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410 Ambush Circle
    Author: Unknown
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To set an ambush for the enemy, it is not necessary to clearly grasp the enemy's dynamics, but it is very necessary.

     The enemy seems to be advancing along the traces left by them at a high distance. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s not difficult to do this, because there will always be some spider's thread and horse track along the way. As long as there are people who are good at tracking, Then it is not difficult to find it all the way.

     Gao Yuan watched a few people search and advance slowly from the tree, but the enemy's speed was a bit too slow. Even if the Starfire Squad was walking, according to the enemy's speed, it seemed that there was no need to worry about being caught by the enemy.

     Because you always have to determine the direction in order to take advantage of the speed. If the direction is wrong, wouldn't it mean that the faster the speed, the further away.

     So Gao Yuan didn't quite understand what the enemy was doing.

     The sun came out, and the sun was behind Gao Yuan, he was backlit, and the enemy was backlit, which was even more detrimental to the enemy's search.

     You don't have to worry about the reflection of the lens being seen by the enemy while holding the telescope high, so he has been watching the enemy's movements with the telescope.

      After 20 minutes, the enemy only moved forward about three hundred meters. This speed is not threatening.

     But at this moment, Gao Yuan saw that the enemy sitting on the all-terrain vehicle got out of the car, and then several people started to tinker with what thing beside the car.

     The lofty instinct tells him what actions the enemy is brewing, and when he sees what thing is flying up in the telescope, he understands it.

     The enemy didn't intend to keep searching and advancing like this at all. They just found and confirmed the traces left by the Spark Team after dawn, and then they directly used the drone.Why can it be distinguished as a drone? Because the drone that the enemy releases is a small Fixed-wing Aircraft, which requires a slide rail to act as a runway, because the drone is relatively large and the detection distance can reach tens of kilometers , Although still a small tactical reconnaissance drone, it is not comparable to that of a rotary-wing drone.

     He took the binoculars high, turned around and went down the tree, and then he started running back frantically.

     The enemy can fly more than one drone, but at least four, so that they can search in a sector, and as long as they confirm the target's track, the tanks and armored vehicles that are still parked behind can come right away.

     "I saw the mountain falling down, can I eat it?"

     Gao Yuan called directly on the walkie-talkie, and the code words he said, let alone whether the enemy can monitor it. Even if the enemy can monitor it, they must understand Chinese. Even if the enemy can understand Chinese, he must be able to listen. Only if you understand the dialect spoken high and far.

     Dumping down the mountain is a kind of grasshopper, a large grasshopper, and the grasshopper represents aerial reconnaissance. If it is a bird such as a sparrow or a swallow, the enemy may understand it, but the downfall of the mountain, let them guess. Right.

     "Received, understand, go to the river, over."

     I don't know how Li Jingang and the others will arrange the ambush, but Gao Yuan must rush back as soon as possible.

     When Gao Yuan deliberately regained its speed, when he slowly ran back to the area where he had just been resting, he saw that the five people of the Explosive Team were missing. The only people in the Xinghuo Team were Xinghe and Rikiko, there is still one Renato and Renato. Harry Keane, and Sirte and Klaus.

     A total of six people were sitting and resting under the tree, but Sirte and Klaus acted on alert."What does it mean, what about the others?"

     Klaus said indifferently: "They are already dispersed, ready to ambush the enemy, we must have enough people to act as bait, that is, the six of us plus you, and now we may have been discovered by the drone, so, We From now on go forward and lead the enemy into the ambush circle."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "right here, am I ambush? I understand."

     Klaus said: "How much is the enemy's troops, do you look clearly?"

     "I can't see clearly. There are more than five tanks, and armored vehicles are about the same, but there are at least ten trucks. In addition to armored vehicles, I conservatively estimate that the enemy's total strength is at least two hundred."

     Klaus spoke with Sirte in a few words in a low voice, and then Klaus said to Gao Yuan: "I see, there are some difficulties, but we should be able to cope with it. Let's go first."

     Gao Yuan glanced around, people were hiding well, he didn't see anything.

     Starting to walk forward, Gao Yuan has been restraining his urge to look up to the sky, but he knows that as long as he keeps walking, he will be spotted by the drone, and after being spotted by the drone, the enemy tank will definitely catch up. , And then scattered around them, and attacked them under the protection of the infantry.

     The process must be such a process, and I don't know where the enemy is.

     Gao Yuan and the others did not travel fast, but when they walked forward about a kilometer, Gao Yuan suddenly heard a loud sound from behind him.

     Gao Yuan immediately turned around and said loudly: "Firefight!"Sirte looked back and glanced at, and then he was calmly nodded, but Klaus waved his hand and said: "Disperse! Quickly evacuate here, we return to help, you hide."

     Gao Yuan pointed to Xinghe immediately: "Hide away, you guys, be careful."

     Klaus said to Gao Yuan: "You are also hiding here."

     Gao Yuan ill-humoredly said: "Damn!"

     The second explosion sounded, followed by the sound of machine guns, artillery, and dense explosions.

     The firefight was very hurried at the beginning. Gao Yuan felt that there was really no way to hide anything at this time. He was like a night light. After lighting up, it was impossible to attract attention.

     He whizzed high and ran out, and Sirte, who was running slowly with a gun, almost fell under his feet, and then he faced Klaus with a look of horror and said: "What thing ran over, is... is it him?"

     Klaus nodded, and then he sucked in a mouthful of air, taking a heavy step, and whispering: "Since the aliens came, strange things have become more and more."

     Sirte saw Gao Yuan’s back. After analyzing his speed, he stood silently for a moment, and then he faced Klaus with a blank face: "I want to say... I know that Gao Yuan is obviously a rookie. It must be what's the problem that he can be the captain. Sure enough, is he a biochemical person? Or... what kind of monster?"

     Klaus wants to run faster, but his current physical fitness is really problematic, so he can only raise the volume to Sirte, and said: "It's not the time to think about this, don't stand stupid!"Sirte finally ran again, but he still had a blank face, and said: "Scarecrow, do you think...are we going to be eliminated?"

     Klaus coldly said: "Let's survive first, and then consider the problem of being eliminated by the times!"