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448 Why Is It Like This
    Author: Unknown
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High up, the rams.

     Gao Yuan finally met legendary Gao Yang.

     Gao Yang wore a jungle camouflage, a helmet, and a body armor. He had a rifle that Gao Yuan had never seen before. He also had a shot, bullet, and gun behind him, and a pistol at his waist.

     Gao Yang was young and surprised Gao Yuan, because Gao Yang looked like he was in his thirties and definitely belonged to the category of young people.

     The leader of the Satan mercenary group, the tycoon of Underground World, the domineering warlord or hero, some people have money, soldiers and guns, no matter from any angle, they are gangsters, a generation of gun god rams, so so young.

     "My name is Gao Yuan..."

     Gao Yang nodded immediately, and then he was very pleased to say: "Sure enough, it is you, it can be regarded as waiting for you, well, you have a very unique look, very cool. We saw your performance on the walkie-talkie just now. !"

     "Is there anything to eat..."

     Weak replied, Gao Yuan wanted to express his admiration for Gao Yang, but what he could't help said made him immediately ashamed.

     The interrupted Gao Yang was visibly stunned, but the one beside him said anxiously: "There is no injury, it meets the characteristics of physically exhausted, but serious physical exhausted can't be solved by eating, or you need to be excited. Agent?"

     Gao Yuan weakly said: "No, I can just eat without stimulants."

     Gao Yang raised the gun again, and he whispered: "Listen to the doctor, Panda, let him quickly recover his basic motion ability."The man named Panda grabbed Gao Yuan's hand and pulled him up, and then he said something to the fat bald head beside him, and the bald head immediately ran to the wounded who were still receiving first aid.

     Gao Yuan sat up, but he didn't even have the strength to stay seated, so the panda had to block Gao Yuan with one leg to give him a place to lean on.

     "do not move!"

     Gao Yuan felt a slight tingling sensation in his neck, and then he felt that liquid had poured into the blood vessels in his neck.

     "This is the most effective way to quickly recover physical fitness. No matter how tired you are, you can continue to run for five hours in five minutes after a shot. The price is that you will be weak for the next seven days, but it doesn’t matter, just Relatively weak."

     He didn't care about Gao Yuan's will at all, and the stimulant still hit him.

     But because Gao Yuan sat up, he saw what is called Gun God.

     Gao Yang was right by his side. He raised his gun, and the direction he was aiming could be seen by Gao Yuan. Then Gao Yuan discovered the direction of Gao Yang's spear. As soon as the gunshot rang, an enemy was bound to die.

     The speed has slowed down, because the enemy was charging just now, and the enemies now are hiding, but Gao Yang only needs to search for a short time and find a target, the gunshot kills people without accident.

      "All right, take a break a little, and then you quickly leave here."

     Panda said a word, and then he wanted to take his leg away, but Gao Yuan fell down as soon as his leg moved.So the panda had to hold Gao Yuan again, and then he was surprisedly said: "You can't sit still no matter how you sit? You don't have any underlying diseases, do you? It's just physically exhausted, but not like this."

     Gao Yuan continued to stare at Gao Yang's performance in a daze.

     When the gunshot, someone must die, the gunshot method follows, and the high gun has magical power.

     The enemies are near from far away, far away at 600 meters away, and nearer at 200 meters away, but now, there are only a few enemies in the distance.

     Tanks and armored vehicles fled quickly, but they were hit one by one and burst into flames.

     Gao Yuan noticed a machine gunner, less than 20 meters to his right. He was lying on the ground, using an MG3 machine gun. His left hand seemed to be metal. He could only do a few simple movements. Gao Yuan could I noticed this because the machine gunner was indeed a bit sluggish when changing the chain.

     But the machine gun fired, tsk tsk, there is nothing to say, there is no way to describe it.

     Machine guns can also give a sense of art. As a qualified machine gunner, Gao Yuan feels that he has seen an intoxicating performance.

     Gao Yang finally stopped shooting. He emptied three magazines. The fourth magazine was not finished, but now the battle has come to an end, and the enemy can no longer organize an effective resistance.

     Gao Yang didn't look at Gao Yuan, but he whispered: "You are the nemesis, right?"

     "Yes, I am the nemesis."

     Gao Yang sighed softly, and then he smiled and said: "It's waiting for you, then the most important thing, where is Xinghe?"Gao Yuan wanted to raise his finger to Xinghe, but he found that he couldn't raise his hand at all, so he could only whisper: "She's fine, right there."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan cannot bear saying: "I'm very hungry. I don't have any strength. Do I have something to eat? Quickly give me something to eat, energy bars, hardtack, chocolate, jerky, whatever..."

     This is the second time Gao Yuan wants to eat after seeing the legendary ram.

     Gao Yang looked at the panda, he was surprised, and said, "Why is it not working?"

     The panda also said with a surprised look: "You are asking this as if I know the answer. A normal person has gotten up and walked away early. He...definitely not a normal person. Hey, what are you going on? "

     Gao Yuan helplessly said: "I'm hungry. You said I was physically exhausted. That's right, but I'm not an ordinary physically exhausted. I'm the kind of physically exhausted that explodes my potential. If I replace it with a normal person, I might die, but what about me? , I’m quite special. I can restore my strength as long as I eat something. Do you mean to stimulate the human body’s potential by taking stimulants? But I have no potential anymore. Now I want a battery that is completely exhausted. Legal use." TV debut

     Miraculously, Gao Yang and Panda both understood that Gao Yuan’s metaphor for biting the battery is what’s going on.

     "Oh, can this happen? Then... get another shot."

     The panda seemed to have made up some determination, but Gao Yang said loudly: "Hey, don't experiment with people, this is humanity's hope."

     The panda glanced at Gao Yang, but the syringe in his hand still stuck into Gao Yuan's neck."You can't die. This stimulant is very mild. I want to see if it is true or false that he has no potential at all."

     The injection hurts very much. Although the needle is small and there is not much liquid in it, the panda pushed it too fast.

     When Gao Yuan felt the pain, the injection was over.

     Gao Yuan looked at the panda in surprise, and said, "You use me as an experiment."

     The panda said with a look of embarrassment: "Sorry, itchy hands."

     Then the panda engrossing looked at Gao Yuan, but Gao Yang looked helplessly and said, "Ciao, you Fuck! Panda, you are really not a thing."

     Gun God Ram, and his military doctor, how... so?

     Gao Yuan felt that the tall image of the gun god ram was gradually collapsing in his heart.

     How about majesty? How about the majesty of being the leader? What about the majesty as a regional big shot?

     Gao Yang squatted down, he looked at Gao Yuan very kindly, and said: "Um...we often use this stimulant. Don't worry, the side effects are not big. The most important thing is there's nothing about it addictive. I’ll put two tops on top. No matter how bad the side effects are, it’s something to be considered after surviving, right?"