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456 Disaster
    Author: Unknown
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Satan gives people too many surprises, but nothing can compare to the pure and familiar delicacy when Gao Yuan eats a bite of steamed buns and a bite of meat.

     Gao Yuan's eyes were widened at that time, because that melts in the mouth, the fat but not greasy, thin and nonchalant braised pork, is the taste that only exists in Gao Yuan's memory, and it is the taste that will not be eaten after the end.

     There is no doubt about the chef skills in the Taihang Mountain base, but the problem is that there is no fresh meat.

     When he was able to eat wild boar casually, Xiang Weiguo did not have the level of a professional chef.


     Gao Yuan dull for a moment, and then the speed in his hand increased slightly.

     Gao Yang casually said, "Is the taste okay? Eat more if the taste is okay, our chef is very authentic."

     No wonder Xinghe didn't say a word, just bowed his head and ate.

     "Now let's talk about the test problem. Well, we need to fly to an altitude of more than six kilometers. We currently have helicopters and drones that can do it, but they all have some problems because..."

     Xinghe raised her head, she looked high and earnestly said: "Wait, I'll talk about it after eating."

     Xinghe, who was still anxious just now, is no longer anxious, and Gao Yang, after shrugged the shoulders, said to Gao Yuan: "Just now there are too many people to ask questions, I without the slightest doubt, I must have cleaner's undercover, this It’s for sure, but it’s absolutely no problem to be here, so you can say whatever you want."

     "Uh, uh, okay."

     "Who is this?"Gao Yang is very curious about Xinghe. He knows that Xinghe is special, but he doesn't know where Xinghe is special. Because Xinghe is an alien, it is absolutely impossible to talk about in wireless communication.

     Gao Yuan's speech was vague, so he pointed at Xinghe with his mantou finger: "She is an alien."




     Satan's dining scene is more like a family dinner. After hearing the words from a high distance, a series of exclamations immediately sounded.

     Gao Yang, they both looked at Xinghe with surprised eyes, and then whispered where the rabbit was: "It doesn't make a difference to look at it, are they really aliens?" TV debut

     Galaxy head does not raise, saying: "authentic."

     Gao Yang stretched out his right hand to swing, and then he whispered: "All right, this topic end here, don't ask, don't say, you know it, be careful of the walls have ears, from now on, unless it is absolutely necessary , Otherwise her identity will never be mentioned again."

     So the scene that had just become lively fell into calm again.

     Gao Yang too understands the importance of confidentiality, and everyone in Satan knows that, so once you say don't mention it, you really won't mention it again, even if you look at Galaxy with curious eyes.

     Gao Yuan has no time to talk, but he has to ask something, so he can only vaguely say: "Where is the sea god, isn't he here?"

     He raised and whispered: "No, he is in Jibutsu. Most of the people in the water organization are in Jibutsu. They have been looking for the whereabouts of the holy cabinet."Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Not long ago, there was a battle in Jibudi. The position of the holy cabinet was moved several times and used several times. I suspect it was caused by the sea gods."

     Raised brows immediately frowned, and said: "How do you know?"

     Xinghe freed a hand, moved the revelation at her feet, and said, "Use this."

     Gao Yang exhaled and said: "I know the existence of this thing, but this is the first time I have seen it. Well, Poseidon launched an action in Jibuti, but he didn't contact me. This situation is something not going well. "

     The raised brows frowned, he thought for a long time, and finally said: "Now the whole Jibuti is under the control of the cleaners. Where are the little eggs and his people as an only once opportunity for action. If they fail, then trouble That's great."

     Disregarding the image, Gao Yang wiped the oil from his mouth with the back of his hand, and Gao Yang said to a man with a blindfold: "Yake, contact the water organization. If you really can't get through, then they have a problem."

     Yak nodded with only one eye, then he whispered: "Should I contact the black devil or the water organization?"

     "Black Devil."

     Gao Yang's fingers began to beat the table rhythmically but unconsciously, and then he frowned: "If there is a problem with the water organization, then we will have trouble finding the holy cabinet, because this matter has always been the responsibility of Xiaodan. If We went to find it ourselves...we are not professional either."

     Yake immediately stopped/stood, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and said, "I'm full, so I will contact you and let you know if there is a result."

     "Well, go ahead."Gao Yang started eating again. The news was not very good, but it would not affect his appetite.

     "You said you can accurately locate the position of the holy cabinet, right?"

     Gao Yuan nodded and said: "Yes, as long as the holy cabinet is used, it can be accurately positioned."

     Highly thinking, he slowly said: "As long as you use it, you can locate it. The holy cabinet is mainly for medical treatment. It is not necessary for us to secretly search for it. Just force the cleaner to use the holy cabinet. If you do, you only need one military operation to create a few wounded for them, especially those with high status and serious injuries that will die if you die."

     Gao Yuan repeatedly nodded, and Gao Yang continued: "Then if something happens to the water organization, we will take it. We are good at this, but... I heard that the holy cabinet can cure everything? There is also no problem with cancer, right?"

     Gao Yuan immediately said: "It must be no problem, oh, it can also Broken Limb Rebirth..."

     Looking at the disabilities of Satan, Gao Yuan knew what the Ram was thinking.

     And Gao Yang really complexion turned happy, but he immediately said: "Very good, very good, but other things are still secondary. The key is that this cancer can be cured. I have a friend who can’t hold it anymore. I must quickly Just find the holy cabinet."

     Gao Yuan curiously said: "Oh, cancer?"

     "Well, lymphoma, cancer cells have spread."Speaking of his friends, Gao Yang seemed a bit impatient, he thought for a bit, and said: "It is very important for you to accurately locate the holy cabinet, but the first thing we choose to solve is the cleaner's offense, otherwise there will be no next move. Talking about it, and to solve the cleaner's offense, we still need to test... Choose us to continue to talk about the problem of testing. Once the aliens discover our aircraft, they must attack?

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe were nodded together, and Gao Yang immediately sighed: "This is the problem. Our helicopters and drones are all in the rear and dare not take off at all. If we must attract aliens, it would be very dangerous. Therefore, we must test on the site controlled by the cleaners, so that even if the aliens do come and attack, it will be bad luck for the cleaners."