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11 Give It To My Sister!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

We lack a sniper in our team. Would you like to try it?

     Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang both looked surprised when they heard Wu Yu's words, and Ran Maotong half opened his mouth in shock!

     It's no secret that the soaring PUBG Internet cafe team recruits snipers. There are related posters outside the lobby of the Internet cafe on the first floor.

     Since the beginning of this semester, many people in nearby university towns have come to interview with the mentality of giving it a try. Even Liu Zilang and his dormitory who claimed to be "the No. 1 98king of Jiangxi University" Ran Maotong also tried it, but none The exception was brushed down.

     It was not Wu Yu who was in charge of the interview, but a friend of Wu Yu's.

     She has long hair, looks a little weird, and her eyes are very cold.

     The person interviewed by him didn't need to speak at all. Basically, when he saw his eyes, he felt cold.

     After Ran Maotong finished a game, he also met that person's eyes, and said he would go back to practice again...

     Afterwards, many people talked secretly that Soaring's Internet cafe team was too strict in recruiting people. It was just an Internet cafe team, and it wasn't really professional.

     Of course, some people speculate that Soaring is not hiring people at all, but they just want to use this as a gimmick to gain popularity for Internet cafes...

     Chen Zhifei and the others hadn't thought, that's it, a very strict recruiting Internet cafe team, unexpectedly sent out an invitation to Liu Zilang.

     For a moment, all three of them looked at Liu Zilang with can't help.


     However, after Wu Yu said this sentence, he felt a little regretful in his heart immediately.Because he wanted to come, even if Liu Zilang played this game for the first time, he must have been a professional player before, and maybe there are still teams now.

     It is almost the same as digging people and it is very unkind to send out an invitation without being sure whether the opponent is not without the team.

     So he saw Liu Zilang turning around and immediately waved his hand and added, "Dude, my mine, if you have a team now, forget what I said just now."

     Chen Zhifei and the others didn't understand, Liu Zilang, as a person in the previous circle, knew what Wu Yu meant after a little thought.

     "It's okay, I don't have a team now." Liu Zilang smiled apologetically, "But I just entered my freshman year, and I still focus on learning, so I am sorry.

     Focus on learning...

     Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Chen Zhifei and their three people were immediately dumbfounded.

     If others want to say this, they may still believe it.

     But if people like Liu Zilang who "as long as they are bold, the whole week is fake" say such things, they will not believe it if they are killed.

     Wu Yu heard Liu Zilang's answer dazed for a moment.

     He was not stupid, so he naturally heard that this was an excuse.

     But since people are unwilling, there is no way to force someone to do something in this kind of thing.

     Wu Yu quickly regained a smile on his face and looked at several people, "Hehe, then add a WeChat, and have a chance to play together in the future."

     After spending so long in Internet cafes, Wu Yu also knows the ways of the world well.

      Only Liu Zilang was added this time, and it was obviously not kind to leave Chen Zhifei and the others, so Wu Yu added one by one starting with Chen Zhifei.Thus everyone added, and Liu Zilang is naturally not easy to refuse.


     After the contact was added, a few people said hello and they separated.

     Back on his seat, Ran Maotong asked somewhat uncertain, "Second brother, just now someone pulled you into the team, why don't you go?"

     "Why should I go?" Liu Zilang turned his head, shrugged with a smile.

     "Uh..." Ran Mao Tong was taken aback, bitter and hateful said, "It's a pity! I missed such a good opportunity. If you give it to me!"

     Chen Zhifei also said with a smile, "Second, the soaring Internet cafe team is quite famous nearby, and it is stronger than some school teams in the surrounding university towns. This time the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team recruits people. It’s a pity that you don’t go. Now, the boy Mantou broke his head and wanted to go inside when school started!"

     Ran Maotong nodded hurriedly, "Yes, second brother, think about it, as long as you show your face in the game once and your reputation is not good, even if you can't get the ranking, but in the future, the little sisters who come to the Internet cafes to play chicken are not let Are you messing around?"

     Hearing Ran Maotong's words, Liu Zilang suddenly became speechless.

     He knew that with this kid's inconspicuous temperament, he must have a hidden purpose.

     But speaking of his original intention of playing the game, it seems a bit similar to someone in the team at the time. The two guys must have a common language together.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang cannot help but laugh.

     Seeing Liu Zilang suddenly laugh, Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong looked at each other, and they were also baffling.However, Pu Taizhuang on the side was already urging a few people to hurry up and get ready to enter the game, but a few people did not delve into this problem and quickly started the next one.


     However, in the next game, Liu Zilang played conforming with the norms of society, and even a little bit toward the trend of "box-precision".

     Liu Zilang just entered the door when he landed and was chased by three houses with a pistol and shot to death.

