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433 Why Is This
    Author: Unknown
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An armored vehicle was destroyed at a high distance, but the effect was more than that of an armored vehicle, because the enemy found that their tactics were facing failure.

     Unless you can kill Gao Yuan.

     Or, to be able to catch high alive.

     Of course, in a fierce battle, it is far more difficult to capture a prisoner alive than to kill an enemy, but if the enemy is injured first, it is possible to capture it alive.

     There must be communication between the enemies, so the appearance of a lofty face immediately attracted the attention of all the infantry.

     A man who looked like a commander turned to Gao Yuan, and at least half of the infantry following the armored vehicles and tanks focused on Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan keenly noticed this, so he used the enemy's tank to cover himself, and he immediately jumped onto the tank and hid on the left side of the turret of the tank on the far left.

      to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, the enemy immediately lost the target, and Gao Yuan put the rocket launch tube in front of his feet and stepped on it, grabbing the armrest on the tank turret with his left hand, and reaching into the right hand From the bag, grab the one after another grenade, place it in front of the left hand holding the armrest, buckle the tab with your thumb, and throw the grenade out immediately after pulling it open.

     Gao Yuan also had no choice. He didn't even have time to reload the rocket launcher, so he could only throw out the grenade continuously. He hoped to disrupt the enemy's formation. It would be best to use short and intense grenade bombing to destroy the enemy's fighting will. .

     At any time, fighting will is the highest standard for measuring the quality of an army, and courage is the highest standard for measuring a soldier.The enemy's formation was disrupted, but the enemy's fighting will was not disrupted. The enemy who was launching the charge quickly shifted his attention from the charge itself to Gao Yuan.

     The enemy left the cover of the armored vehicle, and they suffered a lot of casualties, but the enemy who had been blown up by the grenade came around from behind and began to impact the high distance hiding in the tank.

      The first person enemy appeared from the back of the tank. He saw the high distance on the turret and immediately raised his gun to shoot. Gao Yuan didn't even have the appropriate means to quickly counter the enemy.

     Gao Yuan didn't carry a gun. He couldn't quickly kill the enemy with a grenade. The rocket launcher was still under his feet to prevent it from falling. The distance between him and the enemy was only 30 meters.

     At this time, the enemy who appeared and shot at a high distance fell first.

     Gao Yuan didn't know why the enemy in front of him fell, but he knew that his comrades must be covering him, but at such a critical juncture, he would have time to see who was covering him.

     Now that each person is working hard, it’s good for everyone to take care of their own affairs.

     Gao Yuan grabbed the bazooka under his feet with one hand. He jumped out of the tank and ran to the side quickly.

     Running away, squatting down, reloading the rocket launcher in the grass, and then Gao Yuan ran out again, he bypassed the tank and rushed to the armored vehicle again.

     Suddenly disappeared, and another extremely fast speed Sudden Appearance, the height caused great chaos and confusion to the enemy.The second rocket exploded and accurately hit the cockpit of the armored vehicle. It was fired at a distance of more than 20 meters. The moment he launched the rocket, at least two bullets hit Up him.

     Double-layer bulletproof board, not afraid.

     In fact, he didn't care about being afraid at all. When Gao Yuan realized that he had been shot, he had already withdrawn another hundred meters.

     "Nemesis! Don't hit the car array anymore, the enemy has already touched your pattern, and they are waiting for you to approach again!"

     The enemy launched a charge from 400 meters, and now, they already reached the front of the defense line, and after another 100 meters, they will break through the defense line.

     Gao Yuan somewhat at a loss, as a person, when facing your enemies the armored group charges, the feeling of powerlessness becomes stronger and stronger.

     Tank guns are firing, tank machine guns are firing, and this time, precise shooting is not of much significance. To block the enemy, the enemy’s tanks and armored vehicles must be knocked out to completely fight the enemy’s attack. Retreat.

     As for the enemy assault vehicle, it is even more annoying at this time.

     When the assault vehicle is moving fast, both sides are unable to hit each other, but once the assault vehicle stops shooting, then both sides face great risks, because the stationary assault vehicle is easy to shoot, but it is also easy to be hit by defensive fire.

     But the assault car is proactive after all. They can choose to stop or move at any time, so after stopping, hit a shuttle bullet and start the transfer immediately. Just this one hand makes the Spark team you can't guard against it, which is annoying.

     Gaoyuan can deal with assault vehicles, Gaoyuan can deal with tanks, and Gaoyuan can deal with armored vehicles.But Gao Yuan only has one, he only has one person, he can't do his own against the enemies all around on the battlefield, he is after all a man, not a god.

     Klaus yelled in the walkie-talkie: "Nemesis! Kill the assault vehicle!"

     Gao Yuan started to run, he changed the target from an armored vehicle to an assault vehicle.

     The line of defense is about to be completely broken, and it seems like a joke to press the enemy back with a more violent attitude.

     At this moment, Zaporov suddenly left his position. He said in a low voice on the intercom: "Brothers, I will go first."

     Zaporov took a cylinder out of the bag and inserted it between his belt, then he took his rifle in his hand, and then, he began to crawl forward.

     Zapolov was very close to the tank. At this moment, his position was crushed by the enemy's skirmish line and the tank machine gun. But Zapolov could use the cover of the mound to crawl forward. And avoid dense bullets.

     Zapolov was discovered by the enemy, and the enemy started shooting at Zapolov, and one of Zapolov's comrades yelled, trying to suppress the enemy with a machine gun.

     The tank gun fired, and at a distance of less than one hundred meters, the machine gunner of Uranus 12 team disappeared without trace.

      but at this time, Zaporov finally got up.

     Right in front of the tank, when the tank gun turned to cover his comrades, Zapolov stopped/stood, and he suddenly threw the cylinder in his hand towards the tank in front of him.

     The cylinder is an anti-tank grenade. It is very heavy, about two kilograms, and can only be thrown 20 meters away.Anti-tank grenades have not been developed after World War II. The weapon that infantry can use to replace tanks is obsolete and has been eliminated.

     So Zaporov did not use any standard anti-tank grenade, but from the principle and mode of action, it is indeed an anti-tank grenade.

     The Solar System Company reluctantly chose the anti-tank grenade designed and manufactured by themselves under the huge pressure of cleaner's tank torrent.

     The effect is very good, it is the anti-tank grenade of the pitcher.

     The anti-tank grenade was thrown out, and Zapolov, who had been silently approaching the tank, finally yelled.


     The instant fuze, while the magnetic section of the grenade is firmly attracted to the roof of the tank, the instant fuze takes effect, the armor-piercing warhead detonates, and the metal jet penetrates the roof of the tank.

     Zaporov saw the explosion. Although he had been hit by more than ten bullets, theoretically speaking, he was already dead before the grenade exploded.

     The attacker called Ullah to start a charge against the machine gun bullets, and the defender called Ullah for suicidal defense.