《Night Walker: Twenty Years of Demon Suppression》brief introduction

Night Walker: Twenty Years of Demon Suppression

author: 南无袈裟理科佛

"Miao Jiang Trilogy" author Nan Wu Kao's new works of science and Buddha. "Humans are faked as monsters, the spirits of things are spirits, and the human souls are not scattered into ghosts. The world is obedient, and suddenly there are very strange things. The gods are not righteous and evil, the human heart is infatuated as a demon, and the tendency toward heresy is an outsider." Hou Mo, during an accident in 1998, he discovered that he was hiding the Night Traveler's bloodline, and he was still a very special "Spiritbright Stone Monkey", which was a bloodline cursed by the heavens, with a genetic defect that could not survive 30 years. In order to survive, he had to struggle desperately from stepping into that unheard of circle years. The Seven Demon Lairs, the Alliance of Rangers, the Ten Great Experts of the Republic of China, and the grievances of the elders of the Qing Dynasty, the weird and complicated folk legends and the palpitating secrets of the countryside, the hideaways in the city, and the most terrifying Huang Quan Yin, you have The truth that has been heard but never understood, everything is in "Nightcrawler: Twenty Years of the Ping Yao"! If you think "Nightcrawler: Twenty Years of the Ping Yao" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in your QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 夜行者:平妖二十年)

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