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With a knife in one hand and a mace in the other, it is inconvenient to even free your hand to get a grenade.

     Gao Yuan can choose to throw away a weapon and free up a hand, but he observes the surroundings a little bit, and then he thinks why he must deal with this armored car?

     This is a BMP-1 armored vehicle with only a 73mm low-pressure smoothbore gun and a fixed machine gun. None of these four armored vehicles are mounted on the roof. The machine gun is operated by the machine gunner, in other words, If the armored vehicle wants to shoot him, it must adjust the direction of its body.

     However, it is more convenient to use a smoothbore gun to shoot at a high distance, but the shooting speed of the 73mm smoothbore gun is too slow, and there's nothing about it advanced fire control system, it is not easy to hit a high distance.

     Therefore, Gao Yuan found that he was completely without having to go with the armored vehicles under his feet. He had already led the armored vehicles away from the enemy's attacking queue, while the enemy's tanks and trucks carrying infantry continued to advance along the original route.

     Gao Yuan jumped out of the armored vehicle. He left the armored vehicle that had been short-weaponed soldiery fight one another, but ran towards the enemy truck from the side.

     It's impossible to be unobtrusive with two big flags.

     The soldiers on the trucks clearly saw Gao Yuan suddenly abandoned the armored vehicle, and then ran towards them from the side. They could see clearly, so the soldiers began to shout loudly and tried to stop or kill Gao Yuan with their weapons. . Recommend to read TV//It stands to reason that the target is obvious and very large. There are as many as 20 or 30 people in a car, and as few as over ten people, and there are only three cars that can be seen directly and shot at a high distance. However, shooting is really not so. easy.

     The biggest difficulty is that the distance is too fast at first, and if the enemy is parked, it's okay, but the enemy is on a high-speed driving truck.

     From a moving truck, using a rifle or machine gun to shoot another extemely fast speed target is too difficult.

     The biggest problem with these infantrymen is that they are ready to get off the truck to fight. The truck is only a means of transportation, not a combat tool, so there is no fixed machine gun mounted on the truck.

     What's more, Gao Yuan was only a mere 100 meters from the location where he launched the impact to the nearest truck.

     When the enemy in the car discovered that Gao Yuan had changed direction, and then they decided to fire, and when they really had four or five people on the side of the truck trying to aim at Gao Yuan with their rifles, Gao Yuan had already jumped. In the truck body.

     Crowded in a small car, hiding is impossible. Hiding and being able to hide there, raising the gun and shooting at a high distance just a short distance away, the reaction time and speed are much slower than that of Gaoyuan.

     With a wave of his left hand and a wave of his right hand, Gao Yuan Xinshou created a foul wind and bloody rain.

     It was more exaggerated than in the movie, and it took less than a second. After Gao Yuan created a tragic massacre in the car, he jumped from the car, ran for two steps, and then jumped on the adjacent two. A truck at ten meters.

     Sometimes speed is everything.When Gao Yuan rushed into the car, completely mixed with the enemy, and then used cold weapon slaughters, his enemy faced a very difficult choice.

     Do you shoot or not.

     Shooting in a small space of a few square meters means that you will accidentally injure your comrades. If you don't shoot, you will have to wait for Gao Yuan to be smashed one by one.

     People can't care too much when they're in a hurry. In fact, even if they accidentally injure their comrades, the people who shoot at high distances still appear.

     A soldier pulled the trigger before he started aiming the gun at the high distance, because he had no chance to aim at the high distance and then pulled the trigger. The bullet swept across and hit his teammate, and then was about to hit the high distance that moment, the steel mace swept across. Then, even the synchronous gun with arms and then the chest cavity, all twisted and deformed and even shattered.

      This time, is there any need to pay attention to any tricks? Just open it and smash it, under strong force, the steel mace wherever one goes everything is smashed.

     If you shoot, you will surely injure your comrades, but if you don’t shoot, you have to watch Gao Yuan slaughter the Quartet, and the people in the same car as Gao Yuan fired in a hurry, and the enemy in the truck next to him had to hesitate It's not about to fire.

     But they did not hesitate for long.

     The two cars are only 20 meters apart, and what happened on the car next to me is very clear about sth. Seeing that my comrades are all dead, what else is there can hesitate.

     "Fire! Fire!"A commander yelled and opened fire first, and the people around him also opened fire. But at this time, Gao Yuan had already completed his work. With a kick on his right foot, a beautiful harrier turned over and jumped out of the truck.

     It seems to have been shot, but Gao Yuan is unconfirmed. His double-layer body armor is not worn for nothing. As long as the bullet does not directly hit his head or limbs, and the bullet is not large-caliber, he will be It may not be noticeable.

     In an instant, it was difficult to deal with after unfolding, but the two carts of people who were in the cart were wiped out as if being eaten a can of meat from a high distance.

     Gao Yuan followed the car for a few steps, and then he suddenly accelerated. In the driver's hard to believe eyes, Gao Yuan bypassed the front of the truck and came to the truck slightly behind on the right side, which is the truck that just opened fire at him. The front of the car.

     Two big flags are hunting, flutter in the wind.

     He turned high and jumped up to meet the front of the third truck. Only one simply accelerated the turn, and the infantry who could fire at him lost his track.

     Seeing the oncoming leaps and bounds, the driver subconsciously stepped on the brake, but his slammed brake failed to stop Gaoyuan, but made the already busy passengers in the car rush forward. Poured a slice.

     So when Gao Yuan fell into the carriage, what I saw was the scene where everyone fell to the ground crookedly.

     What is crooked beating is that the fallen enemy is more difficult to deal with than standing.Gao Yuan must fight fast, and every enemy around him is his cover, his physical shield, but after he jumped into a cart where all people fell, those who fell, although only three Individuals can immediately raise the gun and aim at him, but still let Gao Yuan sense an unprecedented threat.

     The people in the car were crowded together, some were lying on their stomachs, others were lying down, and some people grabbed the railing beside them and didn't fall down but lost their balance, but the enemy was still crowded in chaos, but it was not convenient to move fast. Solve them all.

     So Gao Yuan immediately jumped down.

     Jump up if you want to come, and jump down if you want to go, this is nothing for Gao Yuan.

     The crowded enemies finally reacted after a brief panic and confusion. A commander immediately yelled in the walkie-talkie: "That monster is attacking us in the car to stop him!"