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442 Worse Than Traitor
    Author: Unknown
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Things haven't gotten too bad, because the aliens haven't come yet, it's not the worst.

     Ralph was right. Before the enemy came, he must now consider evacuation, because the enemy was coming soon.

     Of course, the evacuation cannot be turned around, it must be an evacuation under cover, and it must be an orderly evacuation.

     But at this crucial moment, Galaxy once again raised a different opinion.

     "No, I strongly recommend that you immediately launch any flying objects that can fly to 6000 meters, anything! As far as I know, there are rockets, airplanes, even shells fired into the air, or hot air balloons. What is it, now you better be able to launch into the air immediately."

     Xinghe stunned everyone, so Gao Yuan cannot bear saying: "Why? Why do we have to experiment now? Just to test that the snake man did not find the cleaner's plane, or did they not care about the cleaner's plane?"

     Xinghe continued indifferently said: "This is very important!"

     Ralph looked at Xinghe suspiciously, then at Gao Yuan, and then he whispered: "Is there something I don't know? We don't know? I think at this time, should I be more honest?" "

     Gao Yuan really got a headache, and Xinghe refused to say more until now, but now he became very persistent. He knew that Xinghe must know some very important things, but inconvenient to say, from what she just said. It's possible to discern.Xinghe looked at the sky again, and she said with a serious face: "The height of six kilometers is not the distance that aliens can find, but the height that must be dealt with. In other words, at any time, it is found that there is more than Aliens must come to confirm and destroy flying objects at a height of six kilometers."

     Xinghe pointed to the battlefield just now, and she said solemnly: "Test it, if there is a flying object more than six kilometers in height, and the alien still does not appear, there are only two possibilities, one is that the alien has completely left. , The other is that the aliens and the humans here have reached an agreement, so the aliens completely regard this as a place that can be temporarily abandoned. In view of the current manifestations of the aliens, in addition to don’t have any need to reach an agreement with humans agreement, then, I have reason to think..."

     Xinghe Deadpan looked at a few people, and then she said faintly: "Some of the humans acted as the internal response of the aliens, do you understand? It was not after the aliens attack that they were forced to reach an agreement with the aliens or Surrender, but before the aliens officially invaded, humans had already cooperated with the aliens."

     All of those people are dumbstruck, speechless at all.

     The first reaction of Klaus just now was that the cleaner became a traitor to mankind. Now it seems that this guess is wrong but correct, but the cleaner did worse than the traitor. The traitor surrendered after the alien came. Yes, but if the cleaner is the internal response of the serpent, he has been cooperating with the serpent, and even attracted the attack of the serpent, that is the real...the true traitor, the most thorough and worst kind.Klaus whispered: "As a white man, now I am really ashamed of these white people..."

     Loudly and whispered: "You are just guessing."

     Xinghe shook the head and said: "It’s not all speculation, because of their vaccines. You said the cleaners don’t have one person infected with the virus, because they were all vaccinated. But the problem is that although they have a medical warehouse, the medical warehouse It takes time for virus samples to produce corresponding vaccines, and the vaccines produced by the medical warehouse may indeed achieve 100% immunity. The problem is that the medical warehouse can only produce samples, and samples can only be used by one person at most. Understand me Mean?"

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "Understood, the initial vaccine may have a 100% immune disease poison's effect, but the number of samples is too small. After all, it is necessary for humans to copy the vaccine samples by themselves, and the vaccine produced by human copying does not It might have such a good effect."

     Xinghe was nodded, and she calmly said: "According to what I know understanding, the best level that the earth can currently do is about 90 percent eight, basically reaching 90 percent no problem, but mass-produced vaccines can achieve I don’t believe the effect of 100% epidemic prevention, and the aliens have not carried out any attacks on cleaner's large-scale operations, so I suspect that the cleaners have already cooperated with the aliens, but they cover up very well."

     Gao Yuan exhaled gently, then he looked at Klaus, and said, "You all heard it? Remember? Then no matter who meets the solar system company last, be sure to transmit this news."After speaking, Gao Yuan said to Xinghe: "We are going to test it, but not now. We do not have anything that can hit an altitude of six kilometers, but this test will be done soon."

     Ralph pointed at Xinghe with his thumb, and said with a puzzled look: "Why does she understand this?"

     Gao Yuan pulled Xinghe a hand and said: "She is our country's best scientist, the most professional alien researcher, and is our hope."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan said to Klaus: "I don't want to be a hero, nor do I want to be the limelight, but... I really can't cooperate with you."

     Klaus frowned and said, "What do you want to do?"

     "You bring the wounded who have received first aid, and from now on evacuate, and those who have not yet undergone surgery also bring them. Some rescues don't need to say anything, if they are not saved... you don't need to say anything."

     Gao Yuan finished speaking. He pulled out all the knives and mace stuck behind his back, thrust his backhand into the ground, then turned his head and said loudly to Rikiko: "Dao Master, flagpole!"

     Rikiko walked over with two shaved wooden sticks, and he whispered: "What do you want to do?"

     Gao Yuan stretched out his hand, he took the stick, and said: "I am not going to die, nor do I want to be a hero, but there are some things I must do."

     Klaus frowned, and then he immediately angered: "Are you sick?"

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "I said, we really can't cooperate together, so I have to follow the way I like. You and I know that if we withdraw like this, none of us can run away, so I have to fight for you. Some time."Ralph grabbed Gao Yuan's clothes, and he said solemnly: "If you can't buy time, you will be sifted by the enemy in a volley!"

     "No, I can!"

     Feeling that the wooden stick was a bit long, he lifted the knife high and chopped off the stick one third, then he took out the flag from his chest, and carefully put his company flag on the stick.

     Putting both flags on the wooden sticks, with a lift, an easy drive on a familiar path inserted the flagpole into the socket where the knife and mace were originally placed.

     Two red flags, one on the left and the other on the right, fell to the high shoulders, which made him look like the back guard flag carried by the performer Wusheng.

     Klaus said dumbfounded: "I know what do you want to do, Fack, are you crazy?"

     Gao Yuan swayed his body from side to side, and then he smiled and said, "I'm not crazy, because the enemy will definitely try to capture me alive, especially after I really show my abilities, even I suspect that the enemy is always attacking here just to catch me , And they can't catch me, quickly withdraw, I'm going to go!"