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443 Two Big Flags Behind
    Author: Unknown
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Would the enemy really kill Gao Yuan?

     Gao Yuan didn't think that the enemy would really start off leniently against him, because if he wanted to study him, it seemed that he had a corpse.

     But Gao Yuan still wants to be a personal hero. First, he really can’t form an effective cooperation with his comrades. Second, he really doesn’t want to watch the group of people around him surrounded by cleaners, catching up, and then one by one. Kill.

     But what prompted Gao Yuan to really make this move was that he didn't want to be protected anymore. He was obviously very powerful, okay, but he could only be like a little chicken under the wings of an old hen, and It is each person who wants to be the old hen to protect his freshly broken chicken.

     Zhao Qiang is like this, Li Yang is like this, Pan Xin and Li Jingang are like this, and now even Yu Shunzhou wants to persuade him to flee first.

     Why? Can he not die just because of his high physical fitness? However, since his physical fitness is outstanding, he should play his due role.

     Is it because he has a good relationship with Xinghe, so he can only be protected, seeing a person die in battle, and continue to be the protected person?

     This is wrong.

     Obviously a strong man, why must he be protected like a weak chicken?

     So if you have to ask Gao Yuan to give a reason for doing this, then he is bored, fed up, and this reason is not enough.He had to die one by one. In the end, he and Xinghe didn’t die, and then had to fight for their lives. Is that reasonable? If that’s the case, Gao Yuan just wants to go to his sanity now. , As a man who is obviously very awkward, why should he endure the pain of his comrades dying one by one.

     He doesn't know how to command, and he does not have the knowledge that a true captain should have. He was originally only one fierce general, but he was bound to death by the captain's title and responsibilities.

     Now Gao Yuan understands that he shouldn't dream of forming a true cooperation with special forces who have been trained for more than ten years. That is unscientific, because his combat style is not a system that can cooperate with special forces.

     Now as long as Xinghe can see the Ram and Poseidon, then he will truly complete the task.

     Besides, by dragging the enemy here, Xinghe can create a chance to meet the Ram.

     So when facing the real Fatal Decision, Gao Yuan finally realized it.

     Take their own path and let them be jealousy, envy and hate. Perhaps these people will call him too impulsive, saying that he is full of youthful vigor, saying that he show no consideration for the overall situation.

     But are you still called a young man if you are not angry?

     Gao Yuan drew the knife from the ground, left the knife, the right hand, flipped his hands, waved a beautiful knife, turned around, leaving a chic back.

     "I don't want to be a hero, I just want to save you."

     He left a big saying about heroism reaching to the clouds, which does not give others a chance to dissuade him. Of course, even if others want to stop him, he cannot be stopped.

     The red flags hanging on both sides of the shoulders suddenly fluttered, hunting and screaming.The red flag on the left shoulder obliquely wrote three characters of Tiger Brigade.

     The red flag slanting upward on the right shoulder has four characters in three consecutive letters.

     The two red flags are not very big, but after Gao Yuan ran completely, he still felt the resistance from the flag, but although the impact was there, it affected a tiny bit, and Gao Yuan hardly felt this little resistance.

     For the tank, can a small flag on the antenna affect its speed, obviously impossible.

     The enemy already passed The battlefield full of wreckage of his tank has rushed over, the distance is less than 500 meters.

     Gao Yuan stopped abruptly, and the red flag fluttering backward fell, blocking his face.

     Shaking his shoulders, he shook the red flag covering his face aside, raised the knife in his hand high and pointed it at the enemy tank that was galloping towards him.


     At such a tragic moment, with such a glamorous look, how can you do without leaving a word of bold rhetoric?

     But when Gao Yuan wanted to say something, he found that he had no idea what to say.

     The back of the knife and the steel mace slammed, and there was a crisp metal crash, and the remaining sound was curling.

     Gao Yuan raised his knife again and pointed at the enemy.

     "I... the Tigers are in the red for three consecutive years, kill!"

     The high-level response was a series of bullets fired from the parallel machine gun of an armored vehicle.

     This suddenly appeared to Gao Yuan, and then stood still stupidly. No matter how you looked at it, it was a stupid target. He didn't reward him for what he was waiting for.But Gao Yuan how can it be hit, the shape is enough, and the enemy's attention is also attracted. Then, naturally, the enemy left behind one is extremely impressive.

     Gao Yuan ran to the side, and when he ran, the bright red flag fluttered and unfolded, creating an extremely eye-catching and unique target for the enemy.

     "Look at who! Is that a human?"

     "It's too fast!"

     "That's... a special goal? Yes, that's a special goal! Keep an eye on him, catch him!"

     A similar conversation circulated quickly through the airwaves among several people who had discovered the distance, and then a car captain exclaimed excitedly: "Found him, kill him!"

     "No, no, try to catch him alive."

     "But Boss, at the speed of this monster, we are almost unlikely to catch him."

     "Then get him wounded before catching him alive, He can't escape, I don't believe he can get past the wheel quickly.

     "But the boss, he can no longer see, he hides."

     The commander silent for a moment, and then he finally said: "Well, it is too difficult to capture alive, and the difficulty is too difficult to damage. I will no longer force the master and apprentice to capture alive, but he must ensure that his body is complete and as complete as possible!"


     The armored vehicle immediately departed from the original route and convoy, and swooped in the direction where it disappeared.

     Gao Yuan deliberately ran to the side of the enemy because he wanted to draw the enemy away.

     And to be honest, under off-road conditions, the speed of an armored vehicle running at a speed of 50 or 60 kilometers per hour is already extremely fast, but compared to the high distance, this speed is really not enough.Leaning down in the grass and waiting for the armored vehicle to get closer and closer, he suddenly jumped from the grass, and he jumped directly to the tree, and then he jumped down from the tree and landed directly on the armored vehicle. On the roof.

     It was discovered by the enemy when it appeared high, but the enemy’s turret parallel machine guns could not be aimed at the high distance immediately, because the speed was too late, and these armored vehicles learned the experience of the former, no one dared to expose outside to march and fight, so they saw the high. But there was no time to fire and he lost his lofty trail again.

     The enemy’s BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle’s main weapon is a 73mm low-pressure smoothbore gun, and the secondary weapon is a 7.62mm machine gun, but the machine gun is fixed, so after being brought close by from a high distance, these armored vehicles have almost no suitable means to fight lofty.

     The enemy's armored car was not lined up in a row, but staggered forward and backward, but it landed on the roof of the last car, and then he was going to lift the hatch on the roof of the car.

     At this time, Gao Yuan discovered that the two-handed weapon looked mighty, but when it came to fighting, it was very inconvenient.