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516 Local Tycoon
    Author: Unknown
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The prosperity of Satan Town is based on the illusion, because it doesn't have any foundation for sustainable development, at least for now.

     But even if he knew that the prosperity of Satan Town was like a pavilion in the air, Gao Yuan was still addicted and excited about it.

     Because Gao Yuan now has money in his pocket, and there is something to sell in the store.

     Gao Yuan can't remember the last time he was shopping at what time, nor can he remember what it was like. Now he can walk on a street that is not prosperous and look at the shops that can only appear by chance on the side of the road, but there are Things can be sold, this is the most important thing.

     Gao Yuan saw a beer hall, surrounded by a large number of people at the entrance of the beer hall, with different skin colors and different languages, but everyone seemed very excited.

     Pulling Xinghe walked over, I realized that those people were just watching, they were watching the equipment being installed in the beer hall, and then everyone was full of happiness.

     "What is this doing?"

      At this time, Gao Yuan could only be deaf, and a tall Russian man with a beard turned his head and said to Xinghe in Russian: "Wine barrels are being installed here. Haven't you heard of it? We are going to start. Home brewed beer, we will be able to drink beer soon, now a silver coin can only be combined with a small bottle, but after starting to brew beer, one silver coin can drink ten cups, ten cups, this is our boss's promise! "

     At this time, a person next to him said excitedly: "It may also be added to the unlimited supply list!"

     A group of people around started shouting.Xinghe turned the head around, she asked Gao Yuan puzzledly: "Does beer have such an exciting effect?"

     "You don't understand, this is feelings, feelings!"

     Gao Yuan, who originally didn't like to drink, also began to have a trace of anticipation to cheap beer, but now, he still pulled Laxing River, and the two continued to walk along the streets of the town.

     "Walking here, I have an unreal feeling, did you know, our life was a hundred times more lively than here, no, ten thousand times."

     Gao Yuanqing sighed saying, while Xinghe turned his head to think for a moment, then shook his head and said: "I don’t understand, I can’t imagine. I’ve seen it, and I think it’s crowded."

     "Yes, traffic jams, queuing, a few people crowded in a dormitory, a family living in a house, but now I want to come, I really miss the feeling of traffic jams, I really miss the crowding."

     The more stable you are in the environment, the more you like to remember. When you are hungry in the mountains, Gao Yuan just wants to eat. When being chased by zombies, Gao Yuan just wants to be a safe and stable alive. life.

     But now, now Gaoyuan is full of food and sleeps soundly, so he will start to pursue spiritual life.

     "Hey, This isn't bad!"

     Gao Yuan's eyes lit up because he unexpectedly saw a candy store.

     In the town of Satan, where the members of the overwhelming majority are all male and professional soldiers, a candy shop has appeared!

     I couldn't help but licked his lips, pulled Xinghe far away, and said, "Go, please eat candy.""I seem to be able to link up this sentence with a very bad thing, well, oh, you are good or bad."

     "What did you watch?"

     A black-faced face pulled Xinghe into the candy store, and then he found that the clerk inside was two buffed brawny men with rifles hanging behind them, wearing MC camouflage, bulletproof vest, and helmet headset.

     The impact of this picture is slightly strong, Gao Yuan stood at the door of the candy store for a while, not knowing what to say.

     A brawny man with an American Marines armband looked up from behind the counter and glanced at Gao Yuan. He lazily said, "It's very expensive. It's better to buy a pack of cigarettes with this money."

     "Or save the money to buy beer, don't you know? If we brew our own beer, beer will become very cheap."

     After the other strong man finished speaking, he said, "If you want to buy a donut, tell you no, there are only some... uh, chocolate, fruit candy, what else is there? Lollipop? Haha, you want Do you want a lollipop?"

     The two strong men laughed together.

     This weird store has even more weird clerk.

     Gao Yuan said in stammeringly English: "How much is it?"

     Pointing to a box of chocolates, Gao Yuan said in a fluent English: "How much?"

     "Two silver coins, two contribution points, who gave this shit-like name?"

     A clerk complained to his companion, and then he said to Gao Yuan again: "Man, it is better to have this money... Oh, woman?"The clerk finally realized that Xinghe, who was half a head taller than himself, was a woman, so he immediately changed his face and said, "It turned out to be a woman, man, you are in the right place!"

     Reached out and pointed to the distance with Uncle Sam's classic gesture, then the strong man said anxiously: "Send sweet candy to this beautiful lady, you are in the right place! Look at this, sweetheart lollipop, a silver coin You can buy four! This is definitely the cheapest and most valuable gift!"

     Gao Yuan didn't understand, but Xinghe understood. So after Xinghe translated, Gao Yuan shrugged and said: "Uh, I want forty..."

     The somewhat distorted faces of the two shop assistants because of their overwhelming surprise, let Gao Yuan know that he is very rich now, very very rich.

     "I have very many very many brothers lying in the hospital. I want to visit them. The doctor said that smoking and drinking are absolutely prohibited, so I think maybe bring some candy as a gift..."

     Gao Yuan found that he had said it in vain, because Xinghe was happy and excited, with a smile on his face, and put all the lollipops on the shelf into the big trouser pocket of his army pants.

     "I want five boxes of chocolates, oh no, ten boxes..."

     When a strong man watched Gao Yuan take out a pile of silver coins and began to count, he changed from shock to feel deep veneration for sb, and then he said to Gao Yuan: "Oh, man, you must have participated in a very big operation. He also made a great battle. I have never, I have never seen anyone able to put out so many silver coins, man, you must be a big man! What have you done?"Xinghe opened a lollipop, put it in her mouth and licked it, then she pointed her thumb at a high distance and said, "He is the great hero of Save the World, humanity's hope, a miracle of evolution. As for what he did, This seems to be a secret, you have to ask the Rams."

     The two shop assistants looked at Gao Yuan’s feel deep veneration for sb, and Gao Yuan realized this look, but he still reached out to the bulk candy on the other side and said, “How much are those?”

     "A bag of two silver coins, a bag of a pound, man, nice to meet you."

     "Ten bags, I want ten bags."

     The local tyrant, the real local tyrant, a strong man counts candies, and a strong man counts silver coins, and then the two of them have to spread the candies, spread the silver coins on the counter, and make a gesture to the camera above the head to complete the transaction. .

     After putting the candy in an iron bucket with bullets, a clerk said: "The iron bucket is given away. This is the biggest business since the store opened. Man, although I don’t know what you did, I I really recommend that you spend your money in the right place..."