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447 Historic Meeting
    Author: Unknown
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Manpower is sometimes poor. No matter how fast he can run at a high distance or how powerful he is, his power will eventually run out.

     Gao Yuan grasped the barrel with one hand to avoid being thrown off, while the turret of the armored vehicle was still rotating, but Gao Yuan held the barrel firmly, but was not afraid of falling.

     The strength of the whole body is not rapidly losing, but the water in the original brim full tank has already been poured out at this moment. This is Gao Yuan's strong feeling.

     He still had to put the steel mace into the muzzle, but Gao Yuan just raised the steel mace, but there was a loud sound in his ears. After making his ears weng'ed, he could no longer hear the sound.

     It's horrible, at this critical moment, there is no strength.

     But Gao Yuan knew that now the enemy could not fire the cannon immediately, but when he tried to insert the steel mace into the muzzle again, his arm hurt, and then a pa sound hit his head, followed by two muffled pops on his chest.

     Gao Yuan glanced at it, only to find that the enemy's infantry was finally deployed, and he was also delayed on this armored vehicle for too long.

     The truck that was still running for their lives came back with the infantry. Just less than 400 meters away from the height, at least four or five machine guns had been mounted, and the fire net made up of several machine guns just hit the height.

     The enemy's infantry launched a charge and they dispersed very widely so that even if they were rushed over by Gaoyuan, they would not have to worry about being killed by Gaoyuan.

     The armored vehicle's turret turned again, and Gao Yuan finally couldn't hold the gun barrel. When he loosened his hand, the armored vehicle was swept down by the gun barrel.

     Fortunately, the car was backwards, and Gao Yuan fell ahead, so the armored car was quickly leaving him.Whether it is a tank or an armored vehicle, they are reversing quickly, because they can't fire, stay in place can only be slowly cleaned up by Gao Yuan.

     Except for the tank with the main artillery bomb, the other active vehicles are retreating.

     It seems that being scared can also scare the enemy away. If a person can do this, he should be content.

     Gao Yuan lay on the ground, he watched the enemy retreating, and now he only expected the enemy to run faster, the faster the better, and he had better not dare to come back.

     Xinghe grabbed Rikiko next to her, and then she screamed: "Go and save Gao Yuan, he's out of strength, he's over the limit, this fool!"

     Sirte had stopped holding the rocket launcher, because he found that he no longer had to try to get close to the tank, so he was the closest to Gaoyuan, but he didn't know what happened now.

     Ralph said anxiously on the intercom: "Go to the rescue captain!"

     He is not tall and fierce, he needs rescue?

     At the moment Sirte was stunned, a tank that the enemy was backing stopped and stopped backing.

     Then, all the tanks and armored vehicles stopped one after another. After a short stay, the enemy's tanks and armored vehicles began to advance slowly.

     The enemy did not retreat, they began to attack again. Gao Yuan wanted to stand up, but he supported the ground with his hands, but failed to stand up. When he tried to support himself for the second time, he found that he was pushing himself. You have to move at all.

     Gao Yuan spare no effort Make yourself one centimeter off the ground and can only give up.

     Manpower is sometimes poor, but now it is really poor.Originally thought that as long as he could stand up, he could scare the enemy back, but Gao Yuan now sadly found that he couldn't even stand up.

     The enemy finally discovered the lofty anomaly.

     "Has he been shot?"

     "Why didn't that monster move? Was he hit by infantry?"

     The tank was still advancing slowly, and after two consecutive queries on the radio, it finally got feedback from the infantry.

     "We hit him! He was definitely shot!"

     No one knows that Gao Yuan could not get up because he was exhausted rather than being shot, so this was a misunderstanding, but for Gao Yuan, this misunderstanding was not only not beautiful, but also fatal.

     Sirte began to run high, but the enemy tanks and armored vehicles also accelerated instantly.

     The enemy can’t shoot or cannon. Although there are tanks and armors and there are still main guns, they don’t dare to risk exploding the chamber. Got absolutely clear.

     Therefore, Gao Yuan was about to be captured alive. He chose not to even have the strength to pull off the grenade to commit suicide. It was really a mess of get trampled on.

     "He doesn't move, is that monster dead?"

     "Press it! Press him!"

     "No, don't crush, surround the monster, and take his corpse into the armored car. Quick! Quick!"

     A tank first bypassed Gaoyuan and then stopped. Sirte, who was less than a hundred meters away from Gaoyuan, fired a rocket in desperation. The rocket hit the tank and exploded, but that vehicle The tank is nothing.The enemy did not dare to open fire, but it did not prevent them from coming down two people and moving Gao Yuan into the armored vehicle.

     The second tank and the third is an armored vehicle. At this time, the enemy can get out of the vehicle and move the body.

     If the enemy finds that Gao Yuan is not dead, they will be very happy, very happy.

     Ralph fired with all their strength, but it was useless, and Sirte, who was not attacking, reloaded a rocket, and then he shot out again.

     Sirte wanted to attack the armored vehicle, but the armored vehicle was behind the tank, so Sirte couldn't fight at all.

     The rocket hit the tank again and exploded, and then the turret of that tank flew into the sky.

     Sirte's mouth opened wide in surprise, and then the second tank parked between Gaoyuan and Xinghuo team exploded.

     A swaying missile directly exploded the tank.

     But no one hit that armored car.

     Sirte looked behind him in amazement, but saw a man running over. He took the gun, stopped, and killed the two people who got off the armored vehicle with two shots. Then he moved forward again, again After stopping, the rifle in his hand began to ring continuously.

     "Big Dog Firepower Suppression! Worker bees, kill the enemy's machine gunners, small flies and skunks against enemy tanks, wild ducks calling for artillery fire to cover the enemy! Toads and Tyrannosaurus rex come with me, rabbits and crows cover, others do their own thing. "

     When changing the magazine, a series of orders came out from the mouth of the shooter, and after he gave the order, machine guns, mortars, and numerous assault rifles fired at the same time.The first person to shoot raised his rifle again and fired as he walked. He walked three steps and fired three shots. When he came to and behind Sirte, the shot was extremely surprised: "Can opener! Why? are you here?"

     Sirte pointed a high point and said: "Save people!"

     "Save people? Understand! Panda, fat cat, come to save people!"

     After speaking, the man continued to shoot. He shot as he walked, until the twenty rounds of magazines were empty, he also walked to Gao Yuan.

     A tall and fat man turned Gao Yuan over. He just looked at Gao Yuan's eyes and immediately said, "Where is the injury?"

     It's a pity that Gao Yuan didn't understand, but the one who squatted on the other side of Gao Yuan was a Chinese native. He immediately said, "Where is it injured? Huh? No injury."

     Gao Yuan saw the man who bent down knelt down on one knee and was putting on the magazine, and that man was also looking at him.

     "Looking at you fell down from afar, I thought you were shot."

     After speaking, he raised the gun again, knelt down on one knee, used extremely fast speed to finish 20 rounds of bullets, and then when he changed the magazine again, he smiled at Gao Yuan and said: " , Now you this is what?"

     "It's boring..."

     Gao Yuan was ashamed and weakly answered the question, and when the man holding the gun shot another twenty rounds to change bullets, he smiled and said, "Oh, you may know who I am, but let me introduce myself. , My name is Gao Yang, you can also call me Ram."