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445 The Enemy Will Be Saved
    Author: Unknown
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In the face of a type of battle that has never been seen before, and an enemy that has never dared to think about it, who can respond quickly and accurately, he must be an extremely good commander.

     It can be as large as commanding a group army or even a corps, or as small as commanding a squad. In short, a good commander must be a good commander who can respond correctly.

     The armored vehicle that had just been separated from the convoy trying to kill Gaoyuan was turning around in embarrassment. When they made a turn and aimed their muzzle at Gaoyuan again, Gaoyuan had already got off the third car.

     So an armored vehicle without the slightest hesitation fired a shot at its truck.

     It can't be said that the person who ordered the run made a mistake, but he did not know that Gao Yuan did not use the killing method this time, and he did it for Gao Yuan.

     The shell hit the stopped truck.

     Gao Yuan looked back glanced at.

     In front of him is a truck loaded with infantry, behind the left is a tank trying to continue the charge, and behind the right is an armored vehicle that has completed a U-turn.

     Gao Yuan is in the middle of the enemy, and he is also very swagger. The two big flags on his body are extra to attract attention that's the end of it, and also extraordinarily pull the hatred value.

     So what should we do next?

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, he found that his brain seemed to be turning a little slow in the fast running, but his speed was so fast that the enemy and himself had no time to react.

     Gao Yuan is already close to the fourth car, and he hasn't figured out what to do, so he jumped into the car when he act without taking time to think, and when he started a new round of killing, he felt that he should go outside It's not a good thing to be completely surrounded by enemies.When Gao Yuan made up his mind, he had already completed the cleanup of the car, and then he suddenly found a trick.

     The fronts of these trucks are quite high, and the enemy in the vehicle body cannot shoot straight ahead.

     Gaoyuan has the feeling of suddenly opens up to a wide panorama.

     How come such a simple problem has just been discovered?

      The realisation jumped off the car immediately, and then he deliberately found the angle, jumped from the front of a truck, and landed directly into the body.

     The enemy's entire convoy was decelerating and stopped quickly. They were forced to stop because they were unable to deal with the high and far in the fast moving.

     The enemy is very confused. Now they find that capturing Gaoyuan alive is a joke. Even killing him seems to be an unachievable problem. In order to deal with this guy who is jumping around and carrying a red flag like a stupid fork, they have to think of a way. That's it.

     It is not that there is a solution, but it is necessary to stop to avoid more casualties, and at the same time to find a solution.

     The destruction caused by the high distance caused a great shock to the psychology of both the enemy and the enemy.

     "This is not a war, this is not, but what is this?"

     Ashraf, who is unable to speak the language, is very depressed, because there are only two people who can talk to him, Renato and Li Yang. Now that Li Yang has retired from injury, Ashraf has only one Renato left to talk.

     But Ashraf hates Renato, there's nothing about it. The special reason is that this person is unhappy. Although he didn't show it, he rarely talked to the only person who could talk to him, and it showed him tactfully. Attitude.But now Ashraf just wants to find someone to speak.

     Renato looked at Ashraf, and then he shrugged and said, "No matter what is this, you only need to know that the distance is our nearby. It's like the Americans bombing you who are hiding in the ravine with planes and missiles. , Is this a war for you? In a sense, yes, this is a war, but from another perspective, this is the relationship between fighting and being beaten."

     Renato's words seemed a little esoteric, but Ashraf did recall the fear of facing Warthog and Longbow Apache.

     But for the enemy, it is more than just psychological fear.

     Gao Yuan was in the truck convoy, and the tanks and armored vehicles stopped, but should they switch the muzzle to fight or not?

     "All vehicles spread out! Stay away from monsters, keep your distance...Fak!"

     The enemy's commander angrily cursed.

     Gao Yuan is not a zombie. He is wise. The enemy's convoy wants to run, but he will post it, and as long as he is not blocked by the enemy with intensive firepower, he can keep running like this.

     The enemy's cars began to disperse, but the enemy's tanks and armored vehicles did not move. Instead, they tried to create a dense firepower network, first surrounded Movement Speed at a high and high distance, and then shot him.

     Gao Yuan discovered his situation, so he immediately stopped attacking and ran toward the outside of the battlefield.

     If you move, I will post it, if you don’t move, I will run away.

     According to a lofty strategy, he is certainly not afraid of spending it this way, but his opponent is not without a fool.After discovering that although there is an absolute advantage in military strength and an absolute advantage in firepower, but still unable to besieged and killed, a smart man among the enemies finally found the key to the problem.

     "We can't let him take the initiative, sir, he is trying to attract our attention!"

     Of course the commander knew Gao Yuan's plan, but the problem was that it had to be okay if his attention was not drawn to the past.

     "We don't care about him, and don't chase him. We continue to attack according to the original goal, and we will attack the people he must protect!"

     The principle that attacking the enemy will save you should be a consensus in the whole world.

     However, let Gaoyuan ignore it, but what about the infantry who are still on the truck and have little strength to fight back against Gaoyuan? They used to protect the flanks of tanks and armored vehicles, but now they have become objects that tanks must protect.

     Should he let Gao Yuan slaughter his infantry like this?

     The enemy commander hesitated for a short time, and then he found that even if he wanted to protect the infantry, in fact, he could do only limited.

     "Turn around! Since he wants to divert our attention, then we will continue to attack the original target!"

     The commander became fierce, he would rather abandon his infantry, or force Gao Yuan to not continue to circle with him.

     Facts have proved that sometimes there is something to gain.

     When I saw the enemy's tanks and armored vehicles turned around again, and really ignored his infantry, Gao Yuan really panicked.Not to mention that the infantry stabilized and began to form a circular defensive position to offset the high speed advantage. Even if the infantry on the truck is completely without Power of Resistance, Gao Yuan has no time to attack them.

     Gao Yuan had to continue to come back to deal with the tanks.

     The tank fired, fired on the road, and fired at the truck of the Spark team.

     This gun missed a hit, but this was originally so the enemy put pressure on Gaoyuan, and he didn't expect to hit it.

     He jumped to the turret of a tank, and then he had to bit the handle of the knife in his mouth, reached out and pulled the roof hatch of a tank turret, and then, unsurprisingly, the door was locked from inside .

     Well, in the face of this thick iron shell, this should how to handle.