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4 Gun Shake?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chen Zhifei, who crawled behind the bunker, heard the approaching footsteps of the opposite side, and felt that his life was bleak and his future was bleak.

     Suddenly, a person's silhouette swiftly passed by him, and ran into the person who had touched it from the opposite corner full of heart!

     Bang peng~ peng~!!!

      dā dā dā!! !

     In an instant, gunfire broke out and the gun smoke filled.

     Just a breath blink of an eye, victory and defeat already determined, a kill reminder appeared in the lower left corner!

     "The tongue of fire from the muzzle of vip9 spit out again, and the knocked down black baby was instantly filled and turned into a box.

     Entering the state, Liu Zilang did not respond to the doubts of several people, but saw him quickly approaching the corridor sideways, licking his bag quickly.

     Soon, a handful of spray appeared in Liu Zilang's hands, it was the s686 that Heiwa used just now!

     The next moment, there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor!

     It turned out that Heiwa didn't cut his perspective after he died, and told his teammates that Liu Zilang was licking the bag. Naturally, the opposite side would not let this opportunity pass.

     "Quickly, don't lick it! The opposite is here!"

     The boss Chen Zhifei heard the footsteps in the headphones and immediately reminded Liu Zilang in a hurry.

     Liu Zilang's face was still very calm, and he quickly left the stairs, while retreating, while loading s686.

     The next moment, the two opposite people appeared in the corridor, and shot directly at Liu Zilang in the corner!

     Liu Zilang leaped sideways to the wall, his blood volume was already red after being shot twice, and the three people beside him instantly became nervous!

      At this time, I saw Liu Zilang behind the wall flicked the s686 in his hand!

     "Click"!The loading is complete!

      At the same time, he who is stuck behind the wall can clearly see that the two opposite people have rushed forward.


     That's it!

     Chen Zhifei, Pu Taizhuang and others have no hope for Liu Zilang's blood volume of being shot!

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly tilted his head sideways!


     Before his teammates could see clearly, his head shrank back incomparably quickly!

     Then, a burst of gunfire came!

     It turned out that the person on the other side saw the silhouette subconsciously shooting at the corner, but the bullet was completely avoided by Liu Zilang, who quickly retracted.

     next moment!


     As if the scene was reappearing, the gunshots on the opposite side were only slightly paused, and Liu Zilang tilted his head sideways again, squirting out again extremely quickly!

      Between Lightning Spark, the only two left on the opposite side fell to the ground instantly!


     I heard a sound of holds breath cold air!

     After killing his opponent, Liu Zilang finally relaxed a little and turned his head, but saw three roommates looking at him like monster-like.

     The youngest member, Ran Mao, Tong's eyes widened suddenly, his Adam's apple rolled down, and he trembled, "This is... gun-shaking technique?"