《Born with a 98K》brief introduction

Born with a 98K

author: Iced子夜

[2018 Best Eating Chicken Article] Liu Zilang, known as the prodigal son Liu. Of course, you can also call him a piano player, an empire eagle eye, a blasting ghost, a god of war, Vic, Liu Wei... PDD: Vic is the most talented FPS player I have ever seen. Wei Shen: If you think of Vic dishes, then I can only say that I don't deserve to play this game! Principal Wang: Can you stop if you are disabled? Nod me, brother! Miss Chicken Diary: You can also eat chicken while lying in a double row with Vic! I really like the double row with Vic! A domestically talented youngster who fell in the "The Godswar" FPS World Contest, originally didn't want to touch FPS games, but unexpectedly contacted PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. In this story, there is a passionate game, a warm daily life, and a funny roommate. There is still one sister who is deeply trapped in the second dimension and doing live broadcast! (Ps: The 340W word "League of Legends: The Pinnacle Throne of League of Legends" has been booked for 6300. If you think that "Landing a 98K" is not bad, please don't forget to tell your QQ group and Recommended by friends in Weibo! (Chinese Name: 落地一把98K)

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