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498 This Is Really Complicated
    Author: Unknown
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When coming out of Morgan's house, the Ram looked back several times.

     It can be seen that the Ram is very concerned about Morgan's condition, and also very worried. He really hopes to seize the medical warehouse, and then use it for Morgan, who has attacked the vitals.

     With a soft sighed saying, the ram started the car, and this time, Xinghe suddenly said: "We at what time go to the cave where you found the idol?"

     The ram dazed for a moment, Xinghe continued to use calm but revealing some contemptuous tone: "In my opinion, if you really care about the condition of the old man just now, you should take me there earlier, because I found With the spaceship, then the medical warehouse can be completely abandoned. To use the Chinese dialect, you are rejecting what is near at hand and seek what is far away."

     The ram thought for a moment, then his hands left the steering wheel, spread his hands out, and said helplessly: "I don't believe in things that I can't grasp. In my opinion, the medical warehouse is in Jibu mentioned. The warehouse is there. As long as I can take the medical warehouse back, Morgan will be saved."

     After speaking, Ram turned his head and looked at Xinghe, and then he said seriously: "But the cave where the idol was found, we have been to see it a long time ago, where nothing at all."

     Xinghe still earnestly said: "So you think the spaceship you didn't find must not be somewhere, right? Just because you didn't find anything, so you would rather go grab the medical warehouse than take me to find the spacecraft right away is yours way of thinking?"

     The ram snapped a finger, and then he straightforwardly said: "What you said makes sense, you are right, we will go today, whether it is day or night in the cave, so we go today."Galaxy was nodded, and then the Rams immediately stepped on the accelerator.

     "If we go to the cave, we need to do some preparations, some manpower, and a long enough rope. Well, I have to arrange it now. Let other things go first, but now..."

     The ram looked at Xinghe and said, ", I want to invite you to my home as guests. We can have a casual meal and wait for the preparation of the cave adventure at my home to complete, and then we can go."

     After returning from the front line, Gao Yuan separated from Li Shuzi and the others and stayed with the Rams. Since the start of Shenzhou, Gao Yuan has not been away with his companions for so long.

     "Brother Yang, everyone else..."

     "Oh, don't worry. Someone entertained them. I'm sorry. You should have been invited to the Spark team, but there are too many things and the plan has not kept up with the changes."

     The Ram looked somewhat difficult, he scratched the head, and said: "I originally planned to have lunch with you, and then let you rest, but I... Adele knows that Xinghe is an alien, I have to go with you I met, and then Catherine wanted to see Xinghe very much. My wife and I hadn’t seen each other for a few days. She was very worried about me. She and my mother-in-law were waiting to go home for dinner. My parents and my mother were too anxious, so I just wanted to get together. Come on, then they can get together, this will let Karima...In short, it is very troublesome to separate, I just let them be together, eat nothing out of the ordinary, so in order not to waste time, I still want to invite you Let's eat together."

     How could Gao Yuan feel so messy?The Ram’s home is very close to Morgan’s residence. It takes only five minutes to walk. If you drive, you will be there as soon as possible. Therefore, Ram finally finished speaking after he stopped the car in front of his house. of.

     Looking at Gao Yuan’s somewhat puzzled expression, the Ram was slightly cramped, a little embarrassed, and a little embarrassed in a low voice: "Well, my family relationship is a bit messy, don’t be too surprised, uh, in short. Strange."

     At this moment, the door of Ram's house was opened, and a very pretty woman appeared in the door, and ran directly towards the Ram's cart.

     The Ram pushed open the car door, he got out of the car, hugged the woman together, and then they kissed very intimately.

     At first glance, it is a couple with a particularly good relationship.

     After waiting for Gao Yuan and Xinghe to get off the bus, the Ram turned and smiled at Gao Yuan: "This is my wife, Yelena, Yelena, this is Gao Yuan."

     Gao Yuan bowed slightly and said, "Hello, sister-in-law."

     Yelena smiled very happily, and said: "Hello, it's nice to meet you."

     The Ram pointed to Xinghe and said, "This is Xinghe, uh, Catherine and Adele just want to see her, you understand."

     Yelena made a very shocked expression, and she whispered: "Hello, oh, I'm really rude, sorry, you and I imagined not quite the same, oh, please come in, please come in quickly."

     Ram and Yelena walked in front, Gao Yuan and Xinghe walked on their side. When they entered through the open gate, they found that it was really lively.

     Um, beauty, beauty, or beauty.Two beauties sitting on the sofa are talking, they are smiling happily, while on a single sofa next to another beauties sitting politely smiling, and a chubby middle-aged woman Food is placed on the table, and there is still one middle-aged woman from China has just entered the restaurant with a plate.

     Seeing the ram coming in, the beauty sitting/stood on the solo sofa smiled at Gao Yuan and Xinghe, while the two beauties sitting together looked bright, and then one of them quickly walked towards Far away.

     After looking at Gao Yuan and Xinghe for a moment, the beauty who came forward looked at Xinghe with a puzzled expression: "Are you an alien?"

     Xinghe's height is the biggest difference between her and others.

     Xinghe was nodded, and then she smiled and said: "Yes, I am an alien."

     "Adele, don't be like this..."

     The Ram seems to be somewhat grudgingly. After he smiled apologetically at Xinghe, he whispered to Adele, "You should at least say hello first."

     Adele stared at Xinghe in a daze, and then she suddenly said, "Oh, hello, Welcome to Earth."

     Xinghe raised her eyebrows, and then she smiled and said, "Thank you."

     The Ram stepped forward, and he said solemnly: "I'll introduce to you, this is Adele, she is... my girlfriend, this is Catherine, uh, so is she, this is Cary Ma, she is my assistant, this is my mother-in-law Natalia, oh, this is my mother."Gao Yuan had seen many women one by one, but the attention of these women was obviously on Xinghe, so when Xinghe greeted everyone, Gao Yuan stepped aside and looked at the Ram with admiring eyes.

     The Ram smiled at Gao Yuan, but smiled reluctantly.

     Gong Yang and Gao Yuan stood together, and then Gao Yuan cannot bear saying: "Brother Yang, I know that I shouldn’t ask this, but I still have to know that these...are all...huh?"

     The ram lowered his voice and said, "This...well, it's very complicated. Yelena is my wife, and the other three...and Irene, well, you know."