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429 Uranus Force
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Enemies will come at any time, and let alone one hour for the wounded, even two hours or three hours may not be finished.

      In general, the first aid measures medical soldiers can do on the battlefield are limited. They are nothing more than stopping bleeding and analgesia, and then escorting the wounded to the frontline hospital. The key to the survival of some severely wounded people depends on what they receive in the field hospital. Healing Effect.

     However, there were only five people in the Explosive Egg Squad, but two of them exceeded the level of medical soldiers, and even reached the level of field doctors.

     With the presence of doctors in the field, everyone here will have a much better chance of survival. Of course, those mortal wounded gods are also hard to save, but there is a good chance that a doctor will survive.

     But no matter how good the doctor is, it takes time to perform the operation, but the biggest problem of the Spark Team is that there is no field hospital, no rear, no support, and even the medicine must be calculated and used very clearly.

     Song Qian was shot in his lungs, so he was subjected to thoracotomy. Now that the operation is finished, Song Qian can only leave the wound open, simply stitch it up, and be thrown on the ground.

     The doctor’s operation will allow Song Qian to live about six hours longer. This is the most optimistic prediction. If the situation is not good, Song Qian may live one or two hours longer than if he does not take emergency measures.

     Does this kind of first aid still make sense?

     It still makes sense, because the responsibility of the medical soldier is to rescue the wounded on the battlefield and let his comrades survive a few more. As for the wounded, the wounded are still dead, but the medical soldiers must fulfill their responsibilities. This is the most basic of being a medical soldier. The bottom line.The airborne time of the drone has reached its limit. Because the drone needs to fly back and forth in a large range to search for and monitor the enemy’s movements, and frequent maneuvers speeds up the power consumption, Harry Keane is taking back the drone and changing After the battery is installed, the drones are released one after another.

     The enemy will definitely come, because since the cleaners have completed their assembly and are about to launch a large-scale offensive, they cannot tolerate an unknown number of troops that have completely wiped out their own battalion. They wiped out one of their armored battalions again.

     A unit that can completely wipe out two armored battalions, usually, is no smaller than a regiment. Even if Solar System's combat model is a dispersed team, then the cleaner's perception should be a joint operation of a large number of teams.

     So the cleaners must send troops again to encircle and suppress, otherwise, they can cancel a large-scale attack.

     If any Special Forces with a large scale and strong combat effectiveness are active in their vicinity, this is impossible for any a normal commander.

     But Gao Yuan's surgery here before Song Qian has just completed, Li Jingang's surgery is still going on, and Cao Zhenjiang's surgery has just begun.

     So there is still no way to move in a short time.

      swear an oath to the heavens, Gao Yuan really never thought about leaving the wounded and evacuation, never thought about it.

     Then the defense must continue, but this time Gaoyuan five of them retreated some distance and came to the center of the battlefield.

     The position of the wounded now is the center of the battlefield.The atmosphere is very solemn, no one is in the mood to speak, sitting high in the place, turning on the energy bars and eating them.

     The last few energy bars are not left, and there is no way to keep them anymore. This is the moment of decisive battle. For Gao Yuan, the energy bars are his ammunition. He must replenish energy as soon as possible and do a lot of miracles for his next miracle. ready.

     It’s just that the enemy had time and opportunity to get in touch with the command in the previous battle, and I don’t know if they actually reported encountering Gao Yuan this kind of alien. If there is a report, then the enemy should take some countermeasures. In this case, Gao Yuan can The opportunities for miracles are much less.

     Gao Yuan soaked up the last liquid energy bar, and put the empty bag into his backpack. Next, it was time for him to eat hardtack.

     Just as Gao Yuan took out the hardtack, opened the package, and put the first biscuit in his mouth, Ralph suddenly pointed his rifle at one direction, and Gao Yuan immediately dropped the biscuit in his hand and put a grenade. Picking it up, his left hand grabbed the grenade ring.

     A wordless and uncommunicative man wearing auspicious clothes and holding a sniper rifle appeared beside a big tree.

     This vigilance task is not in place enough, how can it be approached so easily?

     But look at the guy who was wearing auspicious clothes, and even though he was at a very dangerous distance, Ralph did not shoot, nor did he throw a grenade at a distance.Because this guy who suddenly appeared is obviously not hostile, let’s not say that the cleaners who want to send soldiers are also armored soldiers. The key is that since wearing auspicious clothes with excellent camouflage effects, but walking out in a big way, then this person is obviously actively exposed. .

     Active exposure is most likely to be friendly forces, people from the Solar System Company.

     Gao Yuan’s heart began to thump, and the members of the Solar System Company were active nearby, but they were still reluctant to show up. Gao Yuan thought that they must be like in the movie. When they reach the most dangerous moment, there will be a Solar System Company. People show up.

     But now, the people of the Solar System Company are wordless and uncommunicative, not the slightest dramatic appearance.


     "Who are you?"

     Ralph asked questions first, but the man in the auspicious clothes also spoke. After a while, Gao Yuan said loudly, "My own person, look for the ram!"

     Gao Yuan is now able to jump words, and the man in the auspicious suit looked at Gao Yuan and Ralph, then looked at the guards around him, and then looked at the wounded on the floor and the destroyed armored vehicles. It stands to reason. He doesn't need to ask anything, but he still refuses to completely relax vigilance.

     "Report your exact identity, purpose, and history."

     He had a heavy accent in English, but Gao Yuan didn't understand everything this time. After Ralph translated it for him in a low voice, Gao Yuan said loudly: "We are from Shenzhou, codenamed Xinghuo Team."

     As soon as Ralph said Gao Yuan's words, the man in the auspicious suit beckoned: "Please come here."The distance between the two parties was about 100 meters, and they had to shout loudly if they wanted to talk. After seeing the other party beckoning, Gao Yuan and Ralph ran over.

     As for the others, what should they do, the vigilance of the vigilance, the first aid of the first aid, but everyone's expressions are much easier, because everyone knows that reinforcements are coming.

     The reinforcements finally came.

     Gao Yuan and Ralph arrived in front of the person wearing auspicious clothes, and then the person wearing auspicious clothes whispered: "Say an accurate name or code name."

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "The Big Red Third Company of the Tiger Brigade, the Shenzhou Expeditionary Army, the Spark Team, my codename is Nemesis."

     The person wearing auspicious clothes finally nodded, and then he saluted him, saying: "Solar system Uranus Force, Twelfth Special Task Force leader Zaporov, I am very happy to meet you."