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419 Unavoidable
    Author: Unknown
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Nothing was right, Gao Yuan couldn't tell, but he thought it was a little weird.

     Finally, Gao Yuan understood where his doubts came from, that is, Francois spoke English.

     In fact, Francois has always spoken in English, except for a few words of French when he tried to fight the interrogation by not speaking English. Later, when Sirte was frightened with a knife, he started to speak English. , And speak fluently.

     "King Kong, I heard that the people of the country are not very proud, they just refuse to learn or speak English. Now it seems that Francois does not have this problem."

     Li Jingang dazed for a moment, and then he quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and said anxiously: "Can opener! Ask our remaining prisoners immediately, and see how many of them speak English! Interrogate them separately and ask them Francois Is French or English usually used for orders, and French or English for daily conversations!"

     After speaking, Li Jingang looked back at Gao Yuan again and said, "Where did you hear this news?"

     "What news? What?"

     "It's just that the Chinese people are very proud and refuse to speak English."

     Gao Yuan a confused face said: "I saw it online, isn't this... common sense?"

     Li Jingang shook the head and said: "It may be common sense for you, and common sense for ordinary people, but for special forces, especially special forces who often participate in international exchanges, this is not common sense. Our common sense is that Chinese people can still speak very fluent English, because the environment is exactly like this, and the Chinese people refuse to speak English, so they should not come to participate in international military exchanges."After taking a sigh of relief, Li Jingang continued: “The same is true for Sirte and Yuri. They must speak their mother tongue everyday, but they can speak English, so we don’t think people from several countries get together. What's the problem is in English."

     Gao Yuan said: "Yes, that Francois speaks English also no problem, right?"

     Li Jingang looked at Gao Yuan helplessly and said, "What did you say is wrong."

     Gao Yuan smiled bitterly and said, "I mean, I think of it, the people of the Chinese people don't like to speak English, but... it's normal to hear you such a saying at the moment."

     "It's normal, but we can't tell if there are abnormalities in it, and this is the problem. If Francois wants to send some abnormal news when everything seems normal, we can't detect it. ."

     After speaking, Li Jingang immediately said on the walkie-talkie again: "Have you asked me? Can't stop and interrogate on the spot!"

     The walkie-talkie frequency used by Li Jingang is of course different from the radio on the car. This is the communication frequency band of themselves.

     Sirte responded, and he said solemnly: "According to the captive's account, Francois speaks only French in his daily life and orders, because all he leads are Chinese, so he only speaks French."

     "What about the superior? There are always people around Francois who have seen how he communicates with the superior, so when Francois talks with the superior, does he speak French or English?"

     "It is being figured out, it may be necessary to park some means."

     Li Jingang said without the slightest hesitation: "Then stop! Find out immediately!"

     Gao Yuan curiously said: "Can't you drive a car for interrogation?"Li Jingang shook the head and said: "Okay, the effect is not good, the car is driving too upside down, it is not easy to carry out some refined operations."

     "What is the so-called refined operation?"

     "Use torture."

     Li Jingang sighed saying, "Franois does not stay, because once the enemy’s command call is not responded, they will immediately know that there is a problem with this 髪national force, but if you leave him, he will have It may be tricky to report news by means that we can't see any abnormalities at all. This solution. Really no solution, stop."

     Li Jingang said to stop, Song Qian immediately slammed the brake to death, and when Li Jingang got out of the car, he turned his head and said to Gao Yuan: "Don't go, stay here with Xinghe."

     Gao Yuan knew that Li Jingang was planning to take some inhumane measures.

     As for Li Jingang, he still cared about maintaining human dignity. He didn't want Xinghe to see some bad things.

     "She went to sleep when she got in the car and couldn't wake up. I go and take a look."

     Gao Yuan followed Li Jingang, and Li Jingang hesitated for a moment, and walked quickly to the back car with Gao Yuan.

      This time, in the third truck, Sirte had jumped out of the truck with a captive.

     Sirte jumped out of the carriage, but the man he was clutching at was sturdy and fell off.

     When he got out of the car, Sirte pulled the pistol sleeve and pointed it at the prisoner lying on the ground, coldly said: "The countdown begins, 3.2.1, the answer."The captive began to speak quickly, but before he finished speaking, Sirte raised his pistol indifferently and pointed it at the captive's forehead with a snap.

     There is no nonsense at all, just hit it.

     Both Gao Yuan and Li Jingang's footsteps were paused, and then Li Jingang whispered: "You see, these mercenaries are really taking their lives seriously."

     Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Are you derogatory?"

     "No, it's just telling the truth. We can't do it. But Sirte's fierceness can scare people. No matter what the captive says, he has to kill him, and then this, you see Right."

     Klaus kicked one of the prisoners off the truck, and Sirte raised his gun and pointed his gun at the second prisoner.

     Gao Yuan looked intently, isn't this the first one to kneel and surrender to him.

     The captive knelt on the ground and pleaded bitterly. Then after seeing Gao Yuan, he immediately put the palms together before one to Gao Yuan, as if he had seen a savior. Tell the truth!"

     Li Jingang said loudly: "What's going on?"

     Sirte coldly said: "Lying."

     At this time the captive immediately said to Sirte: "I didn't lie, what I said is true. Francois always speaks French. He also speaks French when talking to his superiors, because his chief executive speaks French. Therefore, his commander speaks English and Francois speaks French. This is normal. Francois is really a very proud man."

     Li Jingang whispered: "Are the answers consistent?"Sirte shook the head and whispered: "Inconsistent, the dead said everything is normal. Their chief speaks English on the radio, but this guy just answered, but these two people are in a car. It's in the car, so the answer from the next captive is the key."

     At this moment, Ralph got out of the car behind him, and he grimly said, "I have figured it out. Francois usually only speaks French, so our whereabouts should be exposed."

     Sirte's face was calm, he shook his head and said: "Get in the car, we should speed up and run, lest we be overtaken by the enemy."