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1 Oni Sauce And Xiaotong Sauce!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At the beginning, only a slight breathing can be heard faintly.

     After a few sounds, after waiting for ten seconds, there was still no sound on the other end of the phone.

     There's nothing about it, Liu Zilang can be patient, cannot bear saying, "If you don't speak anymore, I will hang up."

     "No...no!" A soft melodious voice rang on the other end of the phone.

     "This Flat Little Girl." Liu Zilang hummed in his heart, said ill-humoredly, "I'm finally willing to speak, what's the matter?"

     On the other end of the phone is a spell of silence...

     After a while, just as Liu Zilang impatiently wanted to hang up the phone, a screaming voice came from the other end of the phone, "Open...open the door."

     Sure enough, I forgot to bring the key again!

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang's face suddenly became black.

     But in a moment, he laughed ‘hehe’ again.

     I saw him sticking to his mobile phone and said in a humble manner, "Um...it's okay to open the door, and the cry is good, like... brother, or Ernie Chan."

     There was silence again on the other end of the phone.

     After a while, there was a busy tone.

     The phone was hung up!


     This Flat Little Girl! Is it that hard to call brother?

     Liu Zilang squeezed his face, thinking that he would be so unwelcome to see him?

     A while ago, when freshman enrolled in the university, wasn't there a bunch of senior sisters rushing to help them move things?

     Could it be that my face is only effective for Yu Jie, Lori is immune?

     Bah, baah!

     A handsome person like me should eat all ages.

     It must be that little girl who has no eyesight!

     Correct!It must be so!


     Don't call your brother, just stay outside obediently and honestly!

     Lying on the bed with his hands behind his head, Liu Zilang thought viciously in his heart.

     Of course, this kind of thought can only be thought of in his mind.

     If he was allowed to do it, he would never dare!

     If she really shuts that girl out of the door, the stepmother will not say anything about her reaction.

     If you let your relatives know, you must be kicked up!

     Liu Zilang knows that his father usually wears western dress clothes and wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, like a gentle "successful person".

     But the essential factor is how violent it is!


     After groping for a while on the bed, I found the big pants that I threw on the bed last night, then randomly found a T-shirt and put it on him, saying, "Oh! This is Xiaotong's classmate, welcome, please come in. "

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, "Glasses Lolita" was about to say hello.

     The girl with a cold face beside the clinker suddenly pulled down her sleeves, pressed down the words "Glasses Lolita", and then raised her head to look at Liu Zilang coldly.

     There is no words, but the meaning is obvious.

     Two words, get out!



     It's so shameless in front of other little loli!

     Liu Zilang's anger suddenly came up.

     Leaning on the door frame, he eyebrows raised, puffed up his chest, his eyes began to look around, and his mouth whistled like no one!

     Liwei!Must be Liwei!

     Liu Zilang's heart is roaring!

     Today, I must let this Flat Little Girl know what it means to be an elder brother like a father, a father’s love like a mountain, Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting...

     However, in the next moment, Liu Zilang's figure was suddenly paused.

     Because he saw the girl in front of him slowly took out the phone from the bag...

     Of course it is not the police.

     But Liu Zilang knew that this was far more terrifying than calling the police!

     "Ahem... hehe... what..."

     Liu Zilang coughed twice, stretched his arms at the door, and smiled dryly, "I'm warming up, and I'm about to go out for exercise, eh! Xiaotong, why are you still in a daze, let your classmates go in."

     As he said, he shook his body while letting the door open without a word or movement.

     Zhang Xiaotong glanced at Liu Zilang, lightly snorted, and then pulled aside the dazed "Glasses Lolita" who watched Liu Zilang walk through the door.

     Outside the door, Liu Zilang peeked at the door while shaking his arms gradually became smaller.

      looks up at the sky, the sun shines brightly, the sky is as blue as a wash.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang's heart seemed to be closed by dark clouds and it was raining.


     Nima is so worried!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but recall the situation when this little girl was led by her mother when she first entered her house.

     Two croissants, a timidly small face, head down, a pair of black eyes rolled from time to time, looking at the surrounding environment and people.

     There is curiosity, more at a loss.Liu Zilang originally invited a friend to compete with him that day, but he was forced by his father to write questions in the bedroom, and he was very upset.

     When the bedroom door was opened, he immediately looked at it impatiently, and then met a slightly panicked face.

     After a daze, the little girl hurriedly took out a bag of bear biscuits from the small schoolbag behind her, somewhat reluctant to part with in her eyes, but still handed it over flatly.

     "Brother...Brother, eat cookies."

     What did she call herself at that time? It seems you called your brother, right?

      thought until here, look at now.

     That cute elementary school student has now become a budding junior high school student, but his "treatment" has also undergone a 180-degree turnaround.

     This feels really not the taste of Nima!

     Liu Zilang asked the sky silently for a while.

      At this time, he apparently selectively forgot some details.

     For example, instead of accepting the good intentions that day, he pushed the opponent out of the door very roughly and then closed the door with a "bang".

     He didn't even know that after the little girl was pushed out of the door at a loss to know what to do, facing the closed door, her eyes blushed dumbfounded.

     If he knew all this, Liu Zilang would probably know what "the way of heaven has reincarnation".


     Just when Liu Zilang was at the door, "view one's past as miserable and one's present as happy", the ringtone in the pocket of his big pants rang again.

