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502 Miracle
    Author: Unknown
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The exciting time has come, but there are many ladies here today baffling.

     Almost all of Satan's people were there, and Gao Yuan also specially called for Rishiko. As for Ashraf, he soaked in the water for too long, and then he caught a cold unexpectedly.

     Obviously it is a scientific investigation, or an expedition, but the atmosphere is like a military operation. Except for the endless talk on chirp chirp twitter by Adele and Xinghe, everyone else is very serious.

     Perhaps everyone hopes that a miracle can happen here, so naturally, the atmosphere becomes tense.

     Leaving the small town built out of thin air on the grassland, within ten minutes of driving, we reached the foot of a hill with a gentle slope, and continued to drive up the mountain, and then walked for another ten minutes to the place where the car could not be driven, and we came to a large scale. Of the hole.

     Gao Yuan thought that the entrance of the cave was on the mountain wall, but only to find out that the entrance of the cave was on the flat ground.

     A black man stood at the entrance of the cave, and the ram stepped forward and waved his hand, saying, "All ready ma."

     "It's all ready. It's been over an hour to blow the air into the cave. I have already tried it. There will be no lack of oxygen inside."

     There is a generator running on the ground. Judging from the many wires connected, there should be a lot of electrical appliances inside.

     The ram was nodded, and then he waved his hand and said: "Let's go in, porcupine, you and the radar are at the entrance of the cave."

     After giving orders, the Ram was the first to walk down the cave."When I first came, it was supported by wood, which was intentionally buried and hidden artificially, but the technique was very rough and primitive."

     The ram turned on his headlight, turned around and illuminated the surroundings, and wanted to go down to the cave, and then in a small space, he could see the real entrance of the cave.

     In the cave, a big lamp was aimed at a dark cave. Although the light was very bright, it still gave people a dark and unmeasurable feeling when shining into the dark cave.

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe followed. Xinghe looked at the cave carefully and touched the cave wall with his hand, and said, "This is a trace of volcanic eruption. Is it a lava tube?"

     The ram said immediately: "Yes, it’s a lava tube. Geologists have seen it and said that the entire hill is made of basalt. The magma formed during the volcanic eruption was cooled. Uh, geologists originally thought it might be here. There is kimberlite. We hope to find kimberlite because diamonds are more likely to appear near the kimberlite, but no, the whole hill is all basalt."

     Xinghe did not speak nor moved. She seemed to be searching for the knowledge in her mind. After a while, she nodded and said: "A kind of igneous rock, okay, I understand. "

     The ram made a please gesture. He walked in the front, and said gently: "This cave is just a lava tube. When volcanic eruption, the surrounding lava cools first, and the melted lava flows out from here, and finally This lava tube was formed."

     Gao Yuan looked back and forth, and then he curiously said: "How did you find such a hidden place?"Gong Yang said with emotion: "God, hey, it is God's will. At that time, I was chased and killed. I stepped on the empty hole and fell into the hole outside, and then I ran into it, if it wasn't for that foot Empty, I guess I haven't found this place yet."

     Xinghe quickened his pace, so the Ram also quickened his pace.

     Go straight along the slightly curved lava tube, and soon came to an underground hall.

     A very large space, full of black basalt, four searchlights illuminate, but it doesn't feel very bright, because the entire space is dark, which makes people feel very depressing.

     The person with claustrophobia already felt very uncomfortable at this time, but Xinghe saw the back of the idol, but immediately ran up, and then she stood in front of the idol facing a huge hole on the ground .

     The height of Xinghe is 1.87 m, and the height of the statue is about two meters. The upper body and head are able to discern the human form, but the lower half is not round and square, and unable to discern is the lower body of a person, or a base.

     Xinghe stood there staring at the idol, while Gao Yuan looked at the too abstract idol, and then turned to look at a huge hole just a few meters away in front of the idol.

     There is a huge hole on the flat ground of the hall. In the black area as a whole, it looks deeper and darker. The entire hole is surrounded by a warning strip to mark the position of the hole. Otherwise, it might be inadvertent. In the case of direct fall into.At the edge of the hole, a support was built. There are steel wire ropes and a hanging basket on the support. If you want to go down to a vertical cave, you need to use this hanging basket.

     The idols have been around for a long time. They are basically the kind of abstract shapes that primitives can embody in murals or rock paintings. The entire idol should be made of clay, and there are even several bullet craters on the back.

     "Although the shape is very abstract, this is the image of Tianren's early spacesuit."

     Xinghe finally spoke. She stared at the idol, and then Slightly lent forward, speaking to the idol jī li gū lū in a language that no one could understand, and then she stood up straight again and looked at the idol.

     Gao Yuan cannot bear saying :"what are you saying?"

     "Salute to the great pioneer of adventure."

     After speaking, Xinghe turned and looked at the hole facing the idol. The hole was vertically downward and it was impossible to see how deep it was.

     "Are the eyes of the idol looking at this hole?"

     There are only three pits in the eyes of the idol now, because the diamonds used as eyes were detained by the ram.

     Ram slightly awkwardly said: "This, I really didn't pay attention at the time, it should be..."

     There were two headlights at the entrance of the cave lighting down. Xinghe walked to the bracket and held the bracket with her hand and glanced at down. Under the light, she could already see the bottom, but this vertical cave was too deep. , Plus the black basalt, it looks just a piece of black.Xinghe watched for a long time, and then she turned the head around and said, “I don’t remember that there are similar terrains in other places on the earth. This vertically downward cave is too standard. The standard is like a man-made manufactured one with a very deep depth. Large and vertical as a whole, volcanic eruption is almost impossible to naturally form such an opening, right?

     The ram scratched his head and said: "Uh, the expert also said that he wanted to conduct long-term research here, but I'm kidding, this was a place I tried to keep secret at the time, how can it be let people study..."

     The Ram was still talking, but Adele said with a certain face: "Yes, it is impossible to be naturally formed."

     So the Ram understood that Xinghe wasn't asking him, but Adele.

     Xinghe nodded, said: "Let's go down and take a look."

     At this time Adele said anxiously: "I there is a question, can your technology make such a hole?"

     Xinghe stared for a while, and then she shook her head and said, "The spacecraft we are using now can't work. If it is the previous spacecraft...the same can't be done. Therefore, this cave confuses me, and I am very confused now."