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475 Block The Door
    Author: Unknown
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Xinghe followed into the waiting room.

     The waiting room in Malakal is just a bigger house, incomparable to the airports of those big cities, but the entire airport terminal or the main building of the airport, of course, there are many rooms in it, Satan It just occupied the largest waiting room.

     But it’s enough to occupy the waiting room now, at least in this fairly sturdy house, for the time being no need to be worried being hit by enemy machine guns or mortars.

     "Alert, block all imports and exports!"

     Gao Yang first ordered the closure of the exit, but he did not rush to order the search and clean up of the entire building.

     Gao Yang looked at Xinghe, and he whispered: "Can you see where that thing is now?"

     No one knows what equipment to look for looks like what, or where it is, even the size doesn’t know at all, so if you want Satan’s people to find it, it’s better to let Xinghe Adventure use the revelation to locate it accurately.

     Xinghe was also unambiguous, she immediately took out the enlightenment, and it took nearly a minute to complete the positioning work again.

     "Not here, over there!"

     Xinghe stretched her finger, and then she said anxiously: "Very close, very close!"

     Gao Yang looked in the direction Xinghe was pointing.

     Gao Yang has been to Malakal Airport many times. He is very familiar with this place. After following Xinghe's fingers, he immediately said: "At the tower!"

     At any airport, regardless of size, there must be a tower that controls the take-off and landing of aircraft. Even if there is only one radio, it is also a tower.Gao Yang said anxiously: "The tower is a separate building, where you pass an internal office area of the airport, walk about 80 meters, there are many rooms, I don't know the specific number, the end of the corridor is a door, after going out is the tower There may be a lot of enemies along the way. Let’s be careful, little flies, and throw grenades when the door is open. Is that enough?"

     Fry glanced at and whispered: "It should be enough."

     "just to confirm."

     "As long as the door is not fully open, it is enough."

     While speaking, Gao Yang replaced the pistol with a magazine, reinserted the pistol into the holster, took out the shotgun from his pocket, and filled it all into a small pocket on his chest.

     After finishing the preparation work, he sighed and said in a low voice: "Leave two people to watch the back road, well, the Tyrannosaurus rex, the porcupine, watch the back road."

      This time Gao Yuan suddenly said: "The old gun is capable. He can watch the back road, so he should guarantee the assault power."

     Gao Yang looked at Ashraf, his eyes swept over Ashraf's Mosin Nagan, and he looked a little hesitation.

     Loudly and whispered: "There are lights here. If there are lights, the old gun will definitely be fine."

     Gao Yang immediately said: "Okay, I believe you, porcupine, you and the old gun will cover us after breaking, and the others, we will go."

     Gao Yuan patted Ashraf, drew a circle with his hand, and made a cover gesture. Ashraf immediately nodded and raised his rifle.

     Li Jinfang and Irene walked in the forefront, Gao Yang a little behind them, because the corridor at the end of the hall was only three meters wide and could not accommodate too many people in parallel.Then the others broke up in two rows and walked behind Li Jinfang and Irene, all walking close to the root of the wall, while the porcupine and Ashraf walked at the end of the two rows respectively, facing back on guard, raising their guns and ready to fire at any time.

     Many doors in the corridor are closed, and no one knows if there is anyone inside, whether a shuttle bullet is suddenly hit, or two grenades are thrown out.

     Because you have to be very careful, the team's speed is a little slow, far not as fast when you are outside.

     After three doors, it doesn't have any movement, but at a distance of about ten meters ahead, a dark object suddenly threw out of an open door.

     It was a grenade, and the distance of ten meters was very embarrassing. It was impossible to run over to kick the grenade. Although the distance of ten meters was not too close, it was within the effective damage range of the grenade.

     Gao Yang fired. His shotgun hit the grenade. The bullet hit the side of the grenade that was thrown from sliding on the ground. The grenade was shot flying, rebounded, hit the door, and the fuse took effect. explosion.

     An enemy who was hiding behind the door with a rifle intended to explode a grenade and swept a shuttle, but he was exploded by his own hand grenade.

     "Unable to Restrain Emotions."

     Gao Yang suddenly baffling said something, and then he quickly said: "Fortunately, I use single-headed bullets."

     No one spoke, the team just continued to move forward dull.

     There should still be enemies in the house, but no matter if they dare not come out or some civilians, in short, no one dares to appear behind the open or closed door.Frye would throw a grenade into every open door, so this also slightly slowed the team's forward speed.

     A door that had been open suddenly closed, and then a man shouted desperately in the room: "Don't enter, you don't come in..."

     No one looked at each other, no one spoke, and no one expressed surprise or anything, only one person who suddenly collapsed. This kind of thing is too common on the battlefield, not worth mentioning, not worth wasting time, Satan in a hurry It's totally possible to let him live.

     Arriving at the end of the corridor, Gao Yang waved his hand. Both teams hid in the rooms closest to the end of the corridor. Then Li Jinfang and Frye stepped forward alone, while Gao Yang raised his gun at the opposite wooden door at the end of the corridor.

     The wooden door didn't seem to be locked, but after Li Jinfang signaled it, he stepped forward and kicked, and the door leaf was kicked open. The moment he opened the door, Frye threw the grenade out of the gap. , And then the kicked door immediately bounced back, and Li Jinfang quickly jumped back.

     In fact, there is no need to kick. Gao Yuan just wanted to talk, but saw that there were dozens of bullet holes in the door instantly. After the bullet broke the door, the ricochet formed in the corridor was flying around the corridor.

     Gao Yuan was taken aback. Fortunately, he was hiding in the room. Otherwise, he really couldn't avoid this ricochet.

     Li Jinfang, who kicked the door, was injured. After jumping back into the room, the blood blew from his shoulder, but Li Jinfang was like a okay person. Yes, he didn’t even look at him. Just like a okay person, don't talk about it.

     "It's a bit troublesome, it's blocked, jump the window!"Gao Yang just said something, but he looked at the room behind him, frowned and said: "Go too far, break the wall, skunk, open two holes, don’t be big, hit the enemy a no time to deal with it, and then Still break through the door."

     The Skunk retracted the rifle. He pulled through the backpack and took out a piece of C4 from the bag. He pulled it apart with both hands, and then both hands began to pinch two doughy C4s at the same time.

     I started to paste strips of C4 on the wall and inserted two fuses, and then the skunk ran to the opposite room quickly, and soon he whispered: "Safety distance is one meter on both sides, five fronts. Meter."

     Gao Yang immediately said: "Keep a safe distance, the assault team prepares, and it detonates in three seconds."

     "Three seconds count down, 3, 2, 1, detonation!"

     Two explosion points, one sound, with a bang sound, the room was densely dusty, but there was an extra long opening on the wall with a width of 20 cm from top to bottom and a length of 30 cm from the left to the right.

     Gao Yang stretched his gun into the hole, and he shot it. After a while, he suddenly shouted: "Go!"