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434 Never See You Again
    Author: Unknown
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An armored vehicle ran over Zapolov's body. When the infantry passed by, they could only see the deformed Zapolov, and they could not tell from the clothes whether the suicide who called Ullah was a compatriot.

     The Soviet Union-style steel torrent, the Soviet Union-style flesh and blood's body.

     This is a doomsday war, using outdated war methods.

     Gao Yuan didn't know what happened, but Sirte was suddenly furious. He yelled on the intercom: "Who let you go, who let you go! We are not dead yet!"

     Sirte, who was accustomed to life and death and cared nothing, was like a cat with its tail trampled on. He said to Klaus: "I will never watch the Russians calling Ulla to die in front of me. They simply If they don’t know how to fight, they will just yell at Ulaula."

     Klaus coldly said: "Calm down!"

     Sirte shook the head, and then he fiercely said fiercely: "I am calm, let's look at me next!"

     While talking here, Ashraf used a rocket to destroy an armored vehicle on the side.

     The enemy infantry began to set up shooting positions on the spot, the tank continued to advance forward, and the assault vehicle began to try to outflank it from both sides.

     In terms of a fire reconnaissance and a tentative attack, the enemy’s actions were very successful. They paid a great price, but they got all that a tentative attack could get.Another member of the 12th squad crawled forward. No one paid any attention to Sirte’s yell. A soldier lay in the grass. When the tank passed by him, he sucked a grenade on the side of the tank, but he wanted to do so. He had to stand up, and he was immediately shot dead by the enemy.

     This is the advantage of the tank-tank coordination. Tanks cover the infantry, and the infantry protects the tank. If there is no infantry, this suicide anti-tank person may not die.

     Resolute offense, fierce and unafraid of death defense.

     Sirte's nerves were touched, and his eyes red said to Klaus: "These damn Russians didn't say that they have anti-tank grenades! Who uses anti-tank grenades? Who uses them!"

     Klaus whispered: "It's time for us, can opener."

     Sirte said angrily: "I'm coming!"

     As soon as Sirte finished speaking, the last tank he looked at suddenly exploded, and the turret was hit and flew directly.

     Then, the armored vehicles behind the tank were hit in succession, and at the same time at least three armored vehicles were hit and caught fire.

     Large-caliber machine gun on the ground..., no, that's not a machine gun, that's the shooting effect of a machine gun.

     Enemies were hit, and armored vehicles were hit. Whether it was a person or an armored vehicle hit by a machine gun, they would instantly lose all their motion ability.

     Sirte turned his head abruptly, he saw a pickup truck appeared in his rear, and the zu-23-2 anti-aircraft gun pulled in the car was firing violently at the enemy.

     The reinforcements are here.

     The reinforcements came so fast.

     The enemy has assault vehicles and the enemy has armored vehicles, but the Solar System Company must not have them.Sirte was a little stunned for a while, he was holding the fraud pill pack in his hand, but knew that this thing was no longer needed.

     Another pickup popped up, then an armored car, the second armored car, and two wheeled armored cars quickly drove out from the edge of the forest behind.

     Zaporov’s radio station can communicate with his friendly forces, but the Spark Team’s radio can’t. Because the frequency is different, they don’t know even if reinforcements come.

     But reinforcements did come.

     Gao Yuan, who had just knocked down the second assault vehicle, also stopped. Seeing that moment of the wheeled armored vehicle, he suddenly cheeks streaming with tears.

     That is the subconscious reaction of come back from death's door.

     Gao Yuan expects more armored vehicles and cars to appear, but there are no more. There are only two armored vehicles and four armed pickup trucks.

     A pickup truck stopped, and a Chinese man wearing a camouflage uniform appeared on the battlefield.

     The outcome of this battle has been determined already, but the enemy's tanks and armored vehicles were all destroyed, and the enemy infantry who lacked heavy firepower were either convoys or waiting to be slaughtered.

     "Who is the nemesis!"

     The National People's Congress in camouflage clothes called, then he switched to English and shouted: "Who is the nemesis!"

     Gao Yuan ran over immediately, he said loudly: "I am!"

     The man in the camouflage uniform took a look at Gao Yuan, then he reached out his hand to salute, and said solemnly: "Uranus Armored Regiment, Armored Reconnaissance Company Commander He Yingjie has been ordered to assist.

     Gao Yuan exhaled, he stood at attention, saluted respectfully, and then trembled: "Shenzhou Expeditionary Force, the leader of Spark Team Gao Yuan, thank you for your assistance."He Yingjie stretched out his hand and shook hands with Gao Yuan, and then he said solemnly: "Thanks for your hard work. Please be sure to hold on for another half an hour. Our rapid reaction force is about to arrive."

     Gao Yuan was taken aback, and said, "Can't you retreat?"

     He Yingjie nodded slightly, and then he whispered: "The enemy has basically completed the encirclement of this area, and it is currently unable to evacuate. I know that you have a large number of wounded in urgent need of treatment, but we currently do not have enough medical staff, my order It is to delay for at least half an hour, waiting for the arrival of our rapid reaction force, so please be sure to hold on to half an hour."

     After speaking, He Yingjie let go of his hand, and he said to Gao Yuan with full of emotion: "It's nice to see you, I'm really happy to see you."

     From a high point of view, He Yingjie looks very urgent, and full of the kind of calmness that is about to be generously meeting death.

     Gao Yuan hates this sense of calmness, and is extremely disgusted, because whether it is Wang Hu or Zhou Shaoqiang, when their every person shows this sense of calmness, it means that someone has died.

     "What do you want to do? What do you want to do?"

     He Yingjie smiled faintly, and said: "I know what to do the cleaners next, we must stand up to it. This is my mission, one more thing."

     He Yingjie licked his lips, and he said with emotion: "I saw someone from China, so let's introduce it again, or else I always feel a little bit short."

     He Yingjie saluted Gao Yuan again, saying: "He Yingjie, the former Shenzhou Army 14187 Synthetic Brigade Armored Regiment, the captain of the Armored Reconnaissance Company, He Yingjie, I am very happy to meet you.Gao Yuan also stood at attention again, and then he saluted again, saying loudly: "The report chief, I am the original 33258 Synthetic Brigade. I am now officially named the Tiger Brigade directly under the Great Red Third Company Warrior Gao Yuan, good commander."

     He Yingjie smiled, he is Captain Military Rank, but he has retired, and Gao Yuan is the captain of the Spark team, but strictly speaking, he has no military rank, so he is a high-ranking low-ranking.

     He Yingjie stretched out his hand and held Gao Yuan together again, and then he and Gao Yuan gave a gentle hug, patted Gao Yuan's back lightly, and said, "Don't be called the chief, it's not appropriate, hello comrade."

     Gao Yuan was very excited, he said anxiously: "Hello, comrade company commander, we..."

     He Yingjie smiled at Gao Yuan and said, "No matter what the situation is, stick to half an hour. Support will definitely come. Goodbye."

     It's clearly right in front of you and won't separate, so why say goodbye.

     Because sometimes to say goodbye is to never see again.