     Liu Zilang took out the cell phone and found that it was his university roommate Pu Taizhuang who had just met.

     "The prodigal son, what are you doing?"As soon as the phone was connected, a strong accent of the Northeast smell rang.

     "Nothing, at home."

     While talking, Liu Zilang kicked the wall at the door twice.

     He was so embarrassed by that girl just now, he was considering whether to go back right now.

     As soon as the clinker phone heard this, he immediately said with a whisper, "Damn! Come to school then! Soaring knows, brothers are waiting for you!"

     "Why wait for me?" Liu Zilang heard somewhat uncertain.

     "Playing games! Recently my brothers discovered a fun game, and the entire Internet cafe is playing it."

     Liu Zilang has experienced some things, and now his love for games is not so high.

     Hearing this, I couldn't help but say with enthusiasm, "Don't! I don't know how to play lol, it's too bad. When you played last time, you and Mantou almost beat me to death."

     "Don't! It's not a lol!" Pu Taizhuang on the other side of the phone spoke until here, and someone nearby called him.

     He turned around and said something to the person, and then said to the phone, "Hurry up! We are missing one out of three, so we hang up first."

     After speaking, Liu Zilang hung up the phone without waiting for Liu Zilang to ask about the game.

     Liu Zilang looked at the phone and stared blankly.

     Thinking about going in now, that girl probably won't give herself a good face.

     If no one is also just sufficed, but now there is still a "glasses loli", my image of wise and brilliant can't be ruined.

      He thought until here, he didn't go home, he went out and drove a car at the intersection and drove towards the school.

     ...Not long after Liu Zilang left, Zhang Xiaotong's room in the door was opened.

     She took out two bottles of juice from the refrigerator in the living room, glanced at Liu Zilang's half-open door pretendingly, and walked back.

     But after not taking a few steps, she suddenly stopped again, her small ears slightly pricked up, and she listened to the movement in Liu Zilang's door.

     Everything is quiet.

     Zhang Xiaotong hesitated, and finally couldn't help but walk lightly, walk quietly on tiptoe close to the door, and glanced inwardly with some guilty conscience.

     A messy room, littered clothes, no folded cups...

     No one is the only one.


     Zhang Xiaotong saw it lightly snorted and bit his lip.

     At this moment, her shoulder was suddenly patted from behind.


     Zhang Xiaotong was shocked suddenly, but turned his head to find that it was his classmate.

     "Xiaotong, what are you doing here?" The glasses Lori glanced at the direction Zhang Xiaotong had just sneaked in.

     "No...nothing." Zhang Xiaotong hurriedly waved his hand, and then pretending to be a nonchalant gesture of the juice in his hand, "I'll get you a drink, let's go! Not here, let's go in, today I want to record the dance and upload it."

     "Oh, yes." The glasses loli was nodded blankly, and suddenly turned her head and asked curiously, "By the way, Xiaotong, who was that person just now, is that your brother?"

     "No!" As soon as the voice fell, Zhang Xiaotong immediately replied to chop the nail and slice the iron.

     Then she turned to look at Liu Zilang's room, frowned, "A nasty person, don't mention him."Sneez!

     In the taxi, Liu Zilang rubbed his nose.

      Secretly said in the heart, won’t those grandsons scold me?

     Will you die later?

     He raised his head and glanced at the road in front of the car. The traffic jam during the National Day was indeed very serious, but it was much better now.

     After saying hello to the driver in the front row, he closes the eyes slightly again in the back row.


     Liu Zilang is currently studying at Jianghai University. He is barely a native of Jianghai, and he now lives in the living place, which his father used to take advantage of the skyrocketing housing prices in his early years.

     Because of being close to the school, father and mother are busy with business affairs and live a "romantic couple's world" in another residence in Jianghai, so now only he and Zhang Xiaotong live there.

     Three years ago, because of certain things, Liu Zilang dropped out of school after being admitted to Jianghai University, and then disappeared into a huge crowd.

     Liu Zilang's father was naturally furious. Fortunately, there was something to do at home. He went everywhere to beg grandpa and call on grandma. He finally saved Liu Zilang's school status and made a "quit school due to illness."

     Don't look at Liu Zilang's usual sloppy, unfocused appearance.

     In fact, if you're serious, he was the "little prodigy" of Well-known Near and Far back in middle and high school.

     There is no other reason. Liu Zilang not only leads the Focused High School in academic performance, but also his age is about three years younger than the average age of his classmates.So at the time, although he was not comparable to the "true child prodigies" who entered the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 11-12 years, when the 15-year-old Liu Zilang took the college entrance examination and was admitted to Jianghai University, he still caused a while among friends and family. Little sensation.

     At that time, Liu Zilang's father, Liu Yigang, was also conscious of his face soaring. He blushed and feasted on the guests, and also gave Liu Zilang a big red envelope with a big wave.

     Then wait until the next day he wakes up...

     Liu Zilang is gone.


     Liu Zilang, who was lying in the car, squinting and dozing, remembered these past events in his mind.

      After a while, the speed of the taxi dropped and finally stopped in front of an Internet club.

     Liu Zilang paid the money and opened the door.

     After seeing Liu Zilang, the people with three arms around each other's shoulders at the door immediately eyes shined and smiled and moved forward to meet.

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