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408 Not Optimistic
    Author: Unknown
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The battle was fierce, but it was someone else's battle, and the Spark Team should have faced this battle.

     So, now that the enemy is fighting with his quasi-ally, should he help, or help, or help?

     For Gao Yuan, choosing only has one is to quickly come over and lend a hand to help allies eat up this small group of enemies, and then win the grandmaster, what should I do?

     "Let's go!"

     Gao Yuan shouted happily, but after he finished shouting, Li Jingang said loudly: "No, no! Let's withdraw!"

     "Can't go!"

     "We should withdraw!"

     "Go right now……"

     After Gao Yuan gave the order to go up, everyone who was qualified to say something spoke in the shortest time, and then Gao Yuan was confused by the sound of blocking that sounded at the same time.

     "Don't you take this opportunity to kill the enemy and then withdraw?"

     Gao Yuan knew that he was showing his timidity again, but he had to ask if he didn't understand it.

     "This is just the enemy's vanguard, they are already retreating, because they just want to hold us back, and wait for the big troops to come and wipe out us, and more!"

     Li Jingang took a sigh of relief. He stretched out his hand and picked up the overweight Nie Erlong, and then he continued anxiously: "Wait for us to pass, the Ram’s people have withdrawn early. Now, while they buy us time, Let's withdraw quickly!"

     "Hurry up!"

      Ready to follow good advice’s high make prompt decisions, he waved his hand and said: "We are going to... follow King Kong withdraw!"

     Li Jingang ran at the forefront, he said loudly: "Breaking Egg Team!"Ralph said: "Yes!"

     "You are covering at the end."


     Ralph immediately slowed down. He greeted his team members loudly and spread out the formation. Five people dragged the entire team to the end. If an enemy came after him, they would form a blocking position.

     Li Jingang said loudly: "The whereabouts have been exposed, each team... the captain turns on the radio, and half of them are equipped with night vision goggles!"

     I don’t know at what time and need to use electromagnetic grenades, so the electronic device can’t be fully turned on. Gao Yuan listened to Li Jingang’s command and pondered his own command.

     The order is still very consistent, which makes Gao Yuan very happy, because it shows that his command is gradually mature.

     "Old Cao!"

     Li Jingang suddenly called Cao Zhenjiang, and Cao Zhenjiang immediately shouted: "Present!"

     "Form an anti-tank team with you as the core!"


     Cao Zhenjiang didn't stop either. He carried his machine gun on his shoulders, and removed the bazooka hanging on the top of the backpack. Then he said loudly: "Liu Deguang Bazooka Shooter, Yu Shunzhou, Nie Erlong, you three One group, God of Wealth, you and me, if a tank approaches, listen to my orders."


     Why let the Spark squad member, which is not the strongest in combat effectiveness, establish an anti-tank team, instead of a more effective signal flag, or a duo of Angel Mercenary Corps?

     Li Jingang couldn't figure out this command Gao Yuan, but when he looked at Cao Zhenjiang, he immediately understood the reason.

     Because, Xinghuo squad member has a bazooka, and a 08-style bazooka.And if this is not the case, because the PF98 bazooka pulled by the car is too big and heavy, the Spark squad member guarantees a 120mm bazooka.

     The late-stage patients with phobia of lack of firepower are no longer cured. Also, all members of the Spark Team have received anti-tank training. Have systematically learned how to fight tanks.

     Tank driving is not necessary, but you must be able to fight tanks. Therefore, the special operations capabilities of the Spark Team are indeed inferior to the foreign counterparts that were added later, but the ability to fight tanks can be theoretical even if the actual combat experience There is absolutely no problem.

     Li Jingang has a good idea to gather several people with insufficient special abilities to prepare to deal with enemy tanks.

     Gao Yuan wanted to understand Li Jingang's thinking, and he nodded secretly, feeling that he had slowly figured out Li Jingang's thinking.

     At this moment, Ashraf ran in front of Gao Yuan. As he ran, he stretched out his hand towards Gao Yuan, signalling Gao Yuan to give him the bazooka on his back.

     Gao Yuan was stunned, Ashraf is...what is he? Even the shooter, sharpshooter, but let Ashraf shoot the tank with a bazooka, can he do it?

     Li Jingang looked around, he happened to see this scene, so he whispered: "Give him, the old gun has shot more tanks in this life than any of us."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and took the rocket launcher to Ashraf.In fact, Li Jingang was right. The Chinese soldiers attached great importance to anti-tank training, but Ashraf and the Soviet Union had no anti-tank training, only actual anti-tank combat.

     Now they have clearly defined their responsibilities, but the theme is still running and evacuation, and Gao Yuan, they only ran three hundred meters, and the battle with two shots from them was over.

     The whole process lasted less than three minutes, and the battle ended like this.

     "It's very convenient for the friendly forces that started the battle to evacuate. We don't look for them and leave here as soon as possible to avoid being surrounded by the enemy. Now our situation is very dangerous and we must leave here as soon as possible."

     After speaking, Li Jingang came to Gao Yuan's side, and he whispered: "It is estimated that the enemy will be able to chase over soon. We are unlikely to have completely got rid of the enemy now. We will see the situation later. If we can get out of it smoothly, then No need to talk about anything. If you are surrounded, you must lead Xinghe first. No one can stop you here. You can score a lot."

     This is the case, and it is true that it is true, every time you start a battle, you will inevitably be told you must run first if the situation is unfavorable. Gaoyuan is really annoying.

     But what to say, left nothing to be said, there is no way to say anything.

     Gao Yuan just whispered: "Is it so pessimistic?"Li Jingang nodded, whispered: "Yes, the situation is not optimistic. You can keep running, but we... will eventually get tired, and the enemy's mobility is very strong. The previous battle only delayed the time we were surrounded. , But we will definitely be surrounded, unless more friendly forces attack and delay the enemy’s actions, otherwise, I estimate at most half an hour, we will definitely be overtaken by the enemy."

     Gao Yuan didn’t know what to say. He this was originally so a pessimist, and he also knew that what Li Jingang said was reasonable. Since the enemy cannot move without tanks and armored vehicles, this phenomenon has two sides. The enemy has to use vehicles to accompany and protect the lines of communication, but on the other hand, it also shows that the enemy is very mobile.

     Since two legs can't run the wheel, the enemy will definitely catch up.