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505 Eastbound
    Author: Unknown
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Nothing at the bottom of the pit, so the last hope can only be placed on the idol.

     Do you want to destroy the idol? This is a problem. This is really a problem.

     Emotionally speaking, in terms of protecting an ancient ruin, or even a remains of a Prehistoric Civilzation, this idol has a very important meaning, and it is indeed a pity that it is destroyed like this.

     But only outwardly, this idol is indeed nothing unusual.

     "You said, is there a person sealed in here?"

     "It's possible, but can't the aliens die? Wait, if the aliens won't die, wouldn't they be alive now and stay on the earth?"

     Xinghe was checking the idol, and a few people next to him were talking in whispers. After hearing Gao Yuan’s conversation with the rabbit, Xinghe didn’t look up, but said softly, “The instrument must be disarmed to achieve infinite life. If you lose the instrument, you can live up to four. A hundred years, the general time is about three hundred years."

     "Oh? Three hundred years old? That's fine too!"

     "Right, right, Immortality seems terrible, but if you can live three hundred years, that's okay!"

     At this moment, Xinghe said loudly: "Please bring the portable X-ray machine."

      Albert and Andy Ho stepped forward. Both of them were military doctors, and they inevitably deal with X-ray machines. Satan naturally has portable X-ray machines, which are extremely commonly used medical equipment.

      Albert started operating the X-ray machine, and Andy He looked at the computer screen, and after roughly scanning the entire idol for the first time, the result was still nothing at all.This time the ram just came up from the hole in the ground. As soon as he came to the ground, he immediately said, "Is there any discovery? Is there a result?"

      Albert shrugged the shoulders at the ram and said, "Unfortunately, the entire statue of the god is made of the same material. It doesn't have any metal inside, and there is no one person sealed."

     The Ram thought for a while and said, "Do you think there will be a note or something in it?"

     Everyone looked at the ram, and the ram said with embarrassment: "I said without thinking, don't look at me with such foolish eyes..."

     In the cave there are still two smaller openings. Xinghe dazed looked at the two smaller openings and said, "Have you explored both holes?"

     "I checked it, it didn't get too deep, it ended up, and it didn't communicate with the outside world. Well, don't you think so much..."

     Xinghe continued to look thoughtful. This time, Gao Yuan caught a glimpse of Rikiko who had nothing to do.

     "Hey, Chief Dao, you give me a divination?"

     Gao Yuan's words reminded others, and the rabbit immediately said: "Yes, yes, count one hexagram, count one hexagram."

     Rikiko hesitated a little, he whispered: "Don't be too serious about fortune-telling, you have to let me count things, this...I can't guarantee that I can count them."

     Gao Yuan said: "It's okay, anyway, materialism doesn't work anymore. It's okay to have a little spirit of spiritualism, just treat it as fun."

     Rikiko took out six coins and said, "Who will throw it?"

     "I come."Xinghe stepped forward and took the copper coin in Rikiko's hand, and then she said seriously, "I want to figure out where the spaceship is!"

     Rikiko not to know whether to laugh or cry, and said: "This makes me very stressed, but still come on, just take it for fun, don't care too much."

     Xinghe threw the copper coin on the ground, and Rikiko leaned over to check it one by one. Then he pinched his fingers and muttered in a low voice. After a long time, Rikiko said with a surprised look: "Weird, This hexagram turned out to be... it turned out to be a lucky trip to the west!"

     When Rikiko brazen faced and asked to join the Xinghuo team, he calculated a trigram. The hexagram is going westward. Now, he has calculated a trigram.

     Gao Yuan half believing, half doubting said: "I said Chang, don't fool us, why is this another good luck for the west? Don't you just know those hexagrams? If you really can't figure it out, just say it. Don't always fool us with a word."

     Rikiko flustered and exasperated said: "Why am I fooling you? What I am counting is the direction, you see, this is...this is, wait!"

     Rikiko pinched his fingers again, and then he said anxiously: "I am not good at learning. Now we are in a cave, and we are underground. Then we can't be the same as on the ground. This is the other way around. The correct answer is... the eastward journey is good."Gao Yuan looked at Rikiko with suspicion. Rikiko was helpless. He spread his hands and said, "I just rely on this to eat, not divine strategy and wonderful planning. You always hold down such an important responsibility. On my shoulders, I can’t afford it, Captain, I’m telling you, this person has to believe in science. How can you put the sci-fi thing of finding alien spaceships on things like fortune-telling? You don’t? Don’t you think it’s very different?"

     Gao Yuan was said to be unable to respond.

     Then Rikiko said with a magnificent expression: "Where can you find the spaceship? Isn't this embarrassing me? Right? You can't count fortunetelling. You can't be too specific. You should count whether the spaceship can be found , I can’t calculate where the spacecraft is, understand?."

     "It's too specific to be fooled, right?"

     Rikiko didn't even speak, he actually acquiesced to Gao Yuan's ridicule.

     "Well, I can find it, you can throw it."

     Gao Yuan took the copper coin from Rikiko, and then he looked at Rikiko with contempt, but Rikiko didn't dare to look at him.

     Gao Yuan threw the copper coin on the ground at random. After reading it, Rikiko said loudly: "Okay! The earth wind rises, go up!"

     As soon as Rikiko said, the Ram immediately slapped his hand and exclaimed, "Great! This thing will definitely happen."

     This deliberate encouragement was too obvious. Gao Yuan was contemptuous in his heart, but for Rikiko, a military sergeant, he couldn't really expect him to figure out where the spaceship was immediately. That would be too unrealistic.At this moment, someone suddenly ran into the cave, and before it arrived, the porcupine said loudly: "Boss, you have to go out and contact the water organization. Your signal in the cave is affected. The fox wants you to go back right away, the situation is urgent."

     The ram said immediately: "What does it say?"

     The porcupine lowered his voice and said, "The Water Organization and the Black Devil are being searched by the cleaners. They are now in Sorimasai Laqi and have joined the Skeleton Gang, but their situation is a bit dangerous."

     The ram stretched out his hand and snapped a finger and said: "Very good, it's good to be able to get in touch, they are in Sayrac..."

     The Yang Yang suddenly looked at Rikiko, and said, "Did you just say the eastward journey is good?"

     Rikiko dazed for a moment and said, "Uh, this is just a reference. It's just a reference. You can't take it too seriously."

     The Yang Yang suddenly said, "Jibu mentioned the port is right in the east of us, and Sai Laqi is also here. I think this eastward trip means that we have to go to Ji not to mention it. Well, it’s very accurate, Mr. Tao. What a fortune!"

     Rikiko dumbstruck, the Rams' forced explanation is too far-fetched.

     Gao Yuan knew that Gong Yang was going to let Rikiko play the role of a military Taoist. Anyway, in this hexagram, true is good, and false is good. Since Ji is not mentioned in the east, it must be good east.