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453 Mental Shadow
    Author: Unknown
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What Gao Yuan can do now is not to add to the chaos. Although he is very curious about the strength of the Ram and admires the reputation of the Ram Gun God, he can't keep up with him even when he walks hard.

     Rikiko ran back in a hurry, carrying a high knife in his hand, and shouting far away: "I found it. The knife is still in the barrel, but your geological hammer can't be found anymore. Is it that car?"

     Gao Yuan sighed for a long time. It was indeed a pleasant surprise for him to find his knife. He thought he would never see the knife again.

     At this moment, Gao Yuan has nothing at all, what double-layer body armor, guns and ammunition, long swords, steel mace, and so on. It is also because he has relaxed a lot that Gao Yuan has the strength to act.

     "Thank you, Mr. Dao, let's put it behind."

     While talking, he climbed into the truck and opened the door. Then he found that Renato, who was suddenly vanish from sight just now, was lying on the seat with his eyes closed as if sleeping.

     With the appearance of being awakened just now, Renato opened his eyes and sat up slowly, and then he yawned and said, "I'm sleepy, can leave, let's go."

     Gao Yuan looked at Renato suspiciously, but he still sat beside Renato, and then Xinghe squeezed up again.

     Renato coughed slightly and said, "Otherwise, I will give you a place?"

     Speaking of letting the place, Renato didn't mean to move at all, so Gao Yuan doubfully said: "Just let the place go, did you just... hide here?"Gao Yuan now doubts Renato in the end is it not Satan’s people, why do they doubt it, because if the Rams are really Renato’s boss, then Renato who has seen the boss will always say hello, right?

     What's more, Renato escaped from Afghan all in all, all in all, he should say hello to the Ram, even if the identity gap is too big, he dare not speak, but stand there and show his face.

     Renato stroked his hair with his hand, and said, "What do you mean hiding here? I just rest here for a while."

     "Aren't you afraid to see the ram?"

     I pierced the window paper at a high distance, and Renato's face twisted unnaturally for a few times, then he shook his head and said, "It's not afraid, just unwilling...Well, you don't think the Rams put a lot of pressure Is it big?"

     Gao Yuan said in surprise: "No, I think he is very kind and gentle."

     Renato’s corner of the mouth twitched, and then he sneered: “Gentle? Gentle? This is your first impression of the Ram? Well, your observation ability is really excellent.”

     Ralph jumped into the carriage. Without a word, he started the truck and drove out following the armored medical vehicle ahead.

     After the car got up, Ralph pointed to his ear and said, "We have established a common communication with Satan. We can speak directly over the radio about what's the matter."

     Gao Yuan was nodded, and then he listened to gunfire outside.


     Ralph shrugged the shoulders and said, "It must be."After speaking, Ralph regretfully said: "The shooting of the Ram is textbook-level where we are. Unfortunately, I can't witness him shooting."

     "There is always a chance, he is so combative."

     It was Renato who was talking. After Renato found that the people on both sides of him were looking at him, he spread his hands and said, "People who like to carry a heavy artillery regiment with him, you think he is a peace lover. The most troublesome thing is that Satan was supposed to be the management and board of directors of the Solar System Company, but they... are the strongest group of people in the solar system kilometers, and this is the biggest misfortune of the Solar System Company, because one likes to go to battle in person The board of directors is definitely not a good board."

     At this moment, the gunshots were suddenly not heard, and the reason why the gunshots could not be heard was the ear-splitting of dense explosions.

     Xinghuo stretched out his hand to plug his ears, but Gao Yuan said in surprise, "What a intensive artillery fire!"

     "Cannon fire must be used intensively. This is the motto of the Ram, and the most beautiful voice for him is the chorus of God of War."

     "Well, I don't understand."

     "There is no need to understand, you know that the Rams are crazy about cannons. A volley of 36 152mm cannons covers the combat area. He often does this.

     Renato had to shout because of the explosion, but the explosion soon ended.

     Gao Yuan cannot bear saying: "It's over?"Renato said indifferently: "It's over, four rapid fires, 36 guns, and 144 shells. It should also be over, did you know, the artillery position was deployed at ten kilometers accidentally, the infantry intercepted the incoming enemy, and the artillery fire covered A small fixed coordinate area, this kind of infantry coordination I have only seen here in the Satan mercenary group."

     Ralph whispered: "We can too."

      "Really? A heavy artillery regiment provides fire cover for a squad, and treats a squad as an infantry company. What do you do?"

     Ralph turned his head and said, "Forget what I said."

     Renato's sighed saying, said: "I should have known you were in this car, and I will change another car..."

     Renato sighed for no reason, so Gao Yuan became more and more sure that he didn't want to see the ram, and even feared the ram.

     At this moment, Ralph suddenly said to Gao Yuan: "The Ram calls you."

     Gaoyuan's walkie-talkie broke down. Only Ralph had the walkie-talkie in the car, so Ralph removed the headphone cable and reached out to take the walkie-talkie on his chest to Gaoyuan.

     "The Ram calls Nemesis, please answer when you receive it, that's it."

     "Nemesis received, over."

     "The enemy hasn't been beaten, we are done, we will catch up with you immediately, it is over."

     "Uh, yes, understand, over."

     Gao Yuan took the walkie-talkie in his hand, and after a few minutes, the truck they had left behind chased it fast as lightning, and then the two trucks drove together.It was Li Jinfang who drove, and the ram was sitting next to Li Jinfang. He shouted from the open car window: "Nemesis, we have to go back anyway. I'll take a step first and wait for you in the field hospital. , Cesare! You are here!"

     The Ram’s astonishment didn’t seem to be fake, but Renato’s face was as normal as possible, turning his face slightly to the left, but he couldn’t think, the Ram still recognized it at a glance He said his name in one go.

     Renato could only turn his head, he smiled hard, raised his hand to say hello, and then he smiled: "Hello, Ram."

     Gao Yang also looked very surprised. He pointed to Renato and said, "You wait, I will inform Justin. He knows that you must be very happy to be alive. We really thought you were dead. I'll go now. See you!"

     Li Jinfang drove the car and accelerated away. A group of people sitting in the car waved his hand towards Gaoyuan. Then the truck made a bend in front of Gaoyuan at a dangerous speed until it was vanish from sight.

     Gao Yuan looked at Renato, Renato shrugged the shoulders again, and said: "Obviously, there is a story between me and him, which is not very good. Although the result is still good, but in the process... basically Go..., well, okay, do I admit it, I was scared out of the mental shadow by him, that's it."