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417 Tenri Hayao
    Author: Unknown
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Too many things were seized, so that not enough manpower was used. Gao Yuan didn't know if it counted as a blessed sorrow.

     Gao Yuan is not in the mood to listen to Francois showing off the cleaner's strength. He said impatiently: "Now, let's talk about the battle between you and the Solar System Company, who has the upper hand."

     Francois thought for a moment this time, and then he shook the head and said: "It's hard to say that we launched two attacks. Although all ended in failure, I think we must have the advantage."

     Sirte indifferently said: "Why do you say that?"

     "Because we have more people than the Solar System Company, and more equipment than them, and more importantly, we can afford it, but they can't afford it."

     After Francois finished speaking, he said as it should be: "Now the solar system company's range of activities has been compressed a lot. They can indeed cause us trouble, but they have never been able to fight head-on. I must understand that when we assemble tens of thousands of troops and officially launch an attack, there is no way to stop it by harassment."

     Sirte thought for a while, and said: "Whose loss is greater in this battle of harassment and counter-attack?"

     Francois said: "From a paper perspective, our losses are very serious, and our equipment is very severely damaged. The casualty ratio is about five to one compared to the solar system company's ratio. But you must understand that we only sent ordinary soldiers. Ordinary patrols, but the people of the Solar System Company can only be very elite Special Forces. We can consume them, but they can’t afford them. Now the equipment can’t be used up. The important thing is people.Francois had a clear understanding of the battle situation, and in line with the vision of a grassroots commander.

     Judging from the power that the cleaners sent against the Spark Team, they really had a great advantage.

     Gao Yuan thought a bit then said: "Ask him, what's going on for the unmanned sentry system on the river bank."

     Sirte asked, and Francois immediately said: "The shield of freedom did it. Most of them are from the United States. Many of them are retired special forces from the United States. In order to prevent the Solar System Company from crossing the river, they set up a lot of The unmanned sentry system, the front-end time can often be effective, they use this system to kill at least four teams, but now the people of the solar system company are smarter, they rarely cross the river again, although there is, but less than before A lot, so I say their failure is inevitable."

     Sirte whispered: "Then how much do you know about the battle on the front line of the coast of Villa?"

     Francois shook his head and said: "I don't know, I only know that this is our Core Zone now, but the Middle East is still a key area."

     Gao Yuan suddenly said, "What are your goals? What are you pursuing!"

     Francois looked at Gao Yuan again, he stared at Gao Yuan twice, and before Sirte twisted the blade, he whispered in a low voice: "Establish an ideal country, repel aliens, and rebuild a new human order."

     "What is the Utopia like, how to repel the aliens, and what new human order is rebuilt."

     Francois silent for a moment, high and low said: "I dare not say it or cannot say it."Francois sighed saying, "It is a world with only white people... The new human order will no longer have hunger and wars, and there will no longer be those injustices and inequalities. All of us have the same goal. , And strive for this goal. As for how to defeat the aliens, I don’t know..., oh, we are here to find the way to defeat the aliens... what thing, some kind of aliens left behind, more advanced The aliens left behind the weapons to save mankind."

     Gao Yuan squatted down, he looked at Francois and said earnestly: "Do you really believe these words?"

     It needs to be translated by several people, but the meaning of the same sentence has not changed. Francois whispered after being pondered for a moment: "I don’t believe it, I just want to live, and I can live after the aliens come. As for other things, well, when I see the situation of those black slaves, I don’t feel very well in my heart. Although this kind of thing is absolutely impossible to say in our nearby, I know that many people feel the same as me."

     Ralph had already been listening to him, and he said in surprise, "Nigger?"

     Francois spread his hands and said, "Uh, if blacks are also included, there are more than 200,000 people in Malakal, but blacks can only take on some... onerous and there's nothing about it difficult. Physical work, so, to some extent, well, they are niggers."

     Ralph silent for a moment, then he looked at Sirte and Klaus and whispered: "It sounds like your pursuit."Klaus angrily said: "Enough! At this time, do you think it is appropriate to use the grievances decades ago? We are in a trench. Do you only think about those things during World War II?"

     Regarding the historical grievances between the Kingdom of Germany and the Kingdom of David, it is normal for Ralph to have this idea, but even with those historical grievances, Ralph should not say this to Sirte.

     Ralph thought for a while, and then he whispered: "Well, I apologize, I didn't forgive your ancestors, but I shouldn't use this to mock you, my fault, so I apologize."

     Gao Yuan just sighed. He stopped/stood and whispered: "Humanity, humanity, at this time, the darkest side of mankind has been completely manifested."

     Everyone was silent, thought for a long time, and said: "All right, what else is there, seize the moment. If there are no particularly urgent questions, then take him. Now that we have a car, drive the most Get out of here quickly."

     Ralph raised his hand and said, "Captain, two questions. We may have accidentally injured when we drive away. People from the Solar System Company will definitely attack us. The second question, what about these prisoners of war?"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said: "The problem of identification of friend or foe is easy to solve. We took the flag and played the flag, probably not under attack, and we can meet earlier after encountering the people of the solar system company. As for these prisoners of war."

     The prisoners of war must not be released, because they know too much, but if they don't let them go, they can only take them with them. This is not only troublesome but also dangerous.Gao Yuan looked at Li Jingang for help, and Li Jingang shook his head and said, "It must not be released, absolutely not."

     Sirte pulled out the knife, wiped the blood sticking to the tip of the knife on Francois's leg, and whispered: "Pick the important person to bring it and continue to ask questions. As for those useless , I can send them away."

     Li Jingang frowned and said, "Oh, isn't it?"

     Ralph also said somewhat difficult: "I also feel bad, but for these beasts who are completely dehumanized, I don't feel any psychological burden to kill them."

     Gao Yuan also felt bad, but if he was allowed to choose, he would never choose benevolence.

     Because being kind to the enemy is cruel to himself, Gao Yuan didn’t hesitate much. He said indifferently: “With this belt, the three who surrendered first will bring them, and the rest will be sent to their ideal country, our world’s content. No less than them."