone stunned, but everyone did what Ralph said, that is, lying down immediately instead of running away or standing in place stupidly.

     "Thunder! No, electromagnetic grenade, hurry!"

     Ralph loudly roared again, but Gao Yuan still didn't know why he threw the electromagnetic grenade. When he wanted to understand that the electromagnetic grenade was thrown to paralyze the enemy's unmanned sentry system, he had already grabbed an electromagnetic grenade in his hand.

     Then at this moment, Gao Yuan opened the grip of the grenade, and when he was about to let go of it, he thought of a question.

     Everyone is everybody’s electronic device. After his electromagnetic grenade was thrown out, it was all broken, night vision, thermal imaging, walkie-talkie, drones, numerous, all broken.So Gao Yuan didn’t throw the grenade. He was lying on the ground, and then he saw a reed at his feet suddenly opened a lid, puff~, a chubby thing suddenly emerged from the reeds. Pop up inside.

     Gao Yuan jumped up without thinking, and then he kicked it out.



     Gao Yuan couldn't help sending out a blood-curdling screech, because his toe was so painful that he thought that his toe was broken.

     But the long and long cry of pain was quickly masked by the explosion. The chubby thing he kicked out exploded at a distance of about fifty meters from them. First, there was a less violent explosion, and then several consecutive intensive sounds. Explosion.

     No one can understand what happened, including Gao Yuan.

     Therefore, after the explosion, there was a brief silence on the battlefield.

     Until Ralph yelled again: "Quick retreat!" The TV update is the fastest

     Ralph tried to stand up on the mud and water ground with his hands, but he needed to kneel before he could get up, because everyone with dozens of kilograms on his back could not get up quickly.

     Only Gao Yuan is an exception, he is fully armed, but still able to do things that normal humans cannot do.

     The Battered Egg Squad soldier who first discovered the abnormality ran into the reeds, and then he raised his gun and shot towards the ground. After a few shots, Sirte, who was battered and exhausted stopped/stood, said loudly: "Fak!"

     Renato trembled: "What happened?"

     Ralph pointed at Gao Yuan, and he said loudly: "You... kicked and jumped thunder!"Gao Yuan ill-humoredly said: "Withdraw first! Still talking so much nonsense!"

     Ralph said anxiously: "You can't go right away. There must be an unmanned sentry system nearby. Use electromagnetic interference to destroy the signal of the unmanned sentry system. If a large thunder jumps and flies again, we will all be done!"

     Gao Yuan said anxiously: "Then put in the electronic equipment, hurry! Hurry!"

     Gaoyuan has a portable Faraday Cage, or a foldable Faraday Cage, so it is easy to store all electronic devices at any time.

     A bag, only the outer layer is made of soft copper wire, and the inner lining is plastic. Throw the electronic device in and tighten the mouth to withstand the attack of electromagnetic storm.

     With an order from Gao Yuan, everyone was rushing to store their own electronic devices. At this time, one of the most important equipment they brought from China, but also the most unassuming equipment, played a critical role.

     In less than ten seconds, the head-mounted night vision goggles and walkie-talkies were thrown into the bag. In less than thirty seconds, the electronic devices of everyone in the Spark team were safe, but apart from Gao Yuan and the others, whether they were angels or People from the Battered Egg Squad, they are still being admitted urgently.

     This is the difference between experienced and inexperienced, and also the difference between long-term training and no training. The mobile phone will remember "→m.\B\iq\u\g\\o\m" in one second to provide you with wonderful\novel reading.

     The night vision or thermal image on the gun was also lost in the metal storage bag, and after the Scarecrow was the last to remove the night vision and put it into the storage bag Gao Yuan provided before they set off, he said loudly: " All right!"Gao Yuan immediately threw the electromagnetic grenade in his hand into the air, and then there's nothing about it too loud, and there's nothing about it flashed, but after a reminder soft sound, Gao Yuan said loudly: "All right, radius The electronic devices within a thousand meters are all destroyed, and no electronic device within a radius of 500 meters can work. Who can explain to me, what happened?"

     Ralph waved his hand and said, "Quickly evacuate!"

     Ralph trot up, and while running, he said anxiously: "The unmanned sentry system developed and widely used in our country uses infrared rays to find the enemy. After the enemy is found, it will launch a thunder into the air. , Jumping thunder will explode at a height of fifty meters in the air."

     Scarecrow is extremely angrily said: "No thunderbolt exploded at a height of fifty meters, no!"

     Ralph continued: "To be precise, it was the terminally sensitive bullet that was automatically sought out by the rocket in the air!"

     By saying this, you can understand that this mine jumping is indeed a mine jumping, but it is not an ordinary anti-infantry jumping mine, but like a Russian speed-20 anti-helicopter mine, but still a little different.

     Ordinary anti-infantry landmines, after they are sent through cables or pressure, jump into the air and explode at a height of more than one meter and up to three meters high. Basically, people nearby will not be spared when the mine jumps and explodes. The thunder of the unmanned sentry system here is a system.Reality reconnaissance equipment finds the traces of people and identifies them as friends or foes. Then there will be a special launch tube that launches a large cylinder directly into the air. When it reaches 50 meters in the air, the cylinder will open and remove a dozen or so The ammunition is thrown out, and these sub-munitions automatically find and lock the target from the air, and explode at a height of three to five meters above the ground.

      Why not use the simplest way to jump thunder, but use this much more complicated letter mine system, because this method can not only anti-infantry, but what is more important can anti-tank and armored vehicles.

     This kind of Weapon System is expensive to build, and it is using a talented person in an insignificant position to counter infantry. But if this kind of Weapon System is arranged on the side of the road and there is a team of tanks or vehicles on the road, what will be the effect? Therefore, combating tanks and armored vehicles is the biggest use of this unmanned sentry system, and it is also the value.