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459 Night Attack
    Author: Unknown
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The sounding balloon was delivered, along with several hydrogen cylinders for inflating, and a conversion bottle nozzle for inflating the balloon.

     It was originally used by the meteorological forces of the aviation and missile units to predict the weather. The balloons were not too big or heavy. After they were inflated, they could carry measuring instruments to the sky. Now if you want to attract the attention of aliens, you can continue to use these balloon instruments.

     The task of backing the gas cylinder is left to Gao Yuan, and the weight of the cylinder is only 20 kilograms and 40 liters of capacity. The weight of hydrogen inside is negligible. For Gao Yuan, this weight is radically light as a feather, if not The volume of the steel cylinder is too big, even if it is high and far away, it does not hurt to carry ten or eight on its back.

     The battle is getting closer and closer to the location of the headquarters. Now the sound of the guns is very clear. This long battle started during the day and continued at 10:00 pm, but according to the enemy’s maneuvering speed, the whole day passed. However, it still failed to break through Satan's line of defense, indicating that the enemy's offensive has been contained.

     Mechanized troops using tanks and armored vehicles are blocked in one region/place to fight attrition, which means failure. So there’s nothing about it. Although Satan’s defense is difficult, although he has been in the reserve team several times, now Satan has the upper hand. of.

     "The route has been determined, everything is ready and ready to go."

     After Li Jinfang finished speaking to Gao Yang, Gao Yang looked at his watch and said, "Guys, let's go."

      There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. There's no one to see him off. Gao Yang led a part of Satan and quietly left the headquarters."We need to make a big turn and avoid the enemy's frontline troops and patrols. It is not easy to sneak into Malakal, but there is no problem going to the outskirts of Malakal."

     Gao Yang held his rifle and sat in the passenger seat. Li Jinfang drove, Grolev sat in the back, and an M2 heavy machine gun was fixed in the middle. TV debut

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe drive a car, Frye.

     In the other car are rabbits, crows, and Tyrannosaurus Irene.

     Gao Yuan is very uncomfortable with the habit of mixing Satan's name and nickname, because he still doesn't know what the name of the rabbit is.

     Satan's people are very familiar with each other. They can call them whatever they want, but Gao Yuan can't call the rabbit directly.

     "Hi, Frye, I'm so happy to meet you today. I didn't think I would sit in the same car with you one day, and I was still going to fight. Thinking about it now, it feels like I'm dreaming. "

     The language is unclear, but there is no problem with the good translation of Xinghe, but Gao Yuan still stubbornly finished the conversation with Frye in English.

     Frye drove the car, and he smiled: "Uh, being a sports star is not actually happy to be a mercenary. Really, because being a star has to live in the spotlight, and my companions can’t be exposed to the spotlight. In the years when I was a star, I was actually very unhappy, so... I don’t like Doomsday and Alien Invasion, but I really enjoy the feeling of being with my brothers.”

     Gao Yuan didn't fully understand it, but after Xinghe's translation, his first reaction was that this Frye was faulty. He didn't like being a star, but he liked being a mercenary?After Frye finished speaking, he suddenly said very earnestly: "I ask you a question, can that holy cabinet treat the problem of infertility? For some reason, my wife cannot get pregnant. I want to know the one that can treat all diseases. Can the holy cabinet treat this kind of problem?"

     This kind of question doesn't need to be answered high, Xinghe directly said: "Of course it can."

     Frye sighed and said, "It's great, I think it can be, but I still want to ask clearly, two people, I have to concentrate on driving, and we will talk later."

     Gao Yuan also wanted to talk to Fry about baseball pitching and grenade throwing, but since Frye said to concentrate, he had no choice but to leave it alone.

     To get around the front line of the firefighting and the cleaner's patrol team, you need to make a rather big turn. It must be at least 200 kilometers. There is no road, and you must always pay attention to the road conditions, so when driving is really not that way. Easy and not too fast.

     Four hours later, the assault vehicle driving in the front began to slow down, and then the three vehicles stopped in a fringe shape.

     Gao Yang held up the night vision goggles and observed for a long time, then he whispered, "We are about ten kilometers away from Malakal, right here, abandon the car and walk forward, search for the forward formation, and set off.

     Gao Yang casually picked up a steel cylinder filled with hydrogen, and began to move forward following Satan's formation.There are still ten kilometers, this distance is not too far, even if the balloon is put here, it is also no problem, but for Gao Yang, he not only wants to put the balloon to test the attitude of aliens, he still thinks if it is true Aliens will come to launch an attack, so it's best to use the aliens' hands to completely destroy the cleaners in Malakal.

     So it's a little closer, but there is no need to enter Malakal, and there is no need to force a balloon to be released when the enemy feels it.

     Before Satan’s search, the army moved quickly. Li Jinfang and Irene walked in the front, Gao Yang walked in the middle behind them, and behind them, Grolev, the rabbit, and the crow, as for Frye. Walking with Gaoyuan and Xinghe.

     This kind of formation is a bit strange. In terms of high-level perception, shouldn't the sharpshooter be walking behind? How can he walk in front of the machine gunner?

     In other words, it is understandable that Satan surrounded Gao Yang in the middle. Whether it is an assaulter, a sniper, or a machine gunner, everything is centered around Gao Yang, but you should know that the mainstream in the world today There is no such arrangement of firepower points in the battle formation.

     However, Satan must be very familiar with this formation. They travel very fast, and basically do not need to communicate throughout the whole process, and they do not even need to make gestures. When they should be fast, they must slow down. The very open team coordinated as one.

      The connoisseur recognizes the artistry, which is barely able to discern at a glance. Satan’s tacit understanding is already arrived, a terrifying level.If you want to stop, stop together. The whole team stopped suddenly, and then Frye turned to Gao Yuan and Xinghe and whispered: "Fall down!"

     Frye still needs to notify Gao Yuan, but the others didn’t have any communication. They all lay down behind a mound. After about ten minutes, Li Jinfang looked up and observed him. He got up and called for a move, so the whole team got up again and moved on in silence.

     Frye whispered to Xinghe: "It was the enemy's fixed patrol just now. When we get here, we will frequently encounter the enemy's patrol. If I keep you hidden, your response must be fast, understand?"