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418 Everything Is Normal
    Author: Unknown
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The battlefield needs to be cleaned, because a lot of useful materials, such as bullets, can be collected from the enemy.

     Gao Yuan they used the Bayi bar, and now the benefits of choosing this classic old gun have been shown. Even in the place where South Sudan almost doesn't have any Infrastructure, there is no shortage of M43 intermediate bullets. .

     If there is no enemy, there is no need to consume ammunition. If there is an enemy, if the ammunition is consumed, the ammunition can be replenished. This is the biggest advantage of easy ammunition replenishment.

     Then there were a lot of cars left, almost all of them were able to drive. Gao Yuan just abandoned their cars, they were replenished again, they can continue to drive by car instead of relying on walking.

     Whatever is missing, the enemy will give something, this kind of feeling is great.

     Clean the battlefield quickly, and it is impossible to clean up the battle traces before it is too late. One hour later, the Spark Team set off again.

     For a battle with less and more battles, a very thorough zero casualty is enough to make each person feel excited and proud, and then deep confusion comes.

     "Captain, can you please explain my question now?"

     Getting the car allowed Gao Yuan not to face Ralph's problems for the time being, but Ralph couldn't help it, so he finally asked directly on the intercom.

     "This is not the time to talk about this, but when we stop and rest."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan sighed lightly and said to Li Jingang: "Now I can't hide it, but I should how to say it? I can't tell the truth, but I can't explain it with more effort. "Li Jingang said without the slightest hesitation: "It would be too insincere to conceal it again. I don't know how to explain is perfect, but I think you must have a set of nonsense with the numbering long ago."

     "Well, I'm a mutant. I didn't become a zombie by a viral infection but became what I am now. In fact, most of it is the truth."

     "Understanding, the most critical part is missing, right."

     "Yes, the most critical part is missing."

     Li Jingang was silent for a moment, and then he said to Gao Yuan: "I still have to add it, or I am worried that they will also think about contracting the virus, try to become a mutant like you, you may not know. But I think you should know how attractive your perverted non-human performance is to them. Each person wants to become a superman, and each person wants to."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said, "Okay, I understand, I said that I must cooperate with the antidote from China's research. As a result, just me succeeded, but everyone else failed."

     "If there is a 0.01% chance, it will not stop others from wanting to try. If you say is an antidote from China's research, then it will cause no end of trouble, so you should use an unreplicated example to explain Own changes."

     Li Jingang's words seemed very philosophical, Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said: "All right, I know how to explain."

     "At the current rate, maybe we will be able to reach the Rams' site at dawn tomorrow. This distance is actually not too far. I'm just curious that we will encounter Solar System interception at what time."It is impossible to drive a car all the way to the base of the Solar System Company. In that case, the Solar System Company was destroyed long ago.

     Gao Yuan looked at his watch and said, "The sooner the better. If we haven’t been in contact with the solar system company at night, we must stop and rest. Even if the solar system company has a night vision device, I I still worry that they will not be able to see the flag on the car. Now our identification of friend or foe can only rely on these two flags, which is not very reliable."

     The car that was robbed was Cleaner's. When you meet someone from Solar System, you can only rely on the two red flags on the front of the car to show your identity. If the Solar System team directly attacked regardless of the three sevens are twenty-one, it would be a tragedy.

     Don't underestimate the accidental injury, the accidental injury of the friendly army is unavoidably in any war, and it can always cause great losses.

     Li Jingang was very annoyed and said: "The people from the Solar System Company to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost. Obviously they are very close to them. After all, they have not been able to establish contact. If the communication is established, the code is directly clear. Call, how can there be so many things."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "Yes, it is of course good to establish direct contact with Solar System Corporation, but we now know the enemy's communication frequency."

     The most direct benefit of catching a bunch of prisoners is that the prisoners must have walkie-talkies on them, and there must also be a radio station that can be contacted with the command, and then they can monitor the enemy's communications by asking the secret words from the prisoners' mouths.If the enemy mobilizes patrols or mobile units on the radio, Gao Yuan can know in advance. Of course, this must be because the enemy has not noticed that they already have a mobile unit wiped out. Otherwise, they will definitely change the communication band, or Change the code word when calling, but as long as the change is not big, Gao Yuan can still know what does it mean.

     Because it is impossible for the cleaners to compose a separate communication code for each mobile unit, it is unrealistic, so as long as Francois is still in the hands of Gaoyuan, the enemy's communication is basically transparent to them.

     There was a babbling noise from the car radio, and then a person said something quickly in English. The same communication has been repeated many times, nothing too special.

     "Say what?"

     "It said on the radio that a trace of the enemy was found in a certain coordinate area, and the nearby mobile patrol was called to investigate."

     The dialogue is similar, but on a vast grassland, counterattack to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost guerrilla warfare, the cleaners can only break up the whole into pieces, so the same calls must be frequent.

     After speaking, Li Jingang looked relaxed and said: "We are too close to the enemy's road, so we have been able to receive radio signals. When we are a little farther away, and then walk tens of kilometers away, it is estimated that we will not receive the signal. "

     Gao Yuan also looked relaxed and said: "Yes, after leaving the cleaner's occupied area, it is estimated that there will be more people in the solar system company. I guess it will not take too long before we can meet the friendly forces."At this moment, the radio rang again, and Li Jingang sitting in the co-pilot looked back at Gao Yuan and said seriously: "Call us, call Francois, let him report the situation."

     Gao Yuan can't help being somewhat anxious.

     Francois said in a calm tone on the radio: "Found the enemy's trail and is pursuing it. Everything is normal now, it's over."

     Li Jingang smiled and said: "This Francois is quite cooperative, forgive him for not daring to use any tricks, this kid was frightened by Sirte."

     The distant fingers scratched his chin, and his shoulders twisted back and forth a few times. Then he said with bitter expression: "It sounds normal, but why do I feel so awkward and uncomfortable. I always feel that something is wrong. what."