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9 It Seems... Okay?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The lobby on the first floor, in front of the big screen in the leisure area.

     Wu Yu looked up at the picture on the big screen, half-opened his mouth blankly, the unlit cigarette in his mouth was now wordless and uncommunicative and landed.


      hard to believe!

     Various emotions surged into Wu Yu's heart instantly, causing him to fall into a state of tingling sensation.

     In my mind, I recalled Liu Zilang's last blind sniper shot. The principle is actually not complicated. It is to use muscle memory to stabilize the sight after the first shot.

     The second shot doesn’t need to be aimed, and the shot is shot instantly!

     In fact, as long as there is some talent, people who have been playing for a long time can theoretically do this.

     It just depends on luck.

     However, Wu Yu clearly felt that what Liu Zilang showed just now is definitely not just luck!

     That kind of speed, that kind of determination, that kind of self-confidence to control the overall situation... all reveal Liu Zilang from start to finish. What should I do if I haven't considered this shot?



     It seems that in the eyes of the person on the big screen, everything is as it should be by rights.

     Seeing the 35 kills on the big screen that was still frozen, the number of head kills that almost broke the highest record held by the "killing god" Li Muqiu in Asia.

     A speculation uncontrollably surged in Wu Yu's heart...

     Is that person a professional player of fps shooting game before?

     Soon, Wu Yu immediately shook the head again.Because PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game is different from any previous shooting game, and as a hot game of global phenomenon level, there are also many famous fps masters who fought in PUBG.

     However, the facts have been proved.

     The previous fps gods said in this game, "Fuck! Prodigal son, you kid!"

     Liu Zilang was photographed to bare one's fangs and said angrily, "Tap, tap, this is how you treat heroes?"

     "Character? I see you kid, you traitor!" Chen Zhifei looked at the number of kills on the screen and couldn't help but turned his head with a toothache and continued to ask, "Do you know what your 35 kills represent?"

     "What does it represent?" Liu Zilang a thought flashed through the mind, realizing that something not going well.

     But he still whispered, "100 people in a game, 35 kills, it seems that nothing else is a big deal, right?

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, there's some left people standing around who didn't disperse, and they almost fell to the ground.

     Many of these people can't eat a handful of chicken all afternoon, and the "box essence" landing into a box can be found everywhere.

     Everyone cheeks streaming with tears in their hearts.

     A master is a master, pretending to be so high!

     Chen Zhifei also had an expression of "you kid can dress up."

     Liu Zilang was flabbergasted by the people around him. He couldn't help but approach Chen Zhifei and asked in a low voice, "35 killed, really many?"

     "Do you know what the highest kill record of the Asian server is currently?" Chen Zhifei asked back.

     "Uh... not very clear." Liu Zilang had a bad feeling in his heart.Chen Zhifei raised three fingers on his left hand, raised his right thumb and tail finger, and looked at Liu Zilang and said, "36!"

     "Yo! The prodigal son!" Hearing Chen Zhifei's words, Pu Taizhuang on the side subconsciously applauded. After three seconds of stunned he suddenly reacted, "Damn! So the prodigal son just nearly broke the highest kill record of the Asian server? "

     "..." Everyone was speechless for a while.

     You just reacted to feelings.