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2 Ye Ao, What About Me!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When a relatively simple-looking teenager saw Liu Zilang, he immediately exclaimed with joy, "The second child is here!"

     All of a sudden, the eyes of the people who entered and exited the Internet cafe were intentionally or unintentionally glanced over. It seemed that they were also very curious about whose nickname is still so weird these days.

     This is Liu Zilang's roommate Chen Zhifei, a native of Henan, the boss of the dormitory. The face looks honest and honest, of course it is limited to the face, but inside is quite boring. Liu Zilang remembers that on the first day after entering the dormitory, the servant began to search for websites, exchange seeds, and share experiences. In just one week after school started, he met countless "fans and fans" in the dormitory of the same corridor.

     At this time, Liu Zilang, who had just gotten out of the car, was also called into a stagger.

     He asked to hurry over and hook Liu Zhifei's neck, "Boss, so many people, save me some face."

     A teenager with his hair turned upside down and with a hairpin also said with a chuckle, "It's not easy for the boss and the second brother."

     After speaking, he looked at Liu Zilang's messy hairstyle again, click one's tongue in wonder in his mouth and said, "Second brother, this look... is it a decadent route?"

     This one with a greasy face and a little bit handsome is the youngest member of Liu Zilang's bedroom, Ran Maotong.

     Yuqing Mountain City, nicknamed "Bantou".

     Because he just started school and introduced himself to the dormitory, several people in the dormitory exchanged contact details. As soon as his name was entered, the input method of the three of them collectively displayed "Ran Mantou", so "Bantou" was also completed. The nickname of this kid.

     The one who is tall and strong is the one who called Liu Zilang to come over. The youngest man in the dormitory is too strong.Obviously, although his name is "Not too strong", but his appearance is a bit like things turn out contrary to the way one wishes... Don't be too strong!

     This guy's personality belongs to the kind of careless, outspoken kind.

      usually, this kind of personality is easier to offend people, but it is also very easy to get along after getting to know him, coupled with his righteousness, but the popularity in the dormitory and even the class is good, the beginning of this period of time is as large as what party activities are organized in the class When the dormitory was so small that it turned black, it was basically his start.


     Seeing Liu Zilang who was to be late, Pu Taizhuang slapped him on his shoulder, and said anxiously, "Don’t be scumbag, I said the prodigal son, why are you so inked? If you want me to see the whole bedroom, it’s your kid. The most hypocritical, I went home after the National Day holiday."

     "Don't!" Liu Zilang hurriedly waved his hand, "I was not in a traffic jam on the road just now, besides, my home is nearby. Why don't I go home on National Day?"

     Ran Maotong on the side said with a chuckle, "Third brother, this is what you rough master doesn't understand. Second brother is busy going home for a date on the National Day, so maybe it is a golden house to keep one's mistress. "

     "Go, don't be nonsense!" Liu Zilang waved his hand badly.

     As soon as Ran Maotong said a golden house to keep one's mistress, he thought of Zhang Xiaotong.

     This little girl "jiao" is "jiao" enough, but she is tsundere...

     Several people talked a few words at the door of the Internet cafe, and Pu Taizhuang couldn't help but urged, and soon walked into the Internet cafe.

     Seeing Pu Taizhuang's extremely worried look, Liu Zilang couldn't help wondering, "What kind of game is this, making you more anxious than entering the bridal chamber?"Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Chen Zhifei, who had never spoken much, also turned alive. He winked at Liu Zilang radiant with delight and said, "Eat chicken!"

     "Huh? The Internet clubs are so high-end now?" Liu Zilang was somewhat surprised, thinking of the time when his own status certificate was not enough age, so he could only go to the smoky, all black, no daylight little black Internet cafe.

     Behind him Pu Taizhuang pushed Liu Zilang's arm and smiled, "Just leave it alone, let me tell you that, it's always fun, and you will become addicted as soon as you play."

     As they were talking, they had already arrived at the bar.

     The little girl at the bar saw a few people and immediately said politely, "Who are you, do you need a juice drink? In addition, our Internet cafe is holding a chicken-eating event. There are rewards for eating chicken!"

     Without waiting for a few people to speak, Ran Maotong stepped forward, smiled, said, "Four of us, we will order fruit juice drinks later, don't know what rewards are for eating chicken?"

     When this kid said "eat chicken", he bit too much, and he looked like a lot of trouble.

     However, the business literacy of the little girl at the bar is still very high. After all, the university city is nearby, and there are all kinds of people in the world. She has encountered many people like Ran Maotong.

     She also raised her hand with a smile, and said to the event poster on the wall on the side, "The content of our event is on it. You can take a closer look."

     Then she took the ID card and swiped the card skillfully on the machine.

     Ran Maotong didn't get the answer he wanted, and wanted to continue talking, but he was touched by Liu Zilang's arm, "Si'er, what's over there."Following the direction of Liu Zilang's finger, Ran Maotong raised the head to look.

     It turned out to be the big screen in the leisure area on the first floor of the Internet cafe.

     At this time, many people stood around the big screen, some were customers who came to surf the Internet, and some hadn’t left after they got off the phone. There’s some left to accompany friends to play but not on the phone... from time to time there was a low voice. The voice of discussion.

     "15 kills! Bullb!"

     "Fuck! This buddy is too overcast too!"

     "Yes, it was almost That startled me just now!"

     "Old silver coin! The ultimate old silver coin!"

     "There are 10 people left, this is a good one!"


     What is playing on the big screen is a third-view shooting game. Liu Zilang seems to have occasionally seen promotional advertisements while surfing the Internet recently, but he did not expect it to be so popular in a short time.

      It should be noted, the last one played in the lobby of the Internet cafe and was watched, but a ba game called lol.

     Holding down his doubts, Liu Zilang scanned the lobby on the first floor of the Internet cafe.

     He didn't pay much attention just now. At this moment, as far as the eye can see, basically seven or eight of the ten machines in the entire Internet cafe are playing games on the big screen.

     "Someone has someone!", "Where is it? Tell me!", "Pull me, I'm going to die!", "Grass! Which one is hitting me?"...this kind of opening Black roar.

     Liu Zilang looked at Pu Taizhuang, looking thoughtful and asked, "Lao San, isn't it the game you just said on the phone?"

     Pu Taizhuang smiled immediately, "How is it? Exciting!""I tell you, as long as you play it once, you will definitely fall in love with it, and as long as you have the most kills in the game, this internet cafe will automatically go to the lobby on the first floor for live broadcast. My sister can see you."

     After automatically filtering the words about "Miss Sister", Liu Zilang looked at the big screen and some hesitation said, "This, is it an fps game?"

     "Fps game? What is?" Pu Taizhuang was taken aback when he heard, scratching the back of his head.

     Ran Maotong on the side added, “It’s the first-person shooting game, but you’re wrong about your second brother. This game can be first-person, but in most cases it’s the third-person of tps. Hey, this is an episode. A game of marksmanship, strategy and survival in one!"

     Hearing Ran Maotong's explanation, Liu Zilang probably had an understanding in his heart.

     For this kind of shooting game, for some reasons that few people know, he has rarely touched it.

     This period of time when he returned to college was basically like playing lol occasionally and watching American TV shows and movies in his spare time.

     At this time, Liu Zilang wanted to refuse.

     But seeing the three roommates becoming exhilarated, I hesitated again in his heart.

     At this time, if he is determined not to play, everyone is almost of adulthood, and he will definitely not be allowed to play, but the disappointment is real.

     Even in the future, he might be labeled as "unsocial" in the dormitory and class.Thinking of this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but shook the head, secretly said in the heart, "Forget it, anyway, Mantou also said that this is a tps game, not an fps game. If you play nothing else, you should relax."


     After a while, the little girl at the bar swiped the ID cards of several people.

     A few Internet cafes turn one round, but this is the end of the National Day holiday, and the university town is nearby.

     At this point in time they came, the Internet cafe was already full, and there were scattered machines, but there were no four companies.

     Needless to say here.

     Everyone understands the pain of not being able to sit in the dark in an Internet cafe.

     Liu Zilang is nothing, he just wanted to say that he would sit separately, and his voice would do if he needed to communicate.

     When he turned around, he found that Pu Taizhuang was already holding a cigarette, walking over to the seats next to the two empty machines in the Internet cafe.

     The two buddies in that seat were also playing chicken, and the game just ended.

     Pu Taizhuang's character is bold, and he is very courteous when he asks for others. He is both handing cigarettes and bowing.

     The two brothers saw that the Po was too strong, but there was no ink, so they directly agreed to change the phone.

     A few people went up naturally and thanked again.


     After sitting down and getting on the plane, Pu Taizhuang said with emotion, "This time it is not easy to open the dark, everyone should cherish it, we must eat a chicken this afternoon!"

     Got it!

     This can be regarded as setting the tone.

     Ran Maotong was full of confidence, fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms and said, "Just look at the three brothers! Give me a handful of 98k. You must eat chicken this afternoon.""Hurry up and pull you down!" Pu Taizhuang immediately said without mercy, "Your boy's gun has basically never hit anyone. You should take a U9 obediently and honestly to pull the line."

     Chen Zhifei also bitter and hateful when he heard it, "If you want me to say that this kid, Mantou, didn’t miss people, he couldn’t hit the enemy. The last time he shot me headshot, he looked at the big bullet hole behind his head and gave it to me directly. People are stupid!"

     Hearing Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang's condemnation, Ran Maotong also somewhat embarrassed with a smile, "Mistakes, people have made mistakes."

     Pu Taizhuang nodded, solemnly said, "So we can't give you another chance to miss it."

     Then he turned to Liu Zilang, who looked "stupid" and listened to them, said, "The prodigal son, you are a novice. You can pick up something in the game and report the point. Just remember to pick up more medicine! "

     Ran Maotong immediately clapped his hands and said, "This is good! Our team happens to be short of a medical and logistics team, brother, as long as you have enough ammunition, I will definitely play a '98king' style today!"

     "98king? You named yourself?"

     "Brother, don't always hit me! I'm still in the growing period!"


     Hearing the laughter of several people before opening the game, Liu Zilang's thoughts flowed, subconsciously thinking of some previous times in his memory.

     I don't know them, now How is it going ...

      sighed saying, Liu Zilang shook his head and looked at the game login interface and said, "How do I register for this?"

     Pu Taizhuang, who was sitting next to him, glanced, "Oh, you need to use your ID card first, and then bind your personal credit.""So troublesome?" Liu Zilang was somewhat surprised.

     Ran Maotong said with a smile, "Second brother, don't find it bothersome. If it weren't for Tencent's measures, this game would not have reached the level of ‘zero plug-in’.

     "Zero plug-in?" Liu Zilang was really surprised this time.

      It should be noted, unlike ba games, fps shooting games always have a word that cannot be avoided.

     That is the "plug-in".

     At that time, Liu Zilang played mostly offline games, and the environment was relatively good, but this does not mean that he did not know the billowing smoke environment in major online servers in the world.

     Now someone actually told him that a shooting game has achieved "zero plug-in"!

     Liu Zilang's first reaction is that this person is joking.

     However, looking at the complicated registration procedures in front of him, Liu Zilang's heart is also looking thoughtful.

     If it is really like what they said, maybe this game can be popular in such a short time. In addition to its own gameplay, the fairness of "zero plug-in" has also played a big role.


     After complicated and tedious registration, Liu Zilang finally successfully registered an account. The character is a girl with a ponytail.

     "Pull people and pull people."

     Pu Taizhuang urged, turning his head and glanced at Liu Zilang's interface, "I add your friend, you in game name what is?"

     "Oh, via! Just look at the map. The airport is the bottom island. Look at where these two boys are marked."Liu Zilang called up the map according to his words and saw two markers, one yellow and one blue, appeared on the left side of the map near a place called geopol, which was obviously far from the airport they said.

     Some things in the past have proved that Liu Zilang's game IQ is extremely high.

     Although he had never touched this game before, Liu Zilang understood the corners in an instant.

      At this moment, he silently watched the screen plane passing over the airport, the magnificent picture of tens of thousands of people landing in the air, and the two people, Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong who were smiling and smiling.

     This is only a preliminary experience. Just now, when Ran Maotong introduced this game, the word "strategy" was What does it mean...


     The plane passes the school.

     Under Chen Zhifei's command, the three quickly landed and looked for a car.

     According to the instructions of several people, Liu Zilang floated in the air, fell swaying, and stood still on a hillside for a while.

     "Second brother, get in the car!"

     In a short while, Ran Maotong drove an orange car fast as lightning.

     After Liu Zilang got into the car, Pu Taizhuang and Chen Zhifei also found a convertible jeep over there.

     The four people and two cars converged and went straight to the "Xiacheng District" that Pu Taizhuang said.

     When he was approaching his destination, Liu Zilang in the car was idle and bored. He moved the mouse to change the angle of view and looked around. He accidentally saw a few black spots in the sky behind him.

     "Then what is?"When Pu Taizhuang heard turning his head and glanced, he immediately turned pale with fright and said, "Grass! This bunch of crippled calves are flying high! Hurry up! Let's search for things quickly, wait for something special!"

     Chen Zhifei also nodded in agreement, "Yes, things in Hong Kong are more difficult to search, we must be faster than them!"

     After a few people finished talking, as soon as the car stopped, they would go separate ways.

     Sitting in the car, Liu Zilang was stunned, not knowing what to do. He also expected someone to teach him the basic operation of the game after getting off the car.

     But at this moment, seeing the extremely worried three of them, as if they were facing a big enemy, Liu Zilang immediately scratched the head helplessly.

     After thinking about it for a while, Liu Zilang could only take out the phone and searched for the introductory operation of the game, and he played it alone.

     Unlike Chen Zhifei and their three people who are like robbers who enter the house, Liu Zilang is free and unconstrained at this time, not so much a house search, but more like a buyer going to see the house.

     Sometimes when he went upstairs, he even had time to study the shape and lighting of the house, which seemed very leisurely.