     A few people discussed landing to grab the car, and went to a far place.

     As a result, Liu Zilang and Ran Maotong were killed without robbing them.

     There is also a rather weird one. Several people jumped into the airport and wanted to have a wave, but Liu Zilang, who jumped from the high jump, hung on it and fell to his death...

     After the attack in the afternoon, Chen Zhifei and others completely withdrew their previous views on Liu Zilang.

     Ran Maotong even scolded Wu Yu for "having eyes but not knowing people", and pulled a "box spirit" into the team.

     As for Liu Zilang himself, he played with keen interest.

     After playing in the afternoon, he also discovered that this game had many other fun besides killing people and guns.

     For example... skydiving.


     "Prodigal son, are you really not going with us?"

     In the evening, at the door of a big chicken shop, Chen Zhifei saw Liu Zilang who was taking a taxi to go home, and couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask.

     Liu Zilang scratched the head, "I'm sorry, I have to go home at night. I have something to do."

     "Hehehe." Ran Maotong put on Chen Zhifei's shoulders and said with winking eyebrows, "Boss, don't worry about this, the second brother must have'business' to do."Chen Zhifei nodded, stretched out his tone of "Oh", then waved his hand, "If there is business, then I won't delay you, go back soon."

     One of these two people is Mingsao and the other is secretive.

     After speaking, he arms around each other's shoulders and got up there, seeing that Liu Zilang who was already in the car suddenly had the urge to want to descend.

     "What's the matter?" At this moment, Pu Taizhuang with a cigarette in his mouth interjected.

     "Uh, this...it's not easy to say, third brother, let's go in for dinner, I'm all starving to death."

     It’s not easy to explain to such ‘honest people’ like Pu Taizhuang, and the two quickly shifted the topic to prevaricate.


     Liu Zilang didn't deceive anyone. The reason why he didn't eat with a few people was really something.

     As soon as he got home, he found noodles, eggs and some vegetables in the refrigerator overturn trunks and boxes, put on an apron and walked into the kitchen.

     While playing a game in the afternoon, Liu Zilang received two text messages from his father Liu Yi.

     "Where did you die again? Get out and go home!"

     "The housekeeping aunt took time off tonight, you are responsible for preparing meals for your sister"

      has to say, the text messages sent by Dad Liu Yi are "simple and easy to understand" and "rich in meaning" at the same time.

     The first one looks simple at first, but it is full of Liu Yigang's dissatisfaction with Liu Zilang not being home when he came in the afternoon. "Get home" is a threat of violence!

     The second text message is an extension of the first, telling him the specifics of the threat of violence.In this case, facing the family's policy and economy, Liu Zilang also has to come back quickly.


     After working in the kitchen for a while, finally pour some soy sauce and sprinkle some chopped green onions, and two bowls of "Oni Sauce" Love Noodles are out.

     After putting on the table, Liu Zilang went to the kitchen to wash his hands, took off his apron by the way, and then came to Zhang Xiaotong's door to ask her to eat.

     Unexpectedly, before the hand was leaning against the door, there was a sound of "stomping" heels touching the floor, and occasionally a burst of music that sounded very cheerful.

     What are you doing?

     Liu Zilang has doubts, unconsciously bent down, put his ear to the door of the room, wanting to hear more clearly.

     Unexpectedly, when his ears were still close to the door, the music in the room suddenly stopped.


     Before Liu Zilang's body straightened up, the door of the room opened with a "zhī ya".

     Zhang Xiaotong, wearing a brown one-piece koala pajamas, appeared at the door, looking suspiciously at Liu Zilang, who was slightly wretched.

     "Ha... what..."

     Liu Zilang ‘swish’ straightened up, eyes turned, turned around and pointed at the table to squeeze a smile and said, "I... come to tell you to eat."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Zhang Xiaotong blinked and looked at him with big eyes, moving his eyes and looking at the two bowls of noodles on the table.

     Then there was a "bang"...

     The door is closed!



     A grass?

     At this moment, Liu Zilang was angry!The labor and capital didn't even eat the big plate of chicken, and came back to give you this attitude!

     No, today this matter must be clear and direct for you!

     Enamored.. No, it was the angry Liu Zilang who raised his hand and was about to smash the door.

      With a sound of "zhī ya", the door opened again.

     With the mobile phone in his hand, Zhang Xiaotong glanced at Liu Zilang who raised his hand somewhat strangely, then lowered his eyelids, walked around him, and walked towards the living room table.

     Liu Zilang dazed for a moment, when he saw the phone in Zhang Xiaotong's hand, he realized that this girl might have turned around to get the phone.

     The problem is that you still close the door with a mobile phone. How distrustful of my brother!

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang had another toothache...