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When people are in a hurry, they can often burst out with the energy that they couldn't think, but they may also do some stupid things that they don't usually do.

     The machine gun on the tank fired. He was wondering how to open the iron shell and saw that the machine gun at his foot in front of him suddenly started to spew fire. He was immediately anxious.

     This machine gun was his comrade-in-arms. If these tanks and armored vehicles start to fire continuously, it may be fine at high distance, but the others are guaranteed to be dead.

     Of course, the people in the Spark team were not idle. Sirte ran to the side desperately holding a rocket launcher. He wanted to go around the side of the tank and hit the side or back armor of the tank.

     But of course the enemy found Sirte, so the turret of a tank immediately began to rotate and quickly pointed in Sirte's direction.

     Gao Yuan was really impatient, so he took a step forward, picked up the steel mace in his hand, and smashed it heavily.

     It was a machine gun. Although the parallel machine gun on the tank only revealed a short barrel, it was still revealed after all, and it was the barrel that was less than ten centimeters in height.

     Boom, a snapping sound, and then a pa sound.

     The exposed section of the barrel was like a trumpet flower, exploding six petals evenly.

     Exploded, the tank's parallel machine gun blasted.

     When he was taken aback, Gao Yuan immediately understood what's going on. He smashed the exposed section of the machine gun crooked, and it was so crooked. At this time, the machine gun was still firing, so it exploded instantly. .When he jumped high, dropped, and jumped up again, he wanted to understand what's going on, because this kind of reaction was a momentary matter.

     Then when Gaoyuan fell again, he severely smashed the steel mace on the parallel machine gun of the second tank.

     The T55 tank has two machine guns, one is a roof machine gun above the turret, and the other is a parallel machine gun mounted next to the tank gun.

     No one would dare to use the roof machine gun, so the enemy was only left with parallel machine guns and tank guns. The tank guns had a slow rate of fire and were not very effective against infantry, so the parallel machine guns were just fine. The best choice for tanks and infantry.

     But now, the machine gun made Gao Yuan bend the barrel and explode.

     Gao Yuan jumped onto the second tank. Before he could stand firmly, the steel mace hit the barrel from top to bottom.

     As a result, the parallel machine gun of the tank that aimed at Sirte and was firing instantly misfired.

     Gao Yuan never thought that he could use this method to rescue Sirte.

     Nobody hadn't thought, Sirte couldn't think of it, and tankers couldn't think of it.

     Because since the invention of the tank to the present, no, from the invention of the machine gun to the present, no one has prevented the enemy from firing by bend the barrel of the gun.

     It's not that I don't want to, but no one can do it before Gao Yuan. Recommended reading TV//

     No one can do it, so no one can think of it.

     Although it is only a 7.62mm barrel, it is also a very thick steel pipe. If there is an opportunity to rush to the machine gun position, it is easier to solve the shooter than to finish the barrel.What's more, even if you hold a hammer in your hand, you can't necessarily bend the barrel, and the degree of bending is so great that the bullet can't be fired at all.

     You must know that even a bent barrel will not necessarily blow up, at best the accuracy will be affected.

     So Gao Yuan's two shots are really contrary to expectation.

     Gao Yuan couldn't open the tank's iron shell, but he could knock off the claws of these tanks. The tank without machine guns and artillery could really attack the enemy by crushing.

     So the enemy is in a panic at the moment, because the battle beyond human cognition will definitely be in a mess.

     The tank was still moving. Standing high on the moving tank turret, he ran along the tank's barrel, and then he bent over and stuffed a grenade that was too late to pull the string into the tank muzzle.

     With a knife in his mouth, a steel mace in his right hand, and a grenade from his pocket in his left hand and stuffing it into the barrel, forms a coherent whole.

     He only heard a loud sound when he jumped to the third tank.

     The barrel of the tank filled with grenades was blown into several pieces evenly, and the remaining barrels were still emitting blue smoke.

     The enemy fired a cannonball, and the cannonball hit the grenade stuffed into the muzzle. Therefore, whether the cannonball exploded or not, the barrel of the gun would be definite.

     But depending on the condition of that tank, the shells fired should have exploded directly inside the barrel. Therefore, the crew in this tank estimated everything bodes ill, no positive signs.

     Gao Yuan is like a child who has discovered a new toy.

     Who would have thought that tanks could still fight like this?The third tank was destroyed, and then the fourth. The two tanks behind did not fire, so they did not explode, but the barrel was bent and the barrel was stuffed with grenades. The two tanks have been abandoned.

     The first tank was just a barrel bomb, but the main gun had no effect. However, the shooter of which tank was also scared to death, so how dare he fire a shot?

     But there are armored vehicles. I jumped on the roof of the armored vehicle. I followed the recipe on the machine gun. I lowered the barrel and set it to waste. However, how to solve the barrel made Gao Yuan difficult because the grenade couldn’t be inserted into the thin. In the barrel.

     The 73mm smoothbore gun is very short.

     Gao Yuan didn't take a grenade, he took the knife in his mouth directly and stuffed it into the barrel.

     The solution is so simple, but there is a knife in the barrel. Who dares to try it.

     Turning over and jumping off, he happily jumped onto the armored car, and then, he was wondering what else is there that he could plug the muzzle, so he subconsciously glanced at, and then pulled out the geological hammer on his waist. Put the hammer into the muzzle.

     The armored vehicle has not been destroyed, but it has lost its function.

     It would be easier to repeat the same thing, but Gao Yuan really had nothing to block the muzzle except for the steel mace in his hand.

     Gao Yuan couldn't throw away the steel mace, but it didn't matter, you could find something with your brain.

     He pulled off the walkie-talkie on his chest, held it with his left hand, and stuffed it into the muzzle. Gao Yuan raised it with his right hand and hit it with the handle of the steel mace.

     The walkie-talkie was destroyed, but the destroyed walkie-talkie also fell into the muzzle.There was only one armored car left, and this armored car finally began to reverse at full speed, and while it was reversing, the parallel machine guns kept firing.

     It is impossible for Gao Yuan to be hit by the firepower of a machine gun. He only needs to speed up to run faster than the turret.

     It's so wild.

     At this moment, when Gao Yuan was about to jump up again, he felt that his legs were weak, so he jumped onto the armored vehicle, but threw forward and fell on the top of the armored vehicle.

     What a bad thing, how long have you been running with all your strength just now?

     Thinking of this problem, Gao Yuan's face turned pale in an instant, but he had to seize the moment at this time, so he immediately tried to stand up, but he, who was omnipotent just now, felt like a soft-footed shrimp.

     The steel mace hits the parallel machine gun one at a time, and can only bend a little each time, but after three hits, the barrel finally bends to a sufficient degree, but there is no blast because the enemy stopped shooting. .