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441 Paradox
    Author: Unknown
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The cleaners, without a doubt, are pig teammates of the entire human race.

     Harry Keane looked at Gao Yuan in despair, and Gao Yuan hardly thought, he said directly: "Retract all the drones, we are ready to retreat."

     "Where to remove?"

     Gao Yuan shrugged, said: "I don't know, but at least get out of here. If you wait for the alien spacecraft to arrive, you will want to withdraw the capital... Wait! Wait! This is not right!"

     Gao Yuan turned around and grabbed Klaus's arm, and then he said loudly, "This is an airplane. The airplane needs an airport and runway, right!"

     Klaus looked at Gao Yuan and said: "Yes, without a doubt, the cleaner's airport is in Malakal, where there is an airport, take off and land a small plane like Super Tucano doesn't have any problems."

     "Then why didn't the alien shoot down the plane just after it took off!"

     Gao Yuan continued to hold Klaus’s arm, and he said anxiously: “The plane has to fly a long way to get here. Aliens won’t wait for those planes to throw bombs before they are willing to shoot them down. It was shot down right after takeoff."

     Klaus's eyes widened suddenly, and then he trembled: "Yeah, why? Why! Why won't the cleaner's plane be shot down! Could it be that the cleaner... has joined forces with the aliens?"

     This is the easiest conclusion to draw. Klaus looked at the hovering plane in the sky and said with a trembled: "Are the cleaners a traitor to mankind!"

     Gao Yuan looked at Xinghe, he said loudly: "This is what is going on!"Xinghe's face was also solemn, she looked at the plane in the sky, block one's ears and not listen to the question of Gaoyuan.

     Gao Yuan ran to the front of Xinghe, he said anxiously: "Can you tell me this is what is going on, why their plane was not attacked?"

     Xinghe takes a deep breath, she lowered her head, thought for a moment, and finally said dejectedly: "I don't know..."

     Ralph shouted, "The cleaner must be united with the aliens, it must be!"

     Gao Yuan looked at Ralph, and shouted: "The alien why not directly kill the people from the Solar System Company. If the cleaner joins forces with the alien, the war here will not happen."

     Yes, Gao Yuan has the most dealings with aliens, so he can think of the key to the problem the fastest.

     If the cleaners and the aliens join forces, then the cleaners only need to ask the aliens to get rid of the people from the Solar System Company and it's over, so why bother to go personally.

     So this problem is like a paradox, with a deadlock. Recommend to read TV//

     If the cleaners knew that the use of airplanes would attract aliens, then they would not use them, because they must have not reached the point of mountain and river exhausted. They worked with the solar system company Perish Together to wipe out the solar system with the hands of aliens. The company, the truth is so simple, there is no need to guess.

     So, since the cleaners use airplanes, they are not afraid of attracting aliens, but in this case, saying that they did not collude with aliens is a very reasonable explanation.

     Then there is the paradox. If the cleaners and aliens join forces, the strength of the aliens can easily erase all of the solar system company.The plane was still hovering, but no longer firing, thick smoke billowed on the ground, and the battle already entered was over.

     Xinghe's brows finally stretched, and then she sighed softly and said, "I understand."

     The people nearby all looked at Xinghe, and Xinghe pointed to the plane in the sky, with a look of helplessly said: "They found the right way to use the plane, ultra-low altitude flight, ultra-low altitude combat, then they really might not be... …Find."

     Klaus said with a bewildered and uncertain face: "But, but, we have tried ultra Low Altitude Flight, but it doesn't work at all. As long as the helicopter takes off, even if it is flying at an ultra-low altitude close to the ground, it will definitely attract Come to the alien spaceship and be shot down."

     Xinghe whispered: "If I didn’t make a mistake, all the alien spacecraft should be totally focused on now. According to the curvature of the earth, if the alien spacecraft is far away from this continent, as long as the flying altitude is low enough, it is indeed What can fly, it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it can’t do it now.”

     Gao Yuan said anxiously: "That is to say, the aliens first came here to drop the virus, and then the aliens left here again, focusing their efforts on dealing with the most important and powerful countries of mankind, or the most important human being. The gathering place, and here, becomes the vacuum zone of alien power."

     Xinghe was nodded, and then she whispered: "But there is still a prerequisite, the altitude should not be too high, according to... the speed of alien spacecraft, they can circle the earth in twelve minutes, so if they find these aircraft, then These planes will not survive until now. Speaking of which, this is the first time I have seen a manned flying object on Earth."Klaus exhaled, saying: "In other words, the cleaners will not attract aliens when they use airplanes, at least not for the time being."

     Xinghe whispered: "I don't know, I'm just guessing, but I must remind you that if any flying object is more than six kilometers in height, it will definitely be observed by aliens. This is... I calculated. "

     Xinghe looked at Gao Yuan, so Gao Yuan knew that Xinghe didn't say everything. She didn't say everything, but hidden something.

     Ralph also sighed lightly, and then he whispered: "How dare the cleaners be sure that the plane will not attract aliens? This is too risky."

     Klaus coldly snorted and said, "Do you think the cleaners are afraid of taking risks? They are never afraid of taking risks."

     Xinghe suddenly said: "Of course, there may be another situation. The aliens have discovered these planes, but they have more important things to do, so that they don't have time to care about these planes, or they don't want to care about it, that's all. "

     Klaus said in a puzzled way: "Aliens just want to kill everyone, in addition what's the matter."

     Gao Yuan swallowed and whispered: "For example, concentrate on attacking China..."

     He shook his head, as if it could force himself to shake this terrible thought out.

     Xinghe looked at the sky and said, "A very simple experiment can tell if the aliens have not been found, or if they are too lazy. As long as the plane is more than six kilometers away, then the aliens can be sent no matter which corner of the earth is. ."Gao Yuan hurriedly said: "The test will be avoided. Now we will assume that the cleaner's aircraft has not been found. Guys, the enemy is coming soon, and the aliens have not come yet. Think about what to do next."

     Klaus rubbed his forehead, and then he sighed saying, "I am very confused now, I am sorry, I can't give a reasonable answer."

     Ralph looked helplessly and said: "It should be unrealistic to expect reinforcements to arrive in a short time. Let's... withdraw. Anyway, avoid being wiped out by the enemy first, and then consider other things."