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3 Just Be A Medical Soldier!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Who wants a gun?"

     "Look at the helmet and mark me!"

     "Fuck! Level 3 A! Beautiful!"

     "Here is a 98k, do you want a steamed bun? Don't let me take it."

     "Don't! Brother! Brother! Give it to me!"


      dā dā dā!!

     At this moment, a burst of rapid gunfire sounded over the empty sky of Xiacheng.

     Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang were taken aback!

     what's the situation?

     At the next moment, Chen Zhifei's expression changed and he shouted, "No! The enemy attack! The grandson of the Hong Kong team is here!"

     Ran Maotong said with some excitement, "It came just right! My 98k is already hungry and thirsty!"

     Pu Taizhuang is also fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, with a face like be eager to give sth a try.

     Unexpectedly this time, Liu Zilang raised his hand like a pupil, and a weak voice rang.

     "Excuse me...that...the few shots just seems like I fired them."




     The three people around him had different reactions, but they all looked at Liu Zilang with gnashing one's teeth.

     Chen Zhifei said ill-humoredly, "Second! It's okay, don't shoot indiscriminately to scare people!"

     Ran Maotong rubbed his chest and said in agreement, "Yes! It's scary and terrifying. Be careful of labor and management!"

     Pu Taizhuang waved his hand to stabilize the army's mind and said, "It's okay, the prodigal son probably just played this game, he may be a little nervous and get angry.

     As soon as the clinker voice fell, Liu Zilang's gunfire sounded again."That...not a fire, I want to try the gun..."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the three of them were taken aback and looked at each other in dismay.

     After a while, Chen Zhifei took the lead to speak.

     He said to Liu Zilang with meaningful and heartfelt words, "Second, it's not that the eldest brother said you, our brothers are still there, there is no reason for logistics to go to the front line, you say yes or no?"

     "That's right! What the hell did you test the gun." Pu Taizhuang also repeatedly nodded, "The prodigal, you can pick up some bandages, drinks, first aid kits or something, and be a medical soldier. By the way, what was the gun you just shot?

     Liu Zilang glanced at the screen and muttered, "It seems to be called'scar-l'."

     "Death! Oh! Fate!"

     Pu Taizhuang immediately became happy when he heard it, "Come on! Where are you the prodigal son? This gun is my favorite. I will trade u9 for you!"

      This was originally so I played with a few people. Just trying the gun was just Liu Zilang's previous Occupational habits. When I encountered a gun, I wanted to try its ballistic rate of fire and range.

     Hearing Pu Taizhuang's words at this moment, Liu Zilang had nothing to do. The two quickly completed a wave of "transactions" near the "Sixth Room" in Xiacheng.

     After the exchange, Pu Taizhuang immediately fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, said with a chuckle, "The death Karma is in hand, World Is Mine! The team in Port G is dead!"

     As he was talking, Ran Maotong’s exclamation suddenly came from his ear!

     "Fuck! I have someone downstairs!"

     Chen Zhifei was also complexion changed, and realized that it was wrong in an instant. "It must be the team from Port G. The fourth one, don't panic first. Hold the stairs. We will support you.Pu Taizhuang said angrily, "Grass! These crippled gangs are so courageous! We haven't gone to them yet, they actually came here."

     After speaking, he quickly ran in the direction where Ran Mao and Tong were attacked, and he didn't forget to turn around and exhorted Liu Zilang, "The prodigal, just lick the bag behind me, oh yes, don't do nothing. Remember to make up two shots when it is critical!"

     Hearing Pu Taizhuang's words, Liu Zilang couldn't help but get a black line in his forehead. The feelings and these guys really regarded themselves as "Teletubbies".

     In the fps shooting game circle, Liu Zilang felt this kind of treatment for the first time.

     If you let the old guys know, you must laugh...


     Ahead, Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang were already near the house where Ran Maotong was attacked.

     Chen Zhifei held his breath and said with a high degree of nervousness, "Be careful! I heard the footsteps!"

     "Don't rush first, I will try to throw a thunder." Pu Taizhuang wiped his palms and said while looking at the low wall in front of him.


     Pull the cord, preheat, throw out...

      forms a coherent whole!

     But at this moment, a scream came.

     "Run, I bounced back on the wall!"


     As soon as Liu Zilang arrived behind, he saw two people hiding behind the house like cats with their tails stepped on from a distance, and instantly exploded their hair towards the sides cover one's head and sneak away like a rat.

     what's the situation?

     The next moment, there was a burst of rapid gunfire behind the low wall opposite!

     Chen Zhifei, who was running to the left, had a rapid drop in blood volume and was knocked to the ground before he even reached the next bunker.A System Notification swipes the screen from the lower left corner.

     "Jj2b used a 16 automatic rifle to knock down Contra in the water!"



     Pu Taizhuang let out a mournful cry and saw Liu Zilang dumbstruck a bit.

     Then he turned around angrily when he was running, "Little b bastard, labor and capital are fighting with you!"

      dā dā dā!! !

     Crazy fire in the fully automatic muzzle of scar-l spit out a dazzling fire!

     "Hold your third brother! I'm here!"

     Seeing that his teammates were doing this, Ran Maotong, who was shrinking in the corridor with a gun, couldn't bear and rushed down with a handful of Uzi.

     As soon as he got off the clinker, the door of the bathroom on the first floor rang twice!

     A black baby with a first-level green motorcycle helmet, naked to the top and crouching, suddenly rushed out after hearing the footsteps, and his face was a double spray!

     s686, melee artifact!

     Ran Maotong, who was holding Uzi, didn't even fire a shot, so he was thrown to the ground by Heiwa's Erlian.

     "The king told me to go herd and use the s686 shotgun to knock down the thief on the grass!"

     "Ya'er! Why is this b so overcast!" Ran Maotong was dumbfounded.

      In addition, he was very brave just holding a scar-l in front of the crazy fire Pu Taizhuang.

     Unexpectedly, after 30 rounds of a shuttle bullet were scanned, the opposite person immediately tilted his head out from behind the bunker and shot directly. Four shots took away Pu Taizhuang, who was wearing a first-class armor!

     "Jj2b used the 16 automatic rifle to knock down my grandfather, how I am!"

     It took a long time because of an "Oolong Thunder".These three buddies were knocked to the ground by the two opposing people in one round. .

     Suddenly, Pu Taizhuang, Liu Zilang, and Chen Zhifei, who were still proud of their ambitions when they landed, suddenly became pale for a while. It was wonderful...


     In the voice of the opposite team chat.

     "Dead dead!"

     "Fuck! We also said that we still support it."

     "It's nothing, this team is just a few rookies across from Xiacheng."

     "Hahaha, there was a silly dog on the opposite side that seemed to throw thunder, but he threw it at his own feet. He laughed to death!"

     "By the way, buddy, did you fall or die right after you hit the one?"

     "It's upside down, there should be still one on the other side, be careful!"


     As he was talking, the black baby holding the s686 in the house directly compensated Ran Maotong who was isolated and without help without any hesitation.

     While killing Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang, who was holding the 16th person, while being vigilant around, he touched Pu Taizhuang in the open space first, and then bowed towards Chen Zhifei, who had crawled behind the bunker, and touched